Angels in the Clouds

True Stories of Angel Cloud Sightings

Pat in Western Montana.

Saturday night,about midnight, I was returning home from a birthday party at a friend's home. As I began to drive up the hill where we live, I saw in the sky a huge, gorgeous Angel cloud.

The nearly full moon was behind the clouds illuminating the Angel. The Angel was looking up and holding her arms towards the heavens. The wings were large and her gown was flowing.

Since I didn't have my camera with me, I hurried up the hill to home (and a camera). As I did, I made a turn in the road and when I looked up the Angel was gone.

Then, amazingly, right before my eyes the clouds re-grouped into a second Angel!! This one was looking down and her arms were pointed towards earth. And, again, the moon was behind the clouds illuminating her fully.

The first Angel had the moon behind her head and it looked like a halo. The second Angel totally eclipsed the moon, but the light shining around the dark clouds gave her an aura of moonlight! An amazing sight!

By the time I arrived at my home the clouds had moved so quickly that the Angel was gone. So.... no picture!! But, I plan to purchase one of those disposable cameras and keep it in my car from now on! I know I will see them again!

May 1999

When reading some of your reader's miraculous moments which required a camera that wasn't there, it reminded me of one that happened to me on a flight from Providence to Nashville a few years ago.

I always enjoy the view from the window seats on flights and this time was no exception. I was watching the clouds from above go by and noticed one which reminded me of the backwards "R" on the Toys R Us sign. So it was a cloud that looked like a letter and caught my attention. Then I saw just a little bit away one that looked like a backwards "K" also. Then in between the 2 were what looked like a normal "O" & "U". I wanted to take a picture of them with my camera but remembered that it was in my luggage in the carrier above my head. By the time I got it out, it would have been gone anyway.

However, I needed confirmation from someone that I wasn't seeing things or loosing my mind, so I turned to the person sitting beside me but two seats away but she was sleeping and I didn't want to disturb her. I then turned to a man behind me who also had a window seat and asked him if he saw those letters in the clouds. He said, "No, what letters?"

I said, "Well, they just went under the wing, but there was a backwards "R", a "U", an "O", and a backwards "K". "R, U, O, K" My eyes then opened wide in recognition of what I just said to him because it didn't occur to me until that very moment that the letters could actually mean something. RUOK, i.e., Are You OK?

It was certainly an "Oh, My God!!!" moment. Granted, because of the 2 backwards letters, it was meant for someone on the ground and not for me but was just as impressive nonetheless.

I then tried to revisualize those letters to answer if they were really clouds or whether they were skywriting which I happen to catch. The natural cottony puffiness lead me to think that they were clouds but logic would point toward skywriting. No small plane was spotted during my time of cloud watching during that time that day.

I still don't know if what I saw was clouds or skywriting but was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments which was too quick for my camera just a few feet away from me in my luggage. I now carry my camera on my person whenever I fly but, of course, haven't had any such similar reoccurrence.


MAY 29, 1999

About three weeks ago, I started seeing Angel wings in the skies above Sacramento, CA. Somehow, I never remembered seeing them before. On Saturday, May 29th, I was headed to play golf, when I noticed the skies above the Sierra foothills painted with angel wings. I felt so much love running throughout my body. They gave me a feeling of complete peace. I just couldn't take my eyes off of them. They were so beautiful!!! There were curling patterns and symetrical shapes draping the skies all along the foothills. What a sight!!!

Love, Michael


I have seen 67 Angel Clouds so far, and I am looking for number 68, They are awesome, Keep up the good work, I love your Angelscibe newsletters,
hugs and love and Light and Laughter and Angels and Angel Clouds, Anne

May 25, 1999

On my way to Canada this week I saw my third Angel cloud. (My daughter had "cleaned" the car before the trip and the camera was not in the car for a picture.)

What appeared in the sky, a few miles south of Bellingham, Washington, was an Angel cloud. The Angel appeared to be about 5 years old, lying on her tummy. She had one foot raised in the air as if she was kicking to move herself along in the sky.

The details of her feet, the arches in them, and her legs, her cute bottom, right up to her curly-cherub hair were so exact. She appeared to be more of a drawing than a cloud. The Angel cloud had the cutest little wings on her back. The sun was shining on her cheek as she looked at me

Please keep a camera handy. These clouds are appearing all over the world and I will share a few in the next newsletter.

On my return trip I had what I consider a miracle. If I had left Canada three minutes earlier I would have been in the middle of Seattle's interstate I-5 highway and a tragic car accident and shooting. If I had left two minutes earlier I would have been in the middle of a horrendous 6 hour traffic jam from the resulting closed freeway.

At exactly the moment I heard of the shooting and the freeway closure I was doing 70 miles per hour and to my right was the EXIT sign to the only other freeway around the incident.

