Angels in the Clouds
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True Stories of Angel Cloud Sightings


Wait a minute......just a minute!!!!!! After I finished "the Messengers" (within days) we were driving into San Francisco and there in the sky were a group of clouds!! The biggest one was a HUGE Angel (no camera to catch it, natch) I saw the wings, and the head and the flowing dress........... AWESOME!!!!

Maybe when these things happen I should be a bit more vocal about it .... but some things I take for granted... like EVERYONE see's these things thats into it... ya'know??? so, is even a sighting like that considered being talked to???? WOW!!!!!!! Sharon

* * * * *


I, too, have been seeing Angels in cloud formations and this year in particular.

I have seen Angel-clouds in past years as my view here, on our deck overlooking Vancouver, scans the skies but this year they have been inordinately numerous.

These gossamer cloud Angels are so stunningly beautiful. I've called my husband to quickly come see them. He is the absolute skeptic and when he sees the Angel clouds he too is amazed. I have seen the three Angels clouds on more than one occasion and the last time was just a few weeks ago.

Angels are showing us to be vigilant in our ways and to pray. Most of all it is reassuring to know that they are on guard and ready to protect. One of the Angel-clouds I saw - one of the Angels had a long trumpet ... a beautiful sight. Love & light Lucill West Vancouver, BC Canada

* * * * *


I saw an Angel this morning in the clouds. It was so beautiful - it moved
across the sky above me. The entire sky changed from pink to blue as I
watched in amazement. Love and light, Melissa

* * * * *


I, too, have been seeing Angels in the clouds lately. I started seeing them about six months ago. The most poignant came on July 11 of this year in South Dakota.

My mom was in the hospital dying. When my husband, aunt and I were leaving the hospital that evening there was a PERFECT Angel wing in the clouds.

I cannot begin to describe the perfectness of this cloud. The sunset was the most beautiful colors of pink, violet and coral.

It was a very cloudy night and the Angel wing was perfectly pronounced. I didn't say anything to my husband or aunt, but, when we returned to my mom's house where my sisters also live, they asked if we noticed the beautiful sunset.

I said yes and before I could ask if they too saw the Angel-wing-cloud, they both asked me if I saw it. I knew then that the wing belonged to the Angel who would escort my mom to our Heavenly Father. I was right. Mom died the next afternoon.

Mom was comatose her last three days. As I was leaving her room, she became aware and answered when I talked to her.

I told her we had to go let the dogs out, that I loved her and I would be back soon.

She smiled and said she knew the dogs had to go out, that she loved me and would see me when I came back. Half an hour after we got home, we got the call that she had passed on.

I know the Angel wing cloud was a message to us that the Angels were on their way to take Mom HOME.

I thank God for Mom's last moments of lucidity so that I could tell her once again that I loved her. Thanks for your wonderful newsletter. It is very uplifting. God bless you!!!! Marilyn from the state of Washington, USA

* * * * *

Yesterday I saw an Angel in the sky and it was pointing upward. Wonder what that meant? Love, Joanne

* * * * *


I went to New York to meet a dear friend of mine. We ended up falling for each other. When I was flying home I saw a cute cherub in the cloud ... just the head and wings. It really was a peaceful looking cherub. My boyfriend saw the same thing in the sky after he left the airport! Jeanne from Florida
* * * * *


When I was in Montana about three years ago, visiting my daughter, we all went out and cut our Christmas trees.

It has snowed the night before ... the most beautiful powder, diamond sparking snow.

I had never made a snow Angel before. So,my daughter and two granddaughters and I made snow Angels together.

The sun was out, the sky was SO blue and overhead drifted fluffy white clouds.
And you can guess what we saw ... I asked the granddaughters what they saw. Without hesitating, they answered, "Four Angels, Nana." And they were right. Drifting very slowly above,were four perfectly formed Angels. I had no doubt the our magical clouds represented the four of us laying on our backs in a form of heaven on earth.

