Angels in the Clouds

True Stories of Angel Cloud Sightings

"When you reach for the Stars .... Miracles Happen"

Dearest Readers,
Many have asked what I think of the Angel clouds. It is evident to me that when we hold God/Spirit in our hearts it manifests in many ways.

The Angel clouds are appearing to uplift hearts; hearts of those that see them and those that hear about them.

As Ardy, a long time reader said, "When we notice the wonders (our Angels, Spirit, miracles, etc) -- and take our rightful delight -- the Universe delights us further, dances with us -- like the message from the Angels of the clouds coming skyward for us."

The world has never had an "Angel Cloud Reporting Station" ... so the appearance of the clouds has never been mentioned on such a wide scale as you have seen/read lately.

Keep your eyes towards the Heavens and enjoy more amazing Angel Cloud stories.

Love and Light Mary Ellen *~^I^~* "Angel Scribe" {\O/}
Editor of Angels and Miracles . . . Good-News-Lette {/ \}

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Friday night as we're walking the dog, thinking how wonderful it will be to get a full night's sleep after a month of solid non-stop writing (my spouce and I have just completed writing a book), we both looked up and saw 6 Angel cloud formations...all different sizes (mostly large) and shapes. It was awsome, and we knew it was a positive sign to us. Alice and Dennis

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I was on my way to do the laundry with my 3 year old and we saw the most phenomenal thing in the sky this afternoon - two clouds -- one was in the shape of two wings. I might have missed it but right above it was a perfect circle cloud -- a halo or a head -- I stopped dead on the sidewalk and just stared. People started looking up but no one seemed to see it but us.

I have been in a multiple stress situation for several months now and I have been seeing 1111 and 444 constantly. I knew I wasn't alone so I wasn't giving in to panic and depression like I would normally have. Now with my angel cloud I know that everything will be resolved (in fact I got back home and waiting in the mail was something that will relieve one of the stressful situations).

Just had to tell you -- Thanks for the network and all that you do. Johanna

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I spotted my first angel cloud yesterday. It was so beautiful here in Erie, 64 degrees, which is unheard of at this time of the year. I decided to take a ride around our peninsula, and over the lake was an angel cloud. It followed me around until I left the peninsula, and then I spotted the largest moon that I had seen in ages. What a beautiful ending to a nice day! Love your newsletter stories. Elisa

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I'd like to tell you that since I began receiving your newsletter, I've seen some very miraculous things that I would have had no idea about before. You helped me learn to expect miracles.

Last night, for some strange reason, I decided to sleep across the width of my bed. I had never done it before, and it just seemed comfy.

I had my head very close to the widow, so I had a good view of the sky, and I could see the moon. They sky was a very beautiful indigo, and the clouds were very white because of the moon.

I was looking at the moon, when I noticed what looked like the wing of a dove. I looked at the rest of the cloud and saw an Angel! She was spread across the sky in flight and had two beautiful wings. She also had a long flowing gown and hair, but no face. That was what really struck me, she looked like an Angel I had drawn for art class who had no face. There was such a beautiful glow around her and felt such joy and peace. It truly was a miracle.

God bless you. love, Cathryn
The project we are doing in art class is a beautiful one. We drew contour pictures on canvasses, and are going to take them to nursing homes to have the elderly and disabled paint them. We didn't put much detail into our pictures, because we don't know what kind of disabilities these people will have, and that was why my Angel had no face.

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Wow - I finally saw my first "Angel Clouds"! Today on the way to taking my son to school and gazing out the window at a stop sign, I suddenly realized that there was a perfect set of "wings" - huge - in an open space of blue. Then I saw, surrounding these wings, on either side....several smaller "wing" formations....that almost looked like white doves.

I have been looking at the clouds now for weeks because of everyone's stories about angel clouds.....and hadn't seen a thing that looked like angels...even when I "tried" to find them.

I was thrilled to see the clouds today : ) Laurie

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Recently we took a much needed sabatical in Sedona, Arizona...Elaine is a REIKI master and had the pleasure of attuning her sister & friend in the Schembley Mtn. area

After the sacred attunement in the quiet with nature Jim stated - all I need to see now is an Angel.

Then he shooted LOOK - there's an Angel in the clouds. Feeling quite blessed I snapped a picture, something we'll always remember! Blessings, Elaine at Angels Gifts

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At approximately 7:45 AM this morning going out my front door to go to work I looked up into the sky and saw a cloud that resembled a wing of an angel. I didnít think too much of it, until I got on the highway going toward Hartford, CT. Again, I looked up at the sky and saw the SAME cloud formation!

