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True Stories of Angel Cloud Sightings

"When you reach for the Stars .... Miracles Happen"


I have been reading your newsletters for a year and I kept thinking, "Will I ever see an Angel cloud? I thought people could only see what they wanted to see. I did not believe that these clouds really existed! Or if they did only special people would see them, certainly not me.

I have been fighting my verbally abusive ex-husband for years now. We have been in and out of court in his attempt to gain custody of our young son through very malicious means. He has not won but the battle is wearing me down. I fear one day he will hurt either my son or me.

Just recently we went to court and I decided to ask the court for help for my son and myself. One day as I was leaving the court house I have been praying that entire morning for a sign that God is near and I prayed for his protection. Mind you, I have been praying for 4 years for help from my ex. I was walking out to the parking lot after seeing the Judge who finally believed that my son's dad is abusive, I saw an Angel cloud.

It was the perfect shape of an Angel. I ran to my car and fell to tears. It was the most perfect moment in my life. I have never felt this presence before and now I know my son and I are safe. I'm still struggling with my ex but I feel a stronger sense of myself and I can continue to attempt to protect my son.

I would not have seen this cloud had I not been reading this newsletter. I thank all the people who share their souls with Mary Ellen. Patti


Thanks for all your wonderful newsletters - Now I have one for you!!!

I will tell you my belief of this world may not co-incide with other's beliefs, ~ for to me this is a gameboard of polarity, on a planet of free will. In order for our reality to exist., Archangel Michael holds the Light, and Lucifer, God's own bright one, has volunteered to hold the Dark -- and I believe that Lucifer does so in great love for each and every one of us, and for this I am so grateful....... so here is my story

Yesterday was a day of miracles and magic indeed!

Last night, in the evening sky, Jupiter and Venus co-joined in an event that will not happen again until the year 2040, so the day was set for magic!

In the morning, I went to a jewelry store that my mother recommended - to have my diamond engagement ring changed into a pendant (it has been in my drawer since circa 1979, so I guess it was about time!)

On my way driving north, --- in the western sky--- just where Jupiter was to hold Venus last night, I saw wings ---- huge wings, folded in towards each other as if some/one/thing was falling --- so I looked into the middle of the wings, and there was a Being!!! -- with an agonized look on it's face ---- a falling angel -- Lucifer??!!!. I sent so much love and thanks to s/he for the roll being played on our behalf by holding the dark, and was indeed quite amazed at seeing this -- I have not seen angels in the clouds for years.

Well, thinking this was enough, I drove on --- but within minutes, another HUGE set of wings appeared, with another Being in the middle, looking as to reach forth and catch the falling one --- who was still very visible!!! Michael??!!! Well - blow me over with a wing feather! This very recognizable shape stayed in the western sky for at least 20 minutes as I drove north. Just as I was to turn right (east - of course - lol), a 'multitude' of much smaller winged-beings appeared --- flying in a clockwise circle around and through the two --- The falling figure was beginning to blur his edges by this point....hmmmm - amazing!

Well if this was not enough!!! as I turned right, into the previously non-visible sky (which was under the car roof) .... is there not an even larger figure...wings upright, face quite visible, long (to mid-chest) curly beard.....looking directly at the picture of 'Lucifer & Michael' and the supporting angels!!! you could see eyes, mouth, hair ....(phew!) -- The Being looked like Neptune without his trident.

Now, if you think this is the end --- (wrrrooonnnggg!!!) - I get to the mall with the complete intention to gaze upon this 'panoramically'....By this time, all that is left of the 'Lucifer' figure is partial wings, 'Michael' was still just as strong and clear, and a few more smaller beings were still facing in a clockwise motion. {{{HOWEVER}}} as the piece de resistance, where the 'Neptune' figure was --- is the SUN!!! and I cannot look directly at it --- whatta day!

Blessings Terry

Between Saskatchewan and British Columbia, CANADA

Hi Mary Ellen;

I'm a recent subscriber to your good newsletter and feel excitement every time I read about the experiences of others with their Angels.

My best friend and I were driving from Saskatchewan to British Columbia this past summer.

We saw a beautiful formed Angel in the clouds and were astounded at how perfect it was formed.

Shortly after, we pulled into a fast food place to grab a bite to eat as we wanted to keep driving.

When I pulled up to the window there was another picture of an Angel on the window with guardian written over it!