It was definitely a "soul moment." I wrote about it in my journal of the same name that I have been keeping for years. Love and Angel hugs to you.
Katie ^I^ from California

* * * * *


I saw a cross in the sky above the farm at Conyers, Georgia. Have you heard about the farm there? A woman there receives messages from Mary the 13th of every month. Many miracles have happened there. I have had the rosaries change to gold there.

The first time I went to the farm, I saw this cloud the shape of a cross above it in the sky. When I told the farm workers about it, they went running outside and said it hardly ever appears. Love Joanne

* * * * *


It was not long ago that I too saw 3 individual shaped Angel-clouds in the sky. The Angel clouds were so, so beautiful and breathtaking. I too wished that I had a camera. I will never forget them ... I was down and lonely when mine appeared. It was a miracle. .. such is life ... much love and light Patrice

* * * * *


The other day when I was driving home from an Indian PowWow, I looked up at the sky ... there was an Angel cloud flying. I had been in a glum mood and seeing this Angel put a smile on my face. Angels are always present and when you need them, they make themselves known. Love and light Pat

* * * * *

"The Day I really found God"...


It started out just like any other day, I travel alot in business, so my schedule was flying me from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale.

I had experienced two close calls with "wind shears", one into Fort Lauderdale, and one into the Cayman Islands in the past 3-4 weeks.

About 15 minutes prior to our descend into Fort Lauderdale... we noticed these incredible cloud formations... it appeared that a "man with a beard" was sitting in a "throne chair" holding a "staff"... to the left and to the right of him... where two incredible magnificant angels with huge wings... the morning sunshine was illuminating them... they seemed "purple, blue, silver, red & gold"... how i wished i'd had a camera.

At this point... the plane started into a turn, and we started to descend.

Our destination was into the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Suddenly just as the plane was ready to hit the end of the runway... and we were only about 40 feet off the ground... with only 20 feet to hit the end of the runway... we were suddenly hit by a dangerous "windshear".

The plane ended up only 15 feet from the ground... with the runway right underneath us... the pilot deceided to abort the landing... and take off again.

This was my first "real" experience with "praying"... my heart must of jumped 16" out of my chest. I think i said, "OH my god, we almost crashed... OH my god, lift us up, carry us back up to the heavens, Oh god, please save us all"...

The man to the right of me...told me to "shut-up"... he was really scared.

The lady behind me was praying "outload"... most people where too frightened to say anything... when we got back up to crusing altitude... the flight attendants eyes where as "big as saucers".

Everyone onboard knew we'd had a close call with death.
I was sitting in the front seat on the far left of the aircraft... so, I could see everything.

We travelled thru a very "low misty cloud"...
that seemed to have "arms"...
it slipped around us...
and seemed to carry us back up to the heavens...
was it shaped like an angel???

I don't know...but, at this point...
it seemed like we were "lifted" back up into the air...
with an incredible thrust.

We flew for about 30-35 minutes...
so the pilot could regain "her" composure.

The tower cleared us again for a landing...
it was a very gentle, and slow float onto the landing strip...
absolutely the best landing i've ever experienced...

we truly were traveling in the "hands of god".

"God" certainly gained some new "recruits" that day :

I still think about the those clouds...
the old man in the "throne chair" with the staff...
was definitely a "god" cloud...
and the two "angels" where definitely standing by his side...

"God" has two dwellings...
One is heaven, and the other is my open and thankful heart"

* * * * *


My mother was in the death process for several weeks. I spent much time in prayer for her and longed for a confirmation that she was with our Lord when she passed on. I received a call at my office to come immediately as the end was emminant.

Shortly before I arrived, as I was driving, I looked up in the sky and there was a cloud shaped like a woman's torso. The head and arms were stretched toward the heavens; her hair was flowing as in the wind; even her breasts were evident to clearly show me it was a woman rising into the heavens.

When a few minutes later, I arrived to her room, the nurses were there saying she had just passed on.

I thanked God for answering my prayer. When I got home I sat down with my water colors to capture what I had seen in the heavens as a memory of I probably would never forget anyway.

* * * * *


It reminded me of a time I believed I have seen an Angel's face. It was about two weeks after Johnny's death. I was thinking about him while driving to the cemetery. I kept wondering where my son was. When I looked at the sky, I saw the clouds forming the face and wings of an angel. As I stared at the form, I saw the face of the angel turning into my son's face for just an instance. As I saw the face I peacefully said "Johnny, I love you," and the face and form disappeared.

