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Stories in this Issue
- Texan Angel
- Floating in Love
- Readers in Greece, Africa, Stockholm
- Snow Angel
- Snow Covered Railway Bridge

Snow Angel
Photo by Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
Snow Angel in Angel Scribe's Backyard
Dearest Readers,
Many ask, "How do the Angels talk to us?" The surprising answer is, "It is often not as we expect it will happen!"
Last week, an unusual thing happened! I looked out the kitchen window, at our neighbors visiting relative's car.
As plain as day, a sign on the car window read, "Looking for Work." Then, the sign listed five of the car owner's skills.
How ingenious! I knew he had been looking for work, and now his creativity had stepped up a notch, with a moving billboard on his car. Brilliant!
Imagine how many more people will read his job application! It was a great idea to share in a newsletter to help some readers on their quest for a new job.
So, I looked back at the sign, to read it more closely, BUT, this time, it read, "Car for Sale."
It never ever said, "Looking for work!"
Stunned, I stood there until the full message hit home!
I phoned the family and said, "The Angels have a message for you. They wrote it, a moment ago, on your car!"
They were tickled to receive the phone call and message. It was something they had not thought of, and immediately created a new sign.
Often, Angelic messages come through others, to answer to our prayers.
Stay alert to what ever method is gifted to you.
Angelic answers are simple,
easy to do and a blessing.
Keep your eyes open for your answers and answers for others.
Also, with the freezing temperatures, around the world, and the massive power outages. Please call two or three people near you, and make sure they have enough heat, food and water.
Someone may be too ill to venture out and replenish their medicines, and food, and you are the Angel they have been praying for.
You may save a life.
It is simpler than you think!
Wishing you and your loved ones a successful and healthy New Year.
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Angel Scribe Readers need Help
When I moved Angel Scribe newsletters, to an opt in mail system, to guarantee newsletter arrival, many readers did not receive the information.
Many recently wrote in relief, to find the newsletters have continued.
They were disappointed that they had missed months of inspirational news stories and miracles.
Please forward this issue to others, who used to read Angel Scribe and are missing it.
Thank you, Mary Ellen ^I^ 

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Texan Angel
After Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" hosted Atira's January 4th radio show, I arrived home from work at 2 AM.
I remembered the method she taught the listeners, how to bring Angelic energy into our lives, and work with it.
I lay in bed, and tried to listen to my Angels.
Soon, I found myself floating in a dark expanse filled with white twinkling lights.
All was extremely calm and peaceful.
I was in that higher dimension, where it all makes sense and all the answers can be found.
I sensed Jeshua and Gabriel assuring me that all is well, and that anything I need to do or fix, or heal, can be done in that space.
And that space is expanding, and becoming easier to step in and out of, as it starts to blend in with our everyday reality.
It's about reconnecting with our source energy and helping others to do so also.
No need to figure things out.
Just step into the energy and go with the flow!
Love and Angelic Blessings,
Maureen, Houston, Texas classic radio DJ on KKRW 93.7 FM

Floating in Love©
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
You lie in bed...held down...
nearly smothered in anxiety.
The would ofs, could ofs, should haves and what ifs...
burying you alive in fear...
in your own bed like an unseen intruder.
Surrender your panic, fear and thoughts.
Release them to let in a crack of Light.
And with any movement of light, it allows the door letting it in, to swing wider.
Experiment in this moment...
before the mists of dread descend again.
Visualize God's hands, HUGE-HUGE gentle hands, sliding under your weary body...holding you, cradling you.
And feel,
the love, that has moved across the vast scope of the entire Universe, and that is as old and as priceless as all of eternity...
Immerse you, surround you in God's love...
protecting you...
buffering you from all your worries.
Float in these hands,
float in these moments of cellular peace.
Quietly float
suspended in Love and protection.
float into a restful deep sleep.
And if you awaken in the grip of your memory of terror,
realize your mind has a new avenue it has discovered for you to walk down.
And bring into your minds' eye, the hands of God, as they come at your beck and call to once again, lift you, support you...and Love you gently to sleep.

Twenty More Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart

by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Readers Respond
Stockholm, Greece,
South America, Africa,
Canada and USA
Dear Angel Scribe,
Thank you for your miracle website, it is amazing and so inspirational!
I see every triple number that you teach about on your site. It gets stronger everyday. I see the numbers all day, until I go to sleep at night.
Every time, I visit your site, I feel uplifted, because it gives me understanding, and makes me happy to know that my life is on the right track.
It confirms that everything is in Divine Order. My Mom always says that.
When I am thinking about my dreams and goals, all of the right numbers appear on the clock, television, computer, addresses, license plates, and all of the places you describe.
It is exciting, and reassures me, that a new door is opening for all of those who choose to walk through it. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gift! HAPPY 2007!
Peace and Love CASSANDRA
Cape Coast, Ghana


Mary Ellen,
No matter how dark life looks, I know that I am going to see the good and positive side of life by reading your newsletters.
This email is verification of the pleasure it is to me, to read your newsletter. Do not ever stop!
With all my love from Stockholm,

Mary Ellen,
Your newsletter arrived at 1:11, it was a sign for me, that I had to send you a note.

You are performing the miracles, by giving to all of us such support and courage with your stories and your actions.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to call myself a friend of yours and Atira.

May you continue to bring joy and happiness to more and more people in the world.

May the Angels bring all your wishes to fruition this coming year. You deserve it.

Love to you and your family from Greece.

South America
Dearest Mary Ellen,

I often wonder at the intensity, along with the ample spectrum of experiences, with our Angels while pondering how all experiences that I have had and read about, concur together in the same more love.

The letter from Ann in London, Ontario touched my heart deeply. Thank you and please thank her for sharing, and for so many who reach out, caring enough to share.

Happy New Year. May you be surrounded by your loved every sense of the word because you touch so many hearts!
Barbara in Asunción, Paraguay

I love Angel Scribe newsletters, because of its beautiful content.
Every time, it is different, and the messages and stories catch me off guard.
I am not surprised to read how far and wide your scribe reaches out over the world, because its messages are always thought provoking, new and vibrant.
I have been reading Angel Scribe for six years, and know what to expect, but each time they are bigger and better for want of another expression.
I feel something inside, when I read the Angel writings and it always hits me from deep within. They are just flippin fabulous!

Anne in Ontario, Canada

Happy New Year to the Angel of the Internet!

Thank you for all the hope and strength you share with everyone throughout the year.

May the Angelic light that channels through you forever shine bright and strong for all to follow!
You are a lighthouse in a world full of darkness. Shine on in His love!
Love, Light and laughter,

Olympia, Washington
I read your newsletter, and one woman's story reminded me of my own.
A couple years ago, I was going through a very difficult personal time and felt very alone.
I went to sleep after one particularly rough day, and woke up in the middle of the night, with the most unbelievable sensation of being wrapped in what I can only refer to as a "soul hug."
It was the most peaceful, loving feeling I've ever known and may never know again in this plane.
I knew at that moment ,that I am never alone and Atira told me that I have many Angels around me.
I definitely now have proof, as if finding feathers and seeing 11:11 on the clock at least once a day isn't enough!
I really enjoy your newsletters! In spiritual love and good health,
Janet from Olympia, Washington

Cottage Grove, Oregon Railway Covered Bridge in Winter
Photo by Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
Cottage Grove Oregon's
Snow Covered Railway Bridge.
Cottage Grove has a pretty name
and beautiful scenery!

Intuition & Music
Judith Orloff MD, John Densmore, drummer for The Doors, and Hani Naser
The Power of Intuition and Dreams to Heal (sponsored by the UCLA Pediatric Pain Clinic.)

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