I assume it was guardian security but found it to be quite a coincidence! We then drove through an area where there are many gas and oil well explorations and where there had been an explosion at a sour gas well..thought to be done by eco-terrerists.

We didn't know the explosion had taken place that very same day until after we arrived at our destination!

Both of us firmly believe that there is no such thing as coincidence in our lives. We do understand now that our guardian Angels were definitely taking care of us. I also want you to know that I e-mailed the Oprah Winfrey show to tell them about my friend and about your newsletter and the beautiful angel pictures!

I hope they contact you for more information as I would love to see Oprah have you on her show. I suggested that she do a show all about angels! What an inspiration that would be for the world!

Keep up the wonderful newsletter. I got goose bumps when I read the Angel cloud story this morning from Becca. What a beautiful message she received!

In light and love, Jackie


Thanks for the great site. After reading about the meanings of the numbers, I now know the meaning of a high school football game I went to last fall.

On the way to the game the sky was just beautiful and my sons and I were finding many things in the clouds(angels,doves,etc.)

I did not know these were real.

The opposing team had yet to score even one point so far at this point in the season.

Our team had scored 4 touchdowns, the other team had the ball,on the 4th yard line, in the 4th quarter, the 4th down, with 4:44 minutes left in the game. I turned to my friends and family and said, "There is something magical going to happen. I'll bet they are going to score a touchdown."

After the laughter died down I got some takers on a $5.00 bet and I left the stands a litttle richer!!!!!! Also did wonders in making me a believer in "magic". Thanks-Toni Fisher


I am an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in Texas. I work for a private ambulance company. I work on the ambulance, and on occasion, I also transport patients in a wheelchair van.

It seems so odd but the old saying that death seems to come in three's is all too common. We have two patients that we have been transporting for many years to their Dialysis treatments 3 times a week. One died this last Friday and the other Died Monday. These were two of my very favorite patients. It seemed like no matter how busy we were and how harried I would feel, each of them never had an unkind word to say (even on the rare occasions that we were late taking them back to their nursing homes). It has really broken my heart to see them go, especially since the last time I saw them, they looked so lively.

The last person that died was a patient we hadnt taken too often, but she died this last Friday as well. All three of them were dialysis patients.

I've been feeling very sad for these 3 wonderful human beings, but then it dawned on me that they are in a much better place, and free of all the sickness.

Well tonight on my way into the office, I was thinking about how I really needed to go and say good bye to this last gentleman that passed away .

In traffic on my way in, I was sitting at a stoplight, and I looked into the sky, and I got to see my very first Angel cloud.

Naturally I didn't take a camera with me, but I guess I'll have to start taking one with me. It was a beautiful white cloud. It gave me a tremendous sense of peace. It can certainly be difficult in dealing with death in my chosen profession and thank God I dont have to do it every day.

I just came home from the rosary, and saw your message and I wanted to share this story with you.

The Angel I saw looked like a side view ... almost as if it were a silhouette. She was pointing upward and looked as though she were flying.

The wings were very very large and you could see feet at the bottom of what looked like a gown.

It was awesome.

I hope I can see it again one day. I had been feeling left out as far as the "Angel cloud sightings. " I had been feeling like hey... why cant I see one??? Everyone else is.

I wasn't sure if there was a message in all of this, but believe me, after having had such a stressful day, it felt good to see the Angel. Lynn


My father was dying of cancer.

It was near the end and we had him at home, comfortable and in no pain. He was comatosed but I knew he could tell we were with him.

I was having a hard time dealing with the whole 'DEATH" thing, and I was afraid for him. Afraid of what he was feeling and afraid of what he was about to go through.

I wanted to make sure he would be ok and not alone, But I needed some sort of answer, some sort of sign. I had none. I was afraid ....still.

It was a typical October night and my family and I were waiting for the end, praying for the end.

I went out on the front step to get some fresh air. I sat down and said a little prayer, I said, "Please..please.. give me some sort of sign, ANY sign, just so I know he will be ok"

At that very moment I looked into the sky at the beautiful sunset, and I saw an Cloud. Plain as day, clear to my human eyes.

It was a cloud. A beautiful cloud.. a beautiful Angel.

There was my answer. I ran inside and got my mother and grabbed a camera. We both sat there and wept. I took a picture of the Angel.. then she disappeared.