Sometimes I wonder if it was my imagination, or if it was real. I keep looking at the sky and searching for the form, for the angel, for my son's face, but haven't been able to see it again. Nevertheless, I know the somehow he has become our Angel, that he watches over us and protect us. I guess God truly had a mission for him, the mission of giving his life to become our Angel!

* * * * *


After reading the wonderful stories on Angels in the clouds I started paying closer attention. Yesterday morning, while driving to work, I was looking at the clouds.

I saw a very large one that looked like a soaring eagle. I also began to notice a heavy fog that was lifting in areas off to my left. I was looking at the fog when I rounded a curve, (I should have been paying closer attention to the road!)

The car a little ways ahead of me was stopped behind a school bus! I hit the breaks and a shock went through my being! Thankfully I stopped in time.

I looked over to my left and the fast moving fog quickly formed a thicker area within it that looked exactly like the profile of an Angel blowing a trumpet!

As fast as it formed it went away. I was filled with such a sense of peace and love. I kew that I was being looked after. I will pay closer attention to the road when driving now though!

* * * * *


Dear Mary Ellen ^I^,

As always, thank you so much for your wonderful newsletter. I really get a
lot out of it. I have been reading about the angel clouds lately and thought
I would write in also. I've been a cloud watcher since childhood. It was
something my mother taught me.

About a month or so ago I spotted an angel in the clouds. My oldest son saw
it also. It was a wonderful moment. As usual, my angels brought me a message
of hope at a time when I really needed it. But this was not the first time.

Quite a few years ago, I was going through a really tough time in my life,
before I was into spiritual things. I was driving along, in need of
upliftment, when I spotted a unicorn with wings there in the clouds before me
at the end of the road. It was a perfect bust in profile with her wings
outspread in flight. The colors were spectacular with pastels of lavendar,
pink and more.

To me, this was the most wonderful and magical message I could have received.
The only problem was that there was no one with me to share it with. I tried
to tell friends about it when I reached my destination, but no one seemed to
be interested.

The sight of her was enough to lift my heart and know inside that somehow
everything would be alright no matter how crazy things got. (And they did.)
I had been so depressed, feeling anxious and desperate. I just couldn't help
but smile from the inside out. My angels knew just what I needed right then
and how to get through to me.

Thank you for letting me share. It is probably the first time I've been able
to share this experience with someone who would truly appreciate it with me.

Blessings with Angels & Unicorns!

* * * * *


I feel compelled to share my own angel cloud encounter with you and your
readers. I cannot recall having before shared this outside the meditation group
mentioned in the story. I think I was afraid people would be convinced I was nuts.
Rather than just "think" as they do now.

First, I want to thank you for publishing these stories about Angel Cloud
Encounters. I have been reminded of my first Angel Cloud Encounter. I had
almost forgotten. Thank you for bringing back that precious memory.

Several years ago, a group of us gathered weekly for meditation and community
building. We also got together on special occasions, such as the solstice and
equinoxes. I cannot remember the specific occassion of the following, just
the sequence of events that led to my first encounter with angel clouds.

We had done a brief meditation, then the drummers began a steady beat, we did
a circle dance that someone had been "given" through Spirit as special and
appropriate for this night.

After we were all tired from the dance, we sat around the circle talking and
sharing our experiences during the meditation. The talk turned to guides, guardians and angels. Just then, I heard The Voice say "Look up." Then a quieter, stiller voice said, "We are here." I looked up and lo and behold, the sky was filled with angels! Very distinctive angels.

They looked as if they were wearing long white gowns, and had white wings spread as if hovering over us. There was one huge angel in the center, with thousands of smaller ones of varying sizes all around. The one in the center, that one had a visible and discernible face.

When I looked up and gasped, all the others stopped speaking and looked up as well. We were spell bound for several minutes. Then the large angel smiled, and the "clouds" began to disperse move away one by one. I swear to this day, they waived as they left.