The cloud shaped like an angelís wing followed me all the way to work, right up to my parking garage. The whole time driving, as the angelís wing stayed in my view, I felt peace and serenity. I was smiling the whole time and my spirit felt bright.. The road rage around me, cars speeding, cutting others off, tailgating, etc. didnít even phase me. My guardian angel was hovering over me and protecting me.

I just wanted to add that, after reading your newsletter tonight, about the person who posted about seeing a lot of 1's, I went to another newsletter that I receive daily also, and I read the volume number which was 1111! I had a good laugh. I guess this was a real angelic day for me today! Elaine (\0/)

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I too have seen an Angel cloud. I was driving to my boyfriends house when I looked up and saw this beautiful Angel cloud, the wings were wind blown and she was soooooo large. I almost ran off the road.

The day before my boyfriend had called me into his den, because on the wall was an Angel wing, the Light coming in from outside was the perfect Angel wing. He was sooooooo touched by this, that he called me into see it. I have been sending him your Angel sightings newsletters.
I have just completed filming a video for the United Way. When I received the edited version, in the last scene was a perfect face, in the clouds, of an Angel. I saw it right off the bat but no one else, in the room, could see it.

Several weeks later, a group of men were watching the film and one of the men said "Look - an Angel face!" I smiled. Our theme this year is: "Be an Angel... Touch a Life". Pam

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The Angels tell me that whenever we see 111 or 1111, that it means that a spiritual gate or window is open for us, and we should use it as a sign to make a wish or hold a thought of what we would like to manifest. Because when we see 1111 or 111, the thought will manifest into form very quickly.

Lots of love and thank you again for all of your support; it means so much to me! Love, Doreen

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I too have felt the Angels presense in my life frequently within the last couple of months. I have been praying to them and asking for guidance.

I have seen an Angel cloud as well over my house and have been awakened in the middle of the night to hear the Angel's music.

With regards to the number of 11:11, I do not know what this means with regards to the Angels but one night I had a dream and the alarm clock said 1:11.

The next day I was meditating at approximately this time in the afternoon and I heard the Angels singing to me at this time. It sounds like the Angels are coming into many people's lives and they want to be heard. It is an amazing feeling to be loved by such beautiful beings. Becky

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Dear Friends,
I enjoy Angelscrib's periodicals and often times admittedly, don't read them through and just pick upon a point or two that seems to catch my eye. This particular article means much to me in it's entirety because of an experience I had while vacationing in Mexico.

I was at my hotel lounging on a chair, which forced my head upwards by the mere act of laying back. I was very involved in the book I was reading, but for some reason my eyes were drawn to the sky. It was a beautiful day and as I scanned the clouds I saw two big fluffy puffs of cotton part before my eyes. I blinked repeatedly against the brightness of what I was seeing and for a moment, my eyes stung badly. Once I had adjusted, I was even more perplexed and at awe at what I saw above me.

What I witnessed was a giant "eyelike" rainbow. It had a pupil, an iris, and the white clouds looked like the white of someone's eye. I had never before seen any rainbow so perfectly round and complete. It just stayed there for what seemed like quite a long time above me. However, when I checked how long, it was only a matter of minutes before it disappeared. I did not see this phenomenon alone.

I tapped the person with me to see it as well. I couldn't help but wonder why I seemed to be the only person who could see it unless I drew someone's attention to it. The hotel was a big one and many people were outside everywhere and the beach was close by. Perhaps someone else saw what I did.

No one seemed to to me. I tried to capture this on film and only got a weak picture of a regular looking rainbow, cutt off in the picture although I know I centered the shot.

Yes, these things are happening everywhere and I am still in awe when I think of it. Thank you for your constant blessing of inspiration.

I thought I should add this footnote. I happen to be Native American and have a dark tan complexion. I have never in my life had sunburn and am usually ambivalent to it's condition with regards to others. After having this encounter, I myself experienced a very bad sunburn on my face...I had such red cheeks others noticed and laughed at me on the elevator on my way back to my room. The spots on my cheeks did not go away till the end of my 10 day stay in Mexico. Thank you

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I, too, saw something amazing in the clouds exactly on my birthday in 1997.
I traveled to Garabandal, Spain, (site of Marian apparitions in 1960's) after I had so much trouble getting there. Every time I'd make concrete plan to go something would cause a major setback and prevent me from leaving.

As these setbacks happened something would always push me to go much further than the last attempt. The set backs occurred over a period of two years starting with my birthday on March 25, 1996, and culminating in the final flight to Garabandal on March 24, 1998.

I prayed to God on the flight (which I almost missed due to some major errors on part of the airline) to finally get me there to see this wonder of the world. All I asked for was a sign.

As the Spanish stewardess was passing out Spanish newspapers, I grabbed one just to look at the advertisements, and make some sense of the weather map.