My Father passed away 10 minutes later. The angel had come to take him home. At that point I knew.. I really knew he was ok.. He was not alone, and he was with the beautiful Angel going home. I now believe.. I will always believe. <

NOTE: Becca's Angel Cloud Picture is posted on Angel Cloud page #4

Date: 2/12/99 4:11:44 PM Pacific Standard Time
note the Angel timing of this message... all 4's and 1's.
This is also Mary Ellen's birthdate, so the message was even more powerful.

Dear Mary-Ellen,
There was a magical, beautiful, Angel cloud directly above me when I read your e-mail.

Namaste' Bri


Hi Mary Ellen,

I started subscribing to your newsletter last year and enjoy it so much, thank you for your hard work and joy. Your newsletters have meant a great deal to me.

I am Dean at the School of Angel Studies at the College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, FL. I am teaching classes, writing curriculum and am involved with angel research. I am an Angelologist, I study angels. What a great job huh? Angels are incredible to work with and fill the school and my work with love and joy.

I have also seen angels in the clouds. After a tiring day and asking God if I was really in the right field, I went outside to get a breath of fresh air. I looked up into the sky and saw the clouds form the most beautiful angel. I received my answer. Then with a tear in my eye, I went inside again and continued my day knowing that I was indeed on the right path.

Thanks again for your great work!
Kermie Wohlenhaus, Ph.D., D.D.


I saw my first Angel clouds the other day. I was reading outside after lunch in a parking lot at the Gateway 2000 computer company and felt compelled by the lovely, wispy clouds to gaze at them.

Immediately after turning my gaze to the skies, I saw a cloud that appeared to be an Angel flying quickly through the sky.

The body was solid and the wings were huge and feathery and swept back with the apparent speed with which she was flying.

When I looked in the direction she was flying toward, there was a very tall Angel cloud standing in the sky.

I could see her flowing gown on her body, her well defined head, feet beneath the gown and beautiful wings flowing beside and above her.

As I watched, she even "turned" her head so that I could see her profile. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me. She stayed in the sky so long that if I had one, I would easily have had time to go get the camera. I am definitely going to start carrying it with me from now on!

It really was special seeing them. I felt like I was given such a wonderful gift, I just kept saying "thank you" over and over.

Love Lois


Dear Mary Ellen,

I've been receiving your newsletter for over 2 years. Like most people, after reading about Angel cloud sightings, I began trying to find Angels in the clouds.

A couple of months ago, I gave up, thinking I must be one of those not meant to see them. The only time I have to look at clouds is on my way to work in the morning--a 40-minute freeway drive. So, I figured I didn't have the time to look hard enough to "imagine" I was seeing an Angel cloud.

When I leave work, it's dark, and you can't see much in the dark!

After an extra long day at work, I tiredly got in my car for the long drive home.

As I drove east, heading for the freeway toward home, I noticed that the slightly waning full month was highlighting a cloud in front of it.

I decided to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of it, and to my total amazement, I could CLEARLY see a praying Angel!

It was fully outlined in luminous white light, and various thicknesses in the cloud made for many shades of gray that served to define the Angel more fully. It had short hair, a full set of wings folded at its back, hands in prayer position at the lower portion of the face, a shaded robe-like garment, and it was kneeling.

It didn't take any stretch of the imagination--it was an Angel! I looked at my trip meter--and it read 111.1 miles.

As the road turned slightly south, I could clearly see the moon, surrounded by the cloud. In the "chest" of the Angel.

I shouted "I saw an Angel cloud! I really, actually saw an Angel cloud!" at 111.1 miles. I couldn't wait to get home to write to you!

From my vantage point, the Angel's head was toward the south, knees toward the north, wings toward universe, and face toward the earth.

It was so clear that even had I never read of others seeing Angel clouds, I would have seen it, and known what I was seeing.

I want to thank you for bringing so much openness to spirituality and the joys of loving and giving to so many people! Keep up the good work and know how deeply appreciated you are!

Barbara M

A few months ago Barbara brought an Angel picture into work. I saw the picture and thought wow this is truly a miracle.

I have seen Angels in the clouds myself several times while traveling on a plane going up North from florida, but I did not have a camera with me.

I begged my coworker to have their Angel cloud picture scanned to show some friends on the computer. She agreed as long as I told them where the picture was taken and from who and yes of course I agreed.

Well the picture was taken out an airplane by a friend of my coworker going on a trip to California although she herself didn't see the Angel while she was taking the picture of the clouds that is what she saw when they were developed.