The others went back to their conversation. I kept loosing track of what was being said because I continued to watch the angels until all had vanished and the sky was once again clear and star filled, as it had been when we began our meditations.

Before the large angel completely disappeared, I heard "We are here. Call on us. We will be where ever we are needed. You only need ask and we will respond. Call on us. We are here." And then the sky was instantly clear!

Remembering now, I once again feel the awe that I felt then, and I feel the warm fuzzy feeling of being surrounded by Love - like a warm, cuddly, well-worn and very comfortable blanket. What a delicious feeling! Thank you for bringing back this remembrance. Sybil Soaring Eagle

* * * * *

Burlington Washington

"Cheers" to all the Angel awarness going on,Thank God were looking to the heavens!!!!

My soulmate and I were out at gorgeous Rosario beach standing on the cliff (very romantic) praying for our relationship!!

First we saw a dolphin a sea angel! then we saw the angel in the clouds ]with a trumpet blowing she was beautiful!!

We both were so touched and knew God was present and hearing our prayer!!

Also in Eastern Washington again my soulmate and I together saw huge angel formation as we were on the God subject!! The angels are working overtime to touch us all, we just need to keep looking to the heavens for answers and comfort!!! Whats more a comfort than know- ing Gods angels are right with us!!! LOTS of Love and Light Vickie

* * * * *

South Carolina

First of all let me say "Thank-you so very much for im'ing me in that chat room the one wonderful evening that we were both blessed to be there at the same time"! Sandy

That im has turned out to be the very most important as well as special im that I have ever received since being on the Internet. I have enjoyed your newsletters more than I can even put into words.

They have made me smile, laugh and cry. I have been on a spiritual journey for the past month and your newsletters have really helped me in my growth.

I really enjoyed your newsletter about the angel clouds and after reading about your wonderful experience, I found myself "looking" for angel clouds every single time that I was out and about. I have been blessed with a sign from God that's just for me for the past few weeks.......I have been surrounded by bright yellow butterflies.

Whether I'm at home or out somewhere....there are always lots and lots of these particular colored butterflies. I feel very blessed to have them as my gift but after reading about your angel clouds, I couldn't help but want to see them as well so as I said, I searched the sky constantly....but could not see them.

UNTIL this past Sunday. My husband had printed up a book of songs for us to sing in church and he had found a lovely picture of a beautiful angel on the Internet somewhere that he printed and placed inside the clear cover of the book.

When he showed it to me Sunday morning, I fell in love with this angel. She is absolutely beautiful. My hubby informed me that later if I wanted to that I could find a different picture for the front of the book.

Needless to say, I told him that I wanted this angel's picture and nothing else! To make a long story even longer (LOL) later in the afternoon I informed my 18 year old son that he was going to church with the rest of our family; no if ands or buts about it. He was not thrilled about it but did not put up a fight.

As we were pulling out of the driveway to go to church that evening my 11 year old son gasped " oh cool, look in the sky over our house, it's the angel that's on the front of the song book"!! We all immediately looked...and there she was big as day.

The cloud was shaped perfectly and identically like my angel on the song book. We even picked the song book up and compared the two. It was absolutely amazing. We sat in the driveway for a few minutes and just watched her. My 18 year old probably thought we were all nuts or something BUT he did ultimately admit that they looked the same.

I scanned the picture of my angel from the song book and attached it to this e-mail so that you could see what my beautiful angel (and the cloud) looked like. I promise that it's safe to d/l.....I thought about inserting it but wasn't sure if that would be better or attaching it was better.

Please know that you are doing a wonderful job and that we all LOVE you for the wonderful gift that you are sharing with each and every one of us. God Bless You,Sandy

* * * * *


THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!! I've been going back and forth with Angelscrib about what angelic communication was and were cloud sightings a form of communication!! YES!!!! THEY ARE... THEY ARE!!!!!

I saw "Angel clouds" again today .... not just one though ... there were four total !!!! One was SO BIG!!!

