Angels in the Clouds

True Stories of Angel Cloud Sightings

Date: 6/30/99

I have long held an affinity for angels and was pleased to find your web site yesterday. I was jealous that I had never beheld an angel cloud of my own but decided to start looking.

My dad died a little over 2 months ago and while at his grave last evening I remembered to look up and there was my angel cloud! It was magnificent!

I didn't have my camera that time but will come prepared again. Thank you for reminding me to "look up"!!


Date: 6/29/99

Last week I was taking my dog on our usual sunset walk here in Sedona. My inner voice asked if I wanted to take my camera. I thought about it, naw, I don't need it.

And we went on with our walk. Rounding a corner, my dog pointed out a wild animal to me, amazingly without barking. It was a young adult coyote. It looked at us but did not run. I said to it that it was beautiful and not to cross the street right now as a car was coming. None of us were afraid of the other, it was a peaceful hello, the way it was meant to be.

Then I looked up at the sky and saw an awesome cloud formation. We have a lot of Angel shaped clouds here, so I am always looking upward.

Sometimes there are huge feathered like wing clouds. Other times one Angel or several. One time the cloud formation looked like Poisedon with his septor, which changed into a mermaid with a wand, which then changed into a Centaur.

Today this particular cloud formation was a large Angel with hands held out with a gift box, which I felt as the gift of love.

Oh, how I wished I had listened to that inner voice! Had I brought my camera I could have captured "the Gift of Love Angel" with my lens and shared her with others!

Blessings, Sherrill

June 19, 1999

My family recently experienced an awesome Angel cloud siting. This is particularly significant because for the past 3 years or so we have been going through some major healing and growing together as a family.

My husband in particular has transformed from an angry, grumpy, irritable and dissatisfied person into the loving, caring, humorous, and more gentle man that I have always loved.

The past few years have been full of many ups and downs and much uncertainty on my part as I was contemplating the possibility that my girls and I would have to leave him if he continued to take out his anger on us.

Through much prayer, healing work, counseling, and his acceptance (and mine) that he was ultimately responsible for learning how to release his anger in positive ways, recently our family has finally begun to feel stronger and more stable. I have also continued to work on myself and to heal past hurts and to forgive others and myself.

The result of all this healing work is that I now know that we will be staying married and celebrating 16 years of marriage on July 16. Things have calmed down and become more peaceful in our home, everyone is calmer, more centered and happy . You needed to know the above to understand the major significance of this angel siting to our family.

On June 19 we were at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk at a family picnic. We had a lovely day; went on rides, enjoyed some great music, held hands and remembered who we were as a family together.

Just before we were preparing to leave for home, our youngest daughter was busy picking out a prize to exchange for her tickets in the skeeball arcade when my husband came in to get my attention. He was waiting outside on the boardwalk when he looked up and noticed the most beautiful Angel cloud in the sky.

She was huge, with flowing robes, majestic wings and she was looking right down on the four of us as we looked up to admire and be thankful for her. I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving for all the blessings of the past months and felt tears of joy welling up.

We stood there for about five minutes while the hustle, bustle of a busy beach boardwalk droned on around us. I'm sure that people walking by were wondering what this family of four was doing just standing there looking up at the sky and smiling.

The important thing is that we all knew that this Angel appeared to us as a sign that our family was going to be just fine and would continue to get stronger. We didn't speak about it to each other but we all left the boardwalk feeling at peace with one another.

I will never cease to be amazed at how faith, prayer and commitment to healing bring such miracles into our lives each day.

If there is a challenge that needs to be faced, taking the time and energy to address it is more rewarding than ignoring or suppressing or letting things stay the way they are if they are not right for you. The Angel my family saw together was an affirmation that it is all worth it.

Love and Light** Melodie

June 20, 1999

On the way to my Dad's funeral my sister and I were driving down the interstate to Gulf Shores Alabama. We were cryIng because our Dad was gone and it was so hard to believe!

As we drove along I looked up in the sky and saw the most beautiful flowing Angel I had ever seen in my life. It was the first Angel Cloud I have ever seen.

I sat there and waited to see if my sister saw it..... she did!!!!!

We looked at each other in amazement, speechless and then all of the sudden four more beautiful flowing Angels appeared!!!!!!!!

It was totally amazing. The thing about this whole story is we believe it was a sign from our Dad, because my Dad had five children from his first marriage. In the obit that my stepmom wrote she claimed he had ten children.

We were stunned and knew that just wasn't the truth and we didn't even now she had done that until we arrived for the funeral.

Thanks Dad you soothed our hearts, because when my three brothers and my sister and I got there and found out about the ten children it really made us heartbroken, so my sister and i shared our story of the Angels with our brothers and it soothed their souls too.

JUNE16, 1999
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

As we were driving up the I-5 freeway through Fife I looked to the right. There in the sky over Puyallup Washington was a sky high Angel with her arms to her side and her palms upwards as we often see the Virgin Mary in a Statue.