It was a blessing and I knew it. It is time we realize our lives are full of miracles, each and every day.

Miracles may not seem like the dramatic miracles we hear of such as someone stuck in a snow storm on the top of the Alps. God/Spirit works so subtly in our personal lives.

Please keep your eyes and heart open to the miracles that happen to you and your loved ones.

MAY 1999

I had an interesting experience today.

I was standing in a checkout line at Wal-mart. A cashier walked by and said she could take me at her register. As I moved over to her register, another woman moved over too, and stepped ahead of me. I figured I was no further ahead now than I had been in the other line, but it was no big deal.

As I was taking my things out of the cart, the woman ahead of me and the cashier were talking. I wasn't paying any attention to them, when suddenly, the lady ahead turned to me and said, "Can I show you something?" I was surprised, but said, "Sure."

She handed me a photograph and told me a boy had taken the picture from an airplane during a recent trip. He'd brought the picture in to his teacher and apparently the teacher had shown it to some other people and some of those people were getting reprints.

I looked at the picture and my jaw dropped. The image was filled with clouds that were turned gold by the sunlight. And right in the middle stood the most beautiful cloud angel! Full body in profile, long blonde hair, long gown beautiful wings and positively luminescent!

My daughter was with me, and I showed it to her too. The picture itself was amazing, and the circumstances of my seeing it seem a blessing, too.


Many new spiritual experiences have been occurring in my life in recent years. I'm not sure what to think and I asked God for a sign one day while I was standing in my bathroom, drying my hair.
At that same moment I looked out the window and up into the sky, and a cloud in the shape of a beautiful angel appeared.
I watched as it dissipated ... it was the only cloud in the sky that day. I felt that was my sign from God.
I didn't have time to run and get a camera because it happened so quickly. I do keep my camera close by now, because you never know.

MAY 1999

I wanted to share this angel cloud story.

A friend & I went out to a local Donut Shop one morning just before Easter. She went in while I waited in the car with her 6 month old daughter.

It was a gloriously beautiful sunny day on Cape Cod & I felt urged to get out of the car. I looked up & there was an angel !! She was all by herself in miles & miles of sky. Her head, bodice and one wing were very distinct. The skirt was a wispy outline but clearly defined.

My friend came back just then & asked me what I was looking at. She had never even heard of angel clouds but looked up. She was awed by what she saw & said "Oh Wow - will you look at that!!! " Just then a local church bell started ringing - it was 11:00.

I can't even tell you the chills that went through me. It was amazing, to get such a wonderful confirmation of what we had seen - we watched her for a full five minutes - then had to be on our way to finish some errands. This was the second angel cloud I've seen & mean to keep a camera in the car from now on!!

Much love Cris

MAY 1999

After reading your page, I've been watching the clouds for Angels, hoping to see one. I haven't really seen anything that didn't take a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

I was in a store today, and I was looking at some Sierra Club nature photograph cards (One Earth, Once Chance series). I picked a card titled Stormy Sunset, Lost Horse Valley (photo by Sam Roberts). It was a scene of magnificent clouds all lit up in orange. And right there in the lower right hand corner is an Angel! She looks like she's kneeling, looking down at the earth. You can see her in profile: face, hair, wings, arms and body.

April 6, 1999

Earlier in the day I was with a friend who told me about a crisis that was going on in his life. I was so saddened. I came home emotionally exhausted, crying on and off for my friend. My heart went out to him. I was in a mess and I knew I had to journal about some of my feelings.

So I started. Many more tears flowed. I decided I better meditate. I put my newly acquired CD, Om Namaha Shivaya. It is very soothing and I started to sob. Then to my surprise, I started to get in touch with some of my childhood abuse issues. I revisited them and realized no one was there to comfort me. I felt the sadness of this for about 45 minutes. It felt good to have processed it.

I journaled again. This time I wrote down all that I remembered. Then the phone rang and a friend asked me if I would like to go for a walk. The sun was starting to set. I said to her, you are pushing day light saving. We laughed and I quickly left the house to join her.

As I drove out of my drive way something guided me look up into the sky. I saw a most incredible Angel cloud. At first I thought, this can't be happening to me.

I looked again. She had medium length curly hair, as I do. Her wings were immense. The thought came to my mind that she was telling me that I was healing and that I was being a good friend and it was divinely appreciated. And that even though I felt alone as a child, she was there for me today. This is something I am working on.

Remembering that I am not alone and that I am supported. I felt full of love. Then to my surprise, another Angel cloud. Wow, I thought, there is more than one Angel present. My friend and I walked in the dark for a long time. It was refreshing. Just what I needed. And I could process through my feelings as I walked with her. We are both therapist and often help each other out by our therapeutic walks. I really felt a divine presence in my life that day. Truly a healing. P.S. you don't have to be therapist to experience therapeutic walks:). Blessings to you for allowing us this place to share.
Namaste, Shirley

March 11, 1999

I was having an awful day.. feeling despondent actually.. and in need of answers. I looked out the window.. and there it was.. my answer :).