And its wings were outstretched so far!!! Then another and the wind was blowing this one across the sky like it was flying......... its amazing....I had been thinking about some things and as if to answer those thoughts the clouds (angels) went by....then later my sweetheart told me that he had gotten a call from this person who has a car I want to buy...things are moving again !!! I knew when this person had called him ... I sensed it!!!! Anyway, this is so cool..

It was during my lunch hour today!!!! Oh Mary Ellen ... One was SOOO BIG!!!!! its wing span was incredible... then the other which was much smaller and it was perfectly formed as it was being blown across the sky ... then it began to dissipate... there were two much smaller less perfect ones but I SAW them big as life!!!!! I thought of you right away but I had to wait to get home to send this to you .... WAY AWESOME!!!! Sharon

* * * * *


I too have been witnessing angel clouds for the last five years now, and they are appearing more each year.

This year I have seen more than I can count. Just a few weeks ago, while camping out at Pacific Beach, Washington as my husband and I watched the sun set, we got up to leave and behind us was a perfectly formed angel cloud. She was slowly moving and was the most beautiful shades of pinks and blues.

We had a camcorder with us, so my husband snapped some shots of it. I feel so blessed that they always show up whether we are sad, lonely, distressed, or just as we (hubby and I) were praising the Lord for such a beautiful gift of a new sunset. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Angel hugs & kisses, Nancy Sue

* * * * *


I too have been to Conyers Georgia on the 13th and I saw Mary in the clouds...Love, Linda
* * * * *

Miami, Florida

Dear Mary Ellen.....I, too, saw an Angel cloud the other day, as I was driving westward from my office toward home. It's a 45 minute drive, and I watched in awe....the entire image was enormous, with huge wings spread upward. Of course, the sunset was spectacular, too. Thank you for making us all aware of this beautiful sight, and to be more attentive to what's around us daily. It makes the drive more pleasurable. You're a gem. Love, Alice

* * * * *


You aren't going to believe this but a couple of weeks ago I saw a huge angel cloud over the lake in front of my house....plain as day! of course I know I am the only one who was paying attention, there was no one around. I have a large bird's eye view & until you said you saw one I sort of diregarded it ( my imagination) so it happens all over the place.......

She was huge!! Right over the lake...TLC, Christi

* * * * *


I have to tell you about my recent visit to a beach near my home. We call it the Rock Beach. It is full of all sizes of beautiful rocks that have been polished over years and years, rolling back and forth with the waves. When the water washes out it is a heavenly melody of rock sounds. It is hard to describe. Anyway, the first time we went, I felt like a million angels were watching over me.

The second time we went (2 weeks ago) I found an extraoridnary rock. It is mostly tan and grey but it has 2 Angel figures on it and on the side, the side view of a face which resembles Jesus. The face has a cross on the ear.

There is a figure of a man hanging and a huge cross on the back with a crystal that looks like the symbol for eternal life. Near one of the Angels, there is the Roman Numeral VI. Everyone who has seen it is awestruck by it. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I knew it was there the first time I went;but I did not find it then. I will go back to that beach often because I believe there are many Angels there listening to the comforting sound of Rocks that have been tumbling together for thousands of years.

* * * * *

I too have felt the angels presence in my life frequently within the last couple of months. I have been praying to them and asking for guidance. I have seen an angel cloud as well over my house and have been awakened in the middle of the night to hear the angel's music. With regards to the number of 11:11, I don not know what this means with regards to the angels but one night I had a dream and the alarm clock said 1:11.

The next day I was meditating at approximately this time in the afternoon and I heard the angels singing to me at this time. It sounds like the angels are coming into many people's lives and they want to be heard. It is an amazing feeling to be loved by such beautiful beings. LOL Becky

* * * * *

I also saw an angel this morning in the clouds. It was so beautiful - it moved across the sky above me. The entire sky changed from pink to blue as I watched in amazement. Love and light, Melissa

Albert Einstein ALSO inspired me and many others by a quote attributed to him. He used to say that the MOST important question a person could ask was "Is the Universe friendly?" He said our answer to THAT question would determine our life experience. Thom Dean

There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle,
the other is as though everything is a miracle.
~ Albert Einstein ~

