How "Angels in the Clouds" Sightings Began

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True Stories of Angel Cloud Sightings

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Note from a Reader:
Your angels pictures have touched me deeply; I cannot fully express how.
Thank you for all your hard work, Kasha

Dearest Readers,

Angel clouds are manifesting in the skies. Enjoy this fascinating walk with me through other readers cloud experiences. It is a long stroll, but when you are floating in magic, time seems to drift away.

Many people have read the Cloud sighting stories and are wondering why they are not seeing Angel clouds.

Maybe you are not supposed to see them, maybe your belief is in your heart and that holds the most power.

Maybe asking to be a vehicle for God is more important than an Angel matterializing for us. Do not use their energy to come to you...aspire to be more like the Angels, and then your vibrations will be closer to theirs.

LOVE and LIGHT Mary Ellen ^I^

Dearest Readers,

Here is the original newsletter story that opened the flood gates for others to share their Angel cloud stories.

Something is up ... something so amazing!

I saw the most incredible sight. I feel that if I mentioned what I saw no one would believe me.

We were driving down the freeway, off the Peninsula, and there in a rare perfectly blue Pacific North West sky were a series of three clouds.

As focused on the clouds ... I gasped!

Flying north, towards Seattle, in the sky were three perfect Angels. The clouds were ANGELS!

It was not a question of trying to figure out which clouds were Angels. These were totally and obviously high-rise-size Angels drawn in the clouds.

The Angels were complete; with hair, wings, dresses. I could not believe my eyes.

Just then the middle Angel took on a perfect face ... eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks.

I felt like leaping from the car and flagging the freeway traffic to stop and look at the sky.

My husband thought my imagination was running wild until he looked up into the blue sky and looked at the clouds.

Between us and the back drop of Mount Rainer he too could plainly see the Angels and his attitude changed instantly.

Flying in the sky, the Angels became perfectly framed between the steeples of the Narrows Bridge. It was like seeing the 8th wonder of the world.

We drove over the Narrows Bridge into Tacoma and the Angel-clouds were still there.

It was now 7 minutes since I had noticed the clouds and I regretted not having a camera on hand.

We drove over the mile long bridge and up a steep hill. Since the clouds were still present, we drove to a grocery store and bought an instant camera. Then we drove back to the freeway and I leaned out the car window and took a picture of the clouds.

The center cloud had faded a bit and the other two were back to just clouds...... yet, you can plainly see the center one is still an Angel. I can hardly wait for the film to be developed.

We will let you know when the picture is on a web site.

I am not sure if this came about because I am reading IN GOD's TRUTH" by Nick Bunick the subject of the book, THE MESSENGERS.

This is the second major Angel encounter to happen to me since I picked up his book.

I am bursting at the seams with enthusiasm for his book.

If there ever was a book you may have waited a life time to read ... it is "IN GOD's TRUTH" I hope it comes to a store near you soon. (Publisher: Hampton Roads ISBN #1-57174-129-1)


Dearest Readers,

Have you ever been caught in the middle of something so amazing ... so incredible ... so unbelievable that you can not ‘put your finger' on its meaning??? Even with the awesome mind-shaking wonderment, I am happy that it has been happening to me. Why, ME?

I was in Canada reading "IN GOD's TRUTH" and the energy and LOVE pouring from the words in the book were so comforting that as I fell asleep I asked God/The Angels to carry this loving feeling into the dream sleep.

As I awoke in the morning, I heard Angels singing to me. The Angels were singing in splendid harmony with crystalline clarity. They were repeating "YOU ARE THE ONE" over and over. I had no idea what it meant but the music made my heart feel 5 miles in depth and every cell was vibrating and resonating with the most incredible sweet tones of their Angelic music ... what a heavenly way to awaken.

Two days later, on September 5th, the series of three Angel clouds appeared.

Quite amazing ... little did I realize this was just the start of another whole series of related events.

September 16th, I was on the computer answering the incoming E-mail responses from the readers' on their Angel cloud sightings and my daughter, who was upstairs doing homework, shouted out, "Hey, Mum look at the pretty sunset."

I got up from the computer, walked over to the front door and out onto the porch. The sky was covered in wisps of the prettiest shades of turquoise and light pink.

The sky's beauty pulled me down the sidewalk and as I gazed slightly to the right ... there in the sky was another huge Angel cloud.

I got so excited, I called to Ariel, "Did you see the Angel?" She scrambled to the window sill and yelled, "Quick, get a camera!"

I grabbed the camera from the car, took a picture, then ran into the house, up the stairs and we both climbed out onto the roof for an even better shot.

A child rode by on her bike and saw us standing on the roof. The child called up to us, "What are you doing on the roof?"

In uniform Ariel and I said, "Taking pictures of the ...... " and as we looked, the Angel swished into an ordinary pretty pink cloud. No one else saw the Angel but Ariel and me.

Two months ago my friend Syd and his son mentioned that they had seen an Angel cloud over my house. I found that interesting but did not take them seriously ... and now this Angel ... hmmm, quite amazing. Wow, that makes 3 sightings.

Today, I am filled with excitement and my enthusiasm regarding Angels and Miracles has been renewed ... it is a great feeling.

When the postal mail came, I strolled out to the mail box, and sat on the grass to open the mail. As soon as I opened one envelope I leaped up and ran into the house. What I found in the mail startled me so much.

I had to call Nick Bunick, author of IN GOD"S TRUTH to share what was in the mail. Reading his book, and Doreen Virtue's book (Divine Guidance) seem to have increased the Angel happenings in my life.

Many of you know that the numbers 1111 represent something to do with the Angels. I am not quite sure what, but they keep popping up when an Angel encounter is close.

We know that every thing is in Divine timing, even if we are in the middle of learning "PATIENCE."

Last June I sent away for a personalized ANGEL licence plate. When it had not arrived by the end of August I was miffed. I know everything is in Divine timing, but wondered why on earth would a silly licence plate have its own timing?

I contacted the licencing department and found that they had no record of my cheque or application... so I reapplied a few weeks ago. One day before or after and this would not have happened.

Today I opened my mail.... the new licence plate comes into effect on 11-11-98. There was the 1111 again. I knew Nick Bunick would understand this licence error and its Angel outcome.

I am quite overwhelmed with all these Angel happenings, miracles and coincidences.

It is a blessing to share them with those of you that know of God's presence in our lives, and that His Messengers, the Angels are making their presence known to us in mysterious and sometimes HUGE ways

Following are a few of the miracles experienced by readers connected to the newsletters.

Much LOVE and LIGHT Mary Ellen ^I^

Dearest Mary Ellen,

Thankyou, you have just given all of us the greatest wisdom the universe could offer: "Why some see Angel clouds, and why some do not. What an incredible explanation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart - YOU ARE AN ANGEL! Love Jill

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purbull.gif (1k bytes) Angel Cloud Sightings continue around the world

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