A teardrop falling down my cheek
Contains my world
So hard to speak.
Gazing out my window
I canít believe my eyes
The clouds begin to form a shape
Of an angel in the sky.
Looking down from a blue-gray palette,
White and feathery wings
Iím now enveloped in the comfort
Her heavenly presence brings.

copyright 1997 L. Pilato

March 9, 1999

Mary Ellen, Saturday my husband and I where out doing some errands and the sky was very cloudy and it looked like it was going to burst out raining, when suddenly, the sun started to come out in golden color around the edges of the clouds and than the most beautiful Angel appeared, the sky was so beautiful. I felt so happy that day. Thanks, for letting me share this. Love Joanie

March 9, 1999

Mary Ellen, as I was driving into town, reflecting on a friend that seemed to have a very hardened heart, and how to best help her soften it, there in the sky Mary Ellen was our Angel. The same Angel as formed from my spilling candle and your Tea Stain Angel. This time she was a cloud -- with the curly hair and the skijump nose. Love Ardy

NOTE: We will be posting the wax Angel photo with the tea stain Angel on the Book Update link that is on the main web page.

March 8, 1999

The kids said it.... all at the same time "Guess what we saw" "You know what?" All the children were yelling at my friend and I. Tyler (8) Becca(10) and Bobby (8), as we hopped in the van to go get a pizza.

The children had seen an Angel cloud and they were all excitedly yelling..... "We saw the Golden Stairway to Heaven."

The kids all described what they had seen in the clouds. They said it looked like a Golden stairs that were the clouds in the shape of stairs. They described different Angels on the stairs, with white wings lined with like a gold trim. They all had different descriptions of their Angels. They said the Angels were guarding the gate to heaven and that the God was at the top of the stairs.

A cloud was also seen, carrying 3-5 "people". The cloud was floating to the stairs. The "people" on the cloud did not have wings.

The kids said the stairs went from as far up as the could see all the way down to the ground. (I live in the country and you can see for miles.

Judging from the description of where the stairs were it was within about a mile from my house.) When we asked the kids if they tried to go towards the Golden stairs, they said "NO..We weren't supposed to go."

I know the kids saw this Golden stairway. I have never heard them talk so excitedly and saying the same things at the same time. It was shortly after this you began mailing out all the cloud Angels.

Don't forget to look up to the Stars,
they hold our Hopes and Dreams.
Love From, Star

March 8,1999

I had an Angel cloud experience that I have shared with a few friends.

My mother was hospitalized suddenly last October 14th, a Thursday. She lives in Fresno, about 200 miles away, so it takes a while to get there. My sister lives in Carmel (which is a little bit closer to Fresno than San Francisco is) drove over that evening. I drove down the next morning, after a rather sleepless night.

My vacation was scheduled to start that next Monday and I had plans to be in Sutter Creek (in the Mother Lode area of the San Joaquin foothills) to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of good friends that Saturday, but I was willing to give all that up if Mom needed me in Fresno.

We thought at first it might be her heart, so we were pretty scared. It turned out to be a kidney infection. The doctor was please with her progress when he came to see her Saturday morning.

Mom convinced me to keep to my plans, so that afternoon I drove from Fresno to Sutter Creek to join my friends in their celebration. All along the way I saw clouds shaped like Angel wings. The sky was FILLED with them. It was so heartening to see. I knew I didn't need to feel guilty about leaving my mother. I knew she was being taken care of.

It rained that afternoon, and I saw the most beautiful rainbow. It also lifted my heart.

Love, Peggy


Hi Mary Ellen,

On Valentine's weekend I was at a Hypnotherapy convention in Newport Cailifornia.

We completed an Angel workshop and then went up to our rooms for a few minutes before the next event. I took a moment to open the patio windows and stand on the balcony to see the beautiful sunset.

When I looked up in the sky it was full of beautiful Angel clouds!

I took pictures and haven't had them developed yet. I promise if they turn out at all, I'll send you a picture for your web site!!

Thanks for the wonderful work that you do. Love, Light and Laughter ^)^ Lea


It was in Sept. of 1998 that my husband and I saw the Angel Cloud on our way to New Mexico, I don't know why no one else reported seeing this phenomenon as this angel cloud was huge. It was the only thing in the big blue sky, no other clouds anywhere.

There may have been a reason as my husband passed away on Dec. 30th 1998 very suddenly, in my arms, from a massive heart attack at the age of 53 and he was the first to notice the cloud.

Stella Cannain

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