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Dearest Readers,

This is not a "typical" Angel Scribe, but I hope that this newsletter provides information that you or a loved one have prayed for to miraculously manifest.

My mother turned 87 years old on 1-11-11 and for the last 40 years she has been in horrific pain from arthritis. She came for a month-long visit in November and brought along her pain-killing arsenal of Codeine.

Her doctors told her, "There is nothing more we can do for you."  She is confined to using a walker, making her seven "bathroom trips" a night difficult, and her life, overall, exhausting.

During this visit, I noticed she experienced episodes of "staring", accompanied with right hand-shaking, leading me to worry that either Alzheimer's disease or a stroke was coming on. Her once-beautiful, creative fingers are gnarled and bent sideways; she HAD a golf ball-sized lump on her right wrist bone and one of the knuckles on her left first finger was half the size of a golf ball; she kept dropping things due to finger weakness.

I use homeopathic remedies so she decided to try them, thinking that she had nothing to lose. The first homeopathic remedy was Causticum, with many uses, one of which is for "a leaky bladder valve resulting after a surgery", a problem Mum developed for just that reason, years ago. However, after only one week of taking Causticum, her seven nightly "potty trips" decreased to one to two, nothing short of a miracle after years and years of sleep-deprivation and embarrassment. 

Next, on this visit Mum visited a chiropractor because one of her hands had been recently injured in an accident, and one of her hips hurt so much it prevented her from comfortably sleeping on that side. After the appointment she regained the use of her hand, and was able to sleep pain free on her "hurt" side for the first time in a long time.

The chiropractor told her that her body was misshapen due to much grief/emotional pain suffered over the years (her husband, a daughter, and many of her best friends are all deceased), and now she is witnessing her son in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease).  She is also grieving the loss of her driver's license and the growing uselessness of her body. Ta da! Another homeopathic remedy to the rescue: Whenever my immediate family experiences grief, e.g. loss of a pet, job, loved one etc., we take Ignatia.  So, Mum bought Ignatia and began taking it. Ignatia is also one of the many homeopathic remedies available to help one obtain a good night's sleep. (Learn more about homeopathics on www.ABChomeopathy.com [We love using their "remedy finder" for speedy search results]).

Mum soon began to feeling better and was finally on board the program for using natural alternatives!
We cooked up homemade chicken-vegetable soup without tomatoes or potatoes both of which we read can aggravate arthritis. We knew that the chicken-vegetable soup would alter her blood chemistry towards the alkaline side, too, because Mum considers sugar as one of her daily food groups and sugar makes the system acid! (I bet Dr. Oz would love to chat with her about her sugar intake!)

We also included barley in the soup because when an English friend of mine was hospitalized as a child, the staff made her barley soup to "strengthen" her blood. As Mum was only visiting with us for a month, we wanted to get as many nutrients as possible into her blood stream.

A paramedic friend told us he takes Selenium for his muscles and he said that farmers give it to their cattle to prevent "white meat disease".  So, Mum started taking Selenium to help "feed" her muscles.

One day after eating ice cream Mum woke up wheezing. I've also experienced this asthma-like condition, "resulting from ingesting cold or watery foods", and have taken Arsenicum for relief. She took some and it gave her some relief too!

Mum had TB in her 30's, so she began taking the Tuberculum homeopathic remedy hoping to rid the residue from her system and help her lungs.

We were on a roll; she was gaining strength each day. Any time a symptom for any problem popped up, we were right on it with a homeopathic remedy.

For her ever-present pain, she ordered Arnica in strengths that covered the last 40 years of pain. I am no expert, but I do know that different strengths reach deeper into the body's memory system and rebalance it somehow. So, she took Arnica 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, and 6X four 4 times a day. That was when things took a dramatic turn, along with her using Traumeel homeopathic cream on her hands for the lumps and her arthritic fingers.

Within ten days, the distorted, golf ball-sized lump on her right wrist disappeared leaving her with a normal-size wrist bone, and the fingers on her right hand straight and normal-looking. A miracle in our eyes!

During the same ten-day period, the lump on the pointy finger of her left hand, shrunk to one-half it's original size, and the fingers that had been at near right angles from her hand were now 75% normal!  She stopped dropping things, and her blouses stayed clean as no food remained on her fork, vs. falling off of it, onto her clothing.

My mother has had many inoculations over the years and I'd read about the "ill effects" of vaccines and the remedy Thuja that counteracts them. I also remembered the success an Alzheimer's affected friend of mine had using both Thuja and another remedy, Lycopodium.  As soon as Mum began taking Lycopodium 10M and Thuja 30C, her "odd moments" of staring and shaking stopped.

One day I looked up and she was walking without the use of her walker ! She walked through three rooms, and she was not holding onto furniture, either! She was walking straight, confidently, and more than I had seen her walk in years. How amazing that she felt so much better!

Oh, and she slept better and deeper resulting in her looking to be more rested. Even her skin color improved.

Please note that I am not prescribing, but only passing along some of the amazing results I/we witnessed after use of the above-mentioned homeopathic remedies.

My friend, animal communicator Dr. Agnes Thomas, broke her neck at age 23, resulting in constant suffering from back pain for the last 47 years. She has tried various pain medications and has had several surgeries. "Nothing has helped," she said.
In September, she was standing on her kitchen cabinet counter top trying to lift her cat off the top cupboard when she lost her balance and fell, hitting the stove on her way to the floor. She suffered serious injuries (no broken bones) and was treated with pain relievers. After 3-1/2 months with no relief, she tried a new MD who gave her three "trigger point" injections of the homeopathic remedy Traumeel. Within two days, the muscle spasms in her back disappeared completely. For the first time in over three months she was completely free of pain. Dr. Agnes is willing to share her experience with anyone that emails her at talktopets@aol.com

So, when someone tells you that there is "nothing more that they can do" they may be correct, but is there more you, yourself, can do? Pray for the miracle of information to come to you, perhaps through someone with a similar experience to share, and remember to BELIEVE and to never give of hope of finding the answer you are seeking.
Miracles can be found right around the corner. Remain steady on your journey until you bump into yours.

Happiest of New Years,
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"
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