Tender Souls

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Why is it children choose to go barefoot? And why do adults insist on wearing shoes?

What is it that all children know that is bred out of them as they become an adult?

Do you remember your summer feet? The ones that were tender to walk on grass at the end of the school term, but at the end of summer you could run and play on rocks all day?

You could speed run up a street with your hair blowing in the breeze that your body created in those glorious days of freedom.

Remember how your spirit felt entrapped the first day of school as you had to slip your wiggling, free-spirited, toes into shoes again?

Your spiritual beliefs are so similar that you may have over looked the similarities of your soul and the sole of your feet.

A child is born with a soul of God. A Child has a gentle, deep nature that sees beauty and magic every where.

And then many parents do what they feel is "right" and slip their child into a boxed religion that tampers their soaring heart and inner knowing of God/Angels/Heavenly Spirits.

Watch a barefoot child, run and play ... and remind yourself of the heart of freedom you had as a child.

Then look in the eyes of the child and see how connected they are to their spirit, their souls knowing.

Have you asked them about God and Angels? Have you spent time listening to their wisdom?

Take your shoes off, wiggle your toes, walk in the grass gingerly and realize you can learn much from the children around you and the child in you.


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