I was instantly stunned. The map was actually a photo of Spain and the Iberian Peninsula over which was the expected cloud cover for the following day (March 25). The clouds formed a cross directly over Garabandal. I have the picture as proof.

That was my sign that I was finally going to make it there.


* * * * *

Just a few weeks ago I saw an 'Angel cloud.' I had no idea others were also seeing them ... Lisa

* * * * *

I thank you for the awesome stories of love and grace given by Angels in times of doubt, sorrow, peace and joy.

My youngest daughter and I have noticed Angels in the clouds for the past year.

It has truly been reminding me of the visions in the Bible, Torah and Koran. I enjoy studying holy people of all nations and beliefs in all of these blessed works .

I am employed both by a women's drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and by our public school system.

The last three weeks have been an avalanche of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual crises. Finally, it all became too much and I remembered the words of a friend, "Take a walk and pray for the person causing you so much concern."

I walked and walked, doubting myself, angry with all the situations and folks who were abused, impatient with the so-called adults and professionals who couldn't work together... I prayed for all of us but one in particular.

I don't know why I looked up but I did and there it was!

Two doves clouds came together with a heart between them. Within seconds it was one Angel with a heart.

The day was placid and the sky was clear. I was mesmerized in gratitude and grace. Mary Ellen, when I went back in the woman who had been the subject of my prayers she came and sat with me.

She thanked me for always being the kind of person she could ask for advice. Her family had suffered a loss of a loved one through suicide the night before, a teenager.

As I listened, my Angelic vision helped me remain composed.

I almost erased your newsletter this morning. As the stories made me break down and cry. I came to understand that I need to simply ask and God sends help. Even Angels have friends and it's all right to feel weak and weary.

Thank you for the healing your newsletter affords! Love and Joy in this Season of Angels, Maya Miara

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You aren't going to believe this but a couple of weeks ago I saw a huge Angel cloud over the lake in front of my house ... plain as day! She was huge! Right over the lake. I have a large bird's eye view and I was the only one who saw it as there was no one else around.

Until you said you saw Angel clouds I disregarded seeing mine as just my imagination. It now seems that it happens all over the place! TLC, Christi Clearlake,Washington

* * * * *


A Lexigram is when you take the letters from a word and it creates more words... and an insight into the original word. When I saw the stories on the Angels in the Clouds, and the comment from one of your readers upon seeing the Angel Clouds, and she said "It was definitely a "soul moment," I was moved to look at the word, CLOUDS. Look what I found... OLD SOUL COULD DO LOUD CLOUDS. OLD SOUL COULD DO CLOUDS LOUD. Angels are OLD SOULS and people are reporting the angels are shaping into clouds in a loud way. Angels in the sky is a pretty 'loud' communication. .Love Will

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In September of 1988 I was somewhat depressed. I was a 28yr old mother of two, an 7yr old son and 3yr old daughter. I was a Military wife, whose husband had been on an unaccompanied tour of duty in Korea for 11 months. I lived in South Carolina and all my family was in Connecticut. This made things hard when something major went wrong, as there was no family there for support.

So far during this tour of duty I had made it through both kids having a severe case of the chicken pox, My daughter having to have tubes put in both ears, a son who suffered severe separation anxiety, having to keep the bills caught up with income that was being shared between two households, taking care of a dog who was depressed and therefore having medical problems (that was the diagnosis given to me by the vet), a car that kept breaking down, and my depression toward the end of the tour.

I was also working full time in a preschool. I did really well until one Sunday about a month before my husband was due to return home permanently.

On that Sunday I got the kids up and around for church as usual. We went to Sunday School, and then to the service. Our Rector had been on vacation and had finally returned this Sunday. So I went through the line to say good morning to him. As I reached him, he gave me a hug and asked how I was doing. I suddenly had tears in my eyes and was doing all that I could to say "Just fine", but instead broke down crying. At that point he looked at me and told me to meet him in his office in an hour. I agreed.

The children and I went home and ate lunch. Then went back to the church. I stepped into the Rectors office and again couldn't control the tears. I sat there and talked for what seemed like forever. I told him that I didn't understand why now.....11 months into this and only one month remaining...I had begun a breakdown. He was a wonderful person. He told me that it was because I was running on reserve energy and that it was OK. I guess in a way I really knew that. But I was having such feelings of despair and darkness because I thought I was such a weakling. The Rector then told me that he had a solution.

He told me to find someone to care for the kids for the weekend. I told him that I didn't know of anyone. But then as I sat there a voice told me to call my friend. I told him that I would do that. He then picked up the phone and made a call. I sat there as he spoke with someone and then hung up. He then told me that the church was sending me on a retreat. I told him that even if my friend could watch the kids, I could not afford to pay her. He told me not to worry about it, that all was taken care of. I agreed to ask her and call him back within the hour.