The other day, someone sent me a web site of an Angel Cloud sighting they saw in the Ozarks. Today I went to the site and saw the Angel Cloud picture and lo and behold if it doesn't look identical to the one I have here.

Now that is truly a message from above.

Love and light! Sheena


Date: 1/29/99

I have been looking for Angel Clouds for months and I had been wondering why I hadn't seen one..... Today I was at the Kennedy Space Center on a VIP tour. We went to the launch pad of the "Apollo 1 mission" that exploded and killed 3 men.

I was standing directly on the launch pad and looked up through the holding stuff. I could see the sky which looks like it is in a perfect circle.

I was standing right below where the men died looking up at the sky. In the clouds, I saw a perfectly formed angel.

The angel in the clouds looked identical to your tea stain angel..and the amazing thing was...I was thinking earlier that day that I had never seen one of these angel cloud things and I knew that I would be seeing one soon. I was the only one standing at the launch pad looking up at it, 15 others were in our tour and did not see it.

It proves we see what we are focusing on in our lives.

Date: 1/30/99

The newsletter is chock-full of beautiful, touching stories and I find myself crying over many of them as they touch my heart and soul.

Oh...I LOVE the stories of the angel clouds and your angel tea-stain!! Those are great!! When I read them I thought to myself "am I missing something? Why don't I see these cloud formations?" Well... I must say that to see them one only has to open their eyes and look to the heavens! :-) My husband and I were on vacation a few weeks ago and were driving from western NY to Florida.

I was admiring the scenery of the gorgeous Virginia mountains..and .there they were!! Not just one but 5 angel cloud formations!!! I was amazed!!

It touched my heart in a way that I couldn't even imagine! I was in total awe!

I blinked & looked again....and there they still were!!

Had it not been for your wonderful newsletter, I never would have looked up to see this etherial marvel. Thank you, dear one, for touching so many lives and drawing our attention to "heaven on earth".. you are truly an angel In Love and Light, Rev. Sue

Date: 1/18/99 10:31:11 AM
(NOTE: the 111 in the above Angel time)

Funny thing - on my clock right now it's 11:11 -- ever since I read your piece on 1's, they're cropping up everywhere.

Yesterday while I was walking to the gym at work, I looked up and in the sky was an enormous white dove/angel cloud. The wings spanned across a milenium and the tail was wide, full and white. Wow! It was wonderful. I wonder if anyone else saw it.

I'm doing my heart's desire right now by crocheting blankets for Project Linus. It's an organization that collects handmade blankets/quilts to give to little folks recovering from chemotherapy. I really enjoyed reading your story about making mittens/hats. That's right up my alley!

Have a good day! Look up, you might see a Winged One!

Ellen G.


This morning I was out walking with my husband, Bernie. I was feeling a little sorry for myself and I was talking to him about some things that were bothering me. Suddenly I looked up and there was a HUGE ANGEL sticking out of the tops of the clouds. There were dark clouds over the ocean and the sun was between the dark ones and behind the angel cloud. Rainbow rays of sun were lighting the angel cloud up and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I felt like I'd just received a message that all was going to be ok, so just give my worries to her! She had a face and gigantic wings! I am so thankful because I'd never seen an angel in the clouds before. Today was MY ANGEL in the clouds day!

I live in West Palm Beach, Florida and it was a GLORIOUS angel! I can still see her towering over the top of the clouds with the rainbow rays of rising sunlight surrounding her! Was I ever blessed!

Love MaurieP


I am a School Crossing Guard, and outside three hours a day, in the nice fresh air, working, crossing kids safely to school. I have been a School Crossing Guard for 32 yeas, I am working, love my job, the children and the out of doors.

Since June, 1998, I have seen 37 angel clouds!

I sent you a pciture of one of them. The best Angel clouds I saw was when l5 angel clouds came drifting by one morning, one right after the other, and I didn't have my camera, but l5 at once was awesome!

The picture I sent you was taken three weeks ago. I now keep my camera in the car. I had just come out of Burger King and there it was! I ran to my car and snapped the picture.

The Angel Cloud was about 1500 feet long, big, and you can see the roof of the bank next to Burger king. It was awesome! I hope to get some more pictures. The weather is so cold that I do not keep the cameram in the car. I will keep trying, thanks again for your wonderful Angelscribe, your friend Anne in New Jersey.


