By Betty Kaiser
Columnist and Social Reporter
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
April 18, 2001

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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Photo by Heritage Studio Cottage Grove, Oregon

Just when I start getting fed up with humanity, and think that Išve heard all the bad news that I can handle, along comes someone like Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen is Cottage Grove's local angel advocate and miracle messenger to the world. She is immersed in love and angel culture the way that some people are immersed in environmental causes, counter-culture movements, religion, or patriotism. She is passionate, positive, and evangelistic about her beliefs in ministering angelic beings.

Mary Ellen, lives, breathes, and believes in angelic miracles every waking moment of her life. Actually, she is so immersed in miracles that they consume even her sleep life, in which angels appear in her dreams and give her encouragement and direction.

This self-described, "ordinary housewife, with no college education or writing experience," has carved out a niche for herself in angelic circles that is utterly amazing. She has written two books, "Expect Miracles", "A Christmas Filled with Miracles" and has another in the works. She has appeared on television and radio shows; publishes an internet newsletter; and has just returned from an "Angel Cruise" in the Caribbean where she was a featured speaker.

In response to my question of, "How did this all begin?" she says, "My mother gave me a computer in 1996, which opened up a whole new world for me. Miracles always happen to me. I believe in them, and I am always excited when another one occurs. I started sharing these inspirational messages with people of all beliefs in chat rooms on the internet. When I get quiet, I can almost hear the angels, and I would type in what I heard."

From this simple sharing of inspirational messages, an email correspondence list grew into a "Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter." Of course, these readers would forward the writings to their friends, and the reader list grew!

Then, the newsletter came to the attention of someone named "Kathy," who offered to share the writings on a charity web site for "The Artist formerly known as Prince." Wow. Thus began the exponential growth of what I call, Mary Ellenšs "angel empire" the Angelscribe Good-News-Letter and web site.

Last year, about the time that many of these exciting things were happening, Mary Ellenšs husband was hired to become Cottage Grovešs City Planner. The family, including daughter Ariel, made plans to move from Washington to Oregon. And because this is real life, and not a fairy tale, a few storm clouds developed in the life of this angelic messenger.

In February, 2000, Mary Ellen discovered a lump in her breast but ignored it because there was so much other stuff to do. Stuff like selling their house, preparing for a garage sale, finishing a book, and moving to another state. And maybe there was a little denial involved such as, "Well, maybe if I ignore it, it will go away."

Then, in September of 2000, when her sister was diagnosed with a deadly combination of cancers, Mary Ellen realized that her lump hadnšt gone away, and that it had better be checked. Unfortunately, it, too, was malignant.

She says, "My dad had died of cancer, my sister was diagnosed with cancer, and now me. It was scary. I immediately was immersed in the most horrifying time of my life. I found myself scrambling to find some degree of normalcy."

After several hours on the operating table, the cancer was completely removed. Then, chemotherapy and radiation were prescribed, and she politely declined. She looked the doctor in the eye and said, "Thank you. You did a good job. Now Išm going to try some alternative treatments."

As she explained to me, "I feel the same way about medicine that I do about religious beliefs. There is good in all of them. So Išm trying one of everything. A little Chinese, some East Indian, some Homeopathic, and some Smiley Face medicine (aka finding the joy)!"

Whew. A gutsy decision, but one that might be expected from someone who looks for good news and miracles in everyday life. And then the angelic affirmation that she was looking for came when an angel appeared to her in a dream and said, regarding her healing, "Believe."

"Today," she says, "My health is good." She takes vitamin and herbal supplements while eating a largely vegetarian diet. Her goal is to eat natural, unprocessed foods as much as possible. She eats homeopathically, according to her blood type. Her daily diet includes eating 3-6 almonds (no more); green vegetables of all kinds; and copious amounts of tapioca made with soya milk and no sugar.

As I understand it, the theory behind this diet, as revealed to her in another dream, is to change her blood chemistry from acid to alkaline, believing that acid blood makes for illness. Also revealed in the same dream, was the importance of exercise. "Our bodies," she says, "are like cars. We need to keep our blood moving, just like the oil in a car, if we donšt want it to turn to sludge." Now she walks or rides her bike 3-4 miles a day and gets lots of rest, because when you sleep you heal.

Difficult as these months have been, Mary Ellen says that spiritually, they have been the most rewarding of her life. Thousands of people have contacted her to to tell her that they are praying for her and to thank her for the messages of inspiration and hope that she sends across the world. She says, "I feel loved."

And ladies, Mary Ellen has a very pointed message for those of us who have a thousand excuses to not get our annual mammogram and check up: "The fear of the appointment was greater than the appointment itself, and the results were lifesaving." With tears in her eyes, she says, "I was able to see the tulips bloom again this year, and I was afraid that I wouldnšt."

Betty Kaiser

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