I then went home and called my friend. She immediately said taking the children would be no problem. As agreed I called the Rector. He told me to come to the church on Friday morning. At that time I would receive a check and directions to where I was to go. All that week I kept thinking of reasons that I could not go and called the Rector. For every problem he found a solution.

Finally Friday arrived. I was really nervous because I had NEVER left the children with someone for that length of time. Also because I had NEVER driven that kind of distance on my own before. By the time I left I was a bundle of nerves. I prayed with the Rector that I would calm down and that I would have an uneventful trip. Then into the car I got, and off I went on what would prove to be a wonderful spirit filled adventure.

I drove for what seemed like forever. On back roads in South Carolina. All the while praying for God's guidance so that I wouldn't wind up lost. As I drove I noticed the beauty in the colors of the trees and grass and meadows. The Spanish Moss was hanging from the trees like a beautiful lace. I did quite well on the drive down until I all of a sudden felt this terror come upon me. I was lost. My one fear. Being alone and being LOST.....I began to pray that God would allow the feeling to subside and that my heart would stop racing. I really felt so confused, upset, my heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest.

Right then I prayed for guidance.......I then looked up. In the sky right in front of me was what looked like a hand.....and I distinctly heard "Follow me".......All of a sudden I was calm.....and warm.... and peaceful. I did follow the cloud, and it was present the rest of the way to the Monastery that I was looking for. It never once moved form the windshield of the car.....didn't matter what direction I turned.....It was ALWAYS right in front of me....Just like a guide. I was awestruck.

When I reached the Monastery I went inside. I registered with the Friars and the sisters. I was welcomed with loving open arms. I was then invited to join them for meals and worship....but only if I wanted wasn't mandatory. I thanked them and then was shown to my cabin. I had thought I was staying inside the main building but one of the sisters escorted me to a small wooden cabin set just on the edge of the woods.

The cabin was beautiful. It was, as I said, set on the edge of the woods and shaded. There was a screened in front porch with a rocking chair on it which looked out into the woods at small clearing with a pond in it. The first night I went up and had dinner with everyone, and then to worship....It was wonderful. The entire service was done in music. Beautiful. I then went back to the cabin, made myself a cup of tea, and sat on the front porch. Although it was terribly hot outside, there was a breeze blowing. As I sat there I again felt the feeling of serenity come over me that I had first felt in the car. I then saw a doe and her fawn appear at the pond.

They were so peaceful and beautiful. I sat for what seemed like hours and watched them. As I watched I basked God to just take away the many burdens that I had been dealing with lately, first and foremost the depression. Just at that moment a huge owl swooped down and landed on one of the branches in front of the cottage. I looked up at him... ..and he looked at me.....almost as if to say....."Everything is fine now.....I am here if you need me. Just ask".

I sat for a little while longer......and contemplated all that I had seen and heard that day. I knew then that Everything was going to be just fine.......All I needed was to remember to Lean on Him and Trust Him.....and there would be no problem....BIG or SMALL that we couldn't handle together.

The next day I went up to the Monastery for breakfast and there was a sister there who I had never seen before. I felt compelled to talk with her. I needed to share what had happened the night before and felt drawn to do so with her. As we sat and talked she began to cry. I basked what was wrong, and she told me that she had been contemplating leaving the order, but now through my words she had received the message she had been waiting for. She now knew for sure that she was supposed to continue right where she was.

Again I felt the overwhelming sense of peace and warmth.....And I now knew that all of this was not just due to the fact that I needed time. ....but there was also someone else struggling that God wanted spoken to. How honored I was to have been chosen to be the one to show this woman what she was trying to find.

That night I had the most restful sleep I had had in months. And woke the next morning refreshed and ready to take on the world. I drove back home without a doubt or fear in my mind that I would get lost or break down or anything for that matter. I knew that there was someone watching over me and that I would have ALL the help that I needed from then on....... Sherrie

Dear Readers, when you share these messages please include this next section so others will know how to forward their PERSONAL MIRACLE TRUE STORIES for us to read. Thank-you.

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I remember the first time that I actually embraced my guardian angel. actually I started seeing him when I was about eight or nine. But, I remember I was going through a rough time and had been petitioning GOD for something anyway my guardian Angel appeared to me in a dream with this message "Your prayers have been heard" nothing more.

Then I asked him if I could kiss him, he smiled and said yes, well when I kissed him on the cheek it was as though an electric current went through me it was the best feeling I've ever had in my life! I didn't want to let him go! I awoke with tears on my face. So believe me, I know exactly how wonderful you felt!

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