1 January 1999

While sleigh riding with my kids and their cousin this afternoon I saw an Angel in the clouds!

I was laying back on one of the kids round plastic sleds and my six year old was laughing and trying to push me down the hill.

I laid back and looked up at the clouds and noticed what looked like huge wings. I looked closer and saw the upper torso of an angel.

The face was turned so that I could see her profile. That was the most amazing part. The perfect profile! Hair flowing back. The eyes, nose, lips, and chin were perfectly carved!

I told my son to look at the cloud and he saw the angel too. I watched, and within a minute the face changed and was gone. I thanked God for letting my son and I have a glimpse of one of his angels! Then, my six year old managed to push me down the hill, laughing up a storm! Even in that VERY cold wind, and wonderful warmth flowed through me. We all had a blast. What a great treat to start the new year.

Love and light,


My sister and I were standing in her front yard smoking on Christmas Day and we saw an Angel Cloud together.

A while later I was outside by myself and sighted three more Angel Clouds!!! Was it was an Angel Cloud Day!!!

I was amazed when I saw the first one and mentioned it to my sister who saw the same thing in the cloud that I did.

I was thinking it was my imagination. It wasn't!!! It was a tremendous feeling to share that connection with my sister especially on Christmas day.

My sister had given me an Angel Bear ornament and an Angel Doll that lights up for Christmas.

It was just such an Awesome experience!!! Inde*SCRIB*able....

I have been looking for Angel Clouds since you first mentioned them in the newsletter and hadn't found one... My sister is one of my Angels... And perhaps I am one of hers. What a message and I haven't even totally thought about it... why didn't I see them while looking anytime prior to being at my sister's for Christmas???

Peace, Love and Bright Blessings, Lynn o:-)


Sonoma Valley, is 60 miles north of San Francisco.

Well, today was the day!!! I saw an Angel cloud as I was sitting in my backyard! She had on a gown, a halo, and wings. Her feet were hanging below her gown. It was a huge cloud formation.

I noticed the cloud because the whole cloud formation changed direction, which I thought was strange. I took a good look and there she was!!!!! It was so weird. I kept thinking as I looked at this huge formation, that something would not fit. But, it all fit, even her feeties! Wings halo etc. LOL thanks for all your work of love! ^j^ Jane


I was sent your link through E-mail from a friend. I have to say,I am a Christian and know the Lord and have Him in my heart, yet I never really thought about Angels, even though I know the Lord sends them for protection.

One day last year, we took a trip from TX to Albuquerque, New Mexico. At that time I had a camera ready, as I had written a poem about a Mesa, a Plateau that I saw one the way in North Tx and wanted to take a picture of a lone mesa if I should have spotted one.

Well, after turning West, heading for Albuquerque, there is this long stretch of highway where there is absolutely nothing but beautiful scenery of the desert and very far away plateaus'.

The sky was just perfectly blue with no clouds in site. It was a very long ride and I dozed, then after awhile, my husband woke me and told me to look up and I did...what I saw was the most gigantic beautiful angel-shaped cloud. She practically stood atop of our moving Rv.

I rushed for my camera and was ready to take pictures, but instead, I sat there admiring all the fine details of this "cloud". And also, looking at this phenomenon, I knew that in no way could my camera be able to take in the total size of this cloud, the angel cloud was just too huge and she was also very close, not at all like your higher clouds seen every day.

I did manage to take my eyes off of her for a second to look to see if anything else was in the blue sky, like "other" normal clouds, and there was nothing else, just the big blue beautiful sky with this magnificent spectacle in front of us.

As I admired her clear shape, I could see, because the sun was behind her, made her long curls stand right out, her wings also and her long dress. You could tell that this cloud spread for many, many miles, because you could see the Sandia Mtns. in the very far distance, hardly visible, but you knew they were the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, and at the bottom of her dress, you could see the rain, it actually looked like "mist" at the bottom of her dress, and the closer we got, the lighter in color she became as the rain at the bottom of her dress continued.

Just seeing this gave me a loving, soothing feeling in my spirit. And both my husband and I marveled at this special "cloud", and since then, neither one of us has spoken of it, as who would believe it? This is the first time I am mentioning this story. It is a true one, I just wished I had taken that picture, but she remains picture perfect in my mind and heart and will often wonder why she was there.

I'm sure others saw her also, as She was the only cloud above on that long stretch of road. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

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