My friend was driving and they said, "Wow would you look at that!"

Angel clouds definately are making their pressence known. Continue looking for yours.

LOVE Mary Ellen ^I^ Angel Scribe

Date: 6/16/99

Lately there has been so much wind here in San Francisco that the clouds dance & sweep across the sky. Their actual description is one of hurried abandon. Cool to watch but so hard to see any Angels.

I pulled up your website the other day & was amazed at how lovely the Angel cloud photos were.

On my walk home, I looked above me & clear as day, this huge white puff of a cloud was hovering in the blue sky.

She had a long full, flowing gown. Her waist was thin & lovely. her large wings protruded from her back, her head was small but a halo shape above was as plain as day. she reminded me of the beautiful Christmas Angels that we place on our mantels & treetops. i was thrilled. So many confirmation chills.

So grateful to be witness to the never ending miracles our mother earth & sky share with us each & every day. I spent the entire walk home imagining I was on a stage reciting a spoken word about an experience I once had that was from a very dark time of my life.

I was nearly crying when I found myself almost home. The hills that normally exhaust me were non exhistant. I felt so much lighter as though this process had healed me. It's all good. Today was a glorious day.

angels on your pillow... thank you for your newsletter. love & light, janie b!

Praying Angel
Date: 6/13/99

Mary Ellen, My daughter and I saw our first angel sighting the other day.

IT was an angel kneeling in prayer! It was so awesome and so real that I do not know how people stayed on the road!

She had her wings fully open on her knees with her head bowed as if in prayer. It was a beautiful sight.

Northern California
Date: 6/9/99

I loved that today's newsletter was about Angel Cloud sightings as I noticed one today too!

I especially took note of the story one from the Auburn area of California as I am also from northern California. This year the clouds are just different. they are wispy almost every day. I am a cloud, bird, nature watcher and I have noticed this and wondered at natures plan.

Today I took a break from my gardening, which I love, and looked up to see a long line of wispy clouds shaped into a beautiful woman's with arms outstretched in a supplicating manor. She even had a well defined face, long slim body everything in place. I always feel that same touch of grace when I see one of these clouds. I look a lot for them!

thanks for being an Angel loving friend! Jane ^j^

JUNE 1999

Last year while driving from Ohio to Florida for Christmas, I was worried, hoping for good weather to travel, and very, very excited about our trip.

Several times during the long drive, my husband and I very clearly saw dolphin clouds, very real.

I think this was God saying "Yes Marilyn you and the family will get there and have a good and safe trip.

Another time, while coming home from work on the bus, I looked out the window and saw an angel cloud holding what looked like the world. A girl Angel with long flowing hair.

As you know I love your articles, the spiritual growth it has brought me. You are an angel on earth - Love, Marilyn

JUNE 1999

Wanted you to know I am really enjoying your newsletter. It gives me such an uplifting feeling when I read the stories. I'm looking forward to finding your book in the store soon and hope to get one!

I have had a very special Angel Cloud experience. I had just finished a very difficult confession with my priest in which I had been dealing with some very angry feelings towards my ex-husband and the effects of a very devastating marriage and divorce.

As I left the church and got on the freeway I looked up towards the setting sun. There was a perfect set of Angel wings with the golden/pink light radiating from them. At the same time a beautiful Christian song about forgiveness started. All at once I felt a great sense of peace and the anger in me disappeared. I cried all the way home with joy!

God Bless

Pat in Puyallup, WA

JUNE 1, 1999
Hi Mary Ellen -- Your "Listening to Angels" email was forwarded to me by a friend and I enjoyed it very much. AND I saw the Angel clouds! (this was before I got your email)

There were about 40 of them in the sky. At first I thought they looked like giant jellyfish, but after I read your email I realized that I had been looking at the Angel clouds. It was amazing! I have been a scuba diver for years, and I have been so intrigued how I often see "undersea" configurations in the clouds -- somewhat like the paintings of Robert Lyn Nelson and others showing the whales swimming in the sky with the planets. Have you seen those? I understand it on a spiritual level clearly -- it is all "one."

I have come to enjoy these moments of meditation, insights, divine gifts -- amidst the workaday world, and the sense of upliftment that it brings to my day.

Thank you for your messages and for pursuing your heart work. Blessings upon you, Mary

Miriam in Gig Harbor Washington
JUNE 1999

The other day after visiting your website for a "little while" you inspired me to start looking to the skies. I had read some stories about/by the children, and the one story that stayed on my mind was the one about the little child who kneeled to pray because he/she felt closer to God. The image of the child kneeling in prayer stayed with me that night as I prayed.

The following morning I awoke with the story still on my mind, and as I let my dog out I looked up to the skies and saw an Angel kneeling in prayer. I felt she was showing me how to pray. It touched me, I felt like crying and the image has stayed with me since then.

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