* * * * *

Thanks so much for your newsletter, as always. Now I am looking in the clouds in hopes of seeing angels for myself. Dee

* * * * *

Hi MaryEllen: I have had so many experiences with 1111 lately. Also, the 444 thing. Wondered what it meant. Every night it seems I get into bed and its 11:11 or I'm online and shut off the computer at 11:11. Looked outside yesterday and saw an angel in the sky and it was pointing upward. Wonder what that meant?, Love, Joanne

* * * * *

{{Mary Ellen}}
Your cloud angels sound so beautiful! Just had to tell you that often when I'm doing my Mom thing, driving my girls around to their activities we see angels in the clouds. You've inspired me to start keeping a camera in my car for the next time this blessing happens to us. We definatly have some beautiful Angel clouds here. Thanks for sharing your exciting experience!

* * * * *

Just wanted to add a story of my own here. And yes, I believe you saw angels in the clouds - and you aren't crazy either. :)

This summer I was traumatically ill. My blood pressure went sky high, I had a tough time breathing, I gained water weight and was very weak. I went into the emergency room 3 times.

The second time I went in, I felt as if this "were it" so to speak. My dear daughter and husband came with me for support. I believe in Heaven and knew that God would soon take me there. I felt as if my life was going to end sooner than I had imagined. I panicked somewhat, because I really wanted to be here for a while more to finish some "projects" I needed to finish.

After the nurses and the doctors began their "interrigation" (spelling?) of me, they went out of the room. I tried to be "brave" and just relax, but knew that it was really up to me at this point as to whether I lived or died. I never felt this before in my life. I had been ill before, in hospitals before, but never felt like it was truly MY choice to live or die. I know felt that awesome feeling of choice that God gives us all.

I asked my daughter to pray for me. I had asked her at other times, but this was different and we both knew it. She began quietly asking for "God help my mom."

I corrected her and told her she needed to say MY name and ask for help for me, not her mom.

She began again. "God, I lift up Mary Beth to you and ask You to please send Your angels to help her in this time of need. I ask these things in the name of Your Son,who died for us. Amen."

I won't ever forget that prayer. It was so simple, but elegant. And it somewhat "blew my mind" to actually find out what she believed. We had talked about our faith before this time, but she is a shy person and really never talked about what she believed before this time. Wow! She believes in angels too? And in the power of lifting someone up? And His son?

I had had my eyes closed, while she was praying for me. I opened them up. I looked at the ceiling. Instantly there appeared an archangel. I knew it was Michael. He had on chest and shoulder shields. He had a beard and looked almost like a Roman soldier of old. I then began to notice other angels also. They were nearby, as if they had come with him. Male and female. They had wings and were younger than he was.

Then I began to see animals too. Kittens, puppies, fox puppies, lambs, lion cubs, all sort of baby animals. I was astounded. It had never occurred to me why at that time I would see them, but since then, I have felt like "baby" anmals are cuddly and God knows we all adore them - so He sent Love in that form too. Just to let me know that He loves me.

I told my daughter to look up and see what she had brought me. She couldn't see them. She began to cry. I did too, while I was thinking about how beautiful it was that God will actually care about each and everyone of us enough to send His angels to us for comfort.

Well, folks - I got better and here I am writing this to you all. I want you to know that angels DO exist, not just in our minds, but in our hearts, our souls and for real too. God's angels are a part of His world and ours too, even when we don't see them. So know that He is with us on so many levels, when we are down and out and broke and sad and even homeless or preparing to die from this world and go into the next one.
Much love to you all and have a wonderful day. Mary Beth

* * * * *

My mom was praying for my son in the hospital (August) and had a vision..She saw a map of the Chicagoland area and from my location to the hospital's, she saw a flurry of Angels covering the entire path:)

I also had an Angel experience in May of this year..I awoke suddenly having the uncanny sensation of being flown through my bedroom wall and gently laid upon my bed, the strong gusts under the angel's wings had startled powerful, yet so gentle :)

It is so wonderful these Angels are being sighted and felt more and more with the "quickening" that has been taking place the last few mos:) I feel like the planes of existence are entwining:) Love and Light, Mara

* * * * *

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