Children Sharing their Angels

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Children's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Safely through both day and night
Wrapped in God's Divine White Light.

Now Dear Lord,
I pray, Bless the one's I Love
with your unconditional Love,
Let us see with clear sight,
and be guided by the Angel's Light.

Author: Atira Hatton
Seattle Washington, USA

Beautiful Chidren's Prayer Book for all beliefs
"To Sleep With the Angels"
by H. Elizabeth Collins
Published by Illumination Arts

Dearest Readers,

If you ever need a shot in the arm to believe in Angels...ask the children.

Children are fresh from God and still have the eye sight to see the miraculous with easy.

Be child like, trust as a child, and enjoy the sharings from their hearts. These are not made up stories... these are actual Angel encounters.

For families with children that can see and talk to their Angels there is a wonderful book we read in grade 10 in Canada. The "Chrysalids" by John Whyndham will explain the magic of who your children truly are.

Love and LIGHT Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"
Creator of Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter

Briony in Scotland
Age 10

My daughter Briony sends angel healing balls to people who need healing or their energy levels topped up. She said her guardian angel taught her how to do it.

here is what she shared with me, "My guardian angel, Reddy told me about the Angel Balls.

"Angel balls are small circles with pictures of angels in them. They help people that need energy.

" I say "angel ball energy" and clap my hands twice and then the balls appear in different colours, the angels know which colours of balls to send.

" The angels put the balls in my invisible diamond in my head and then the diamond in my head tells who to send the angel balls to, or sometimes my mum asks me to send them to different people.

" When I send the balls to a person they land on the person about the middle of their tummy and then disperse all over their body."

With love,

3 years old

One night as I was getting Kerren ready for bed - she was 3 at the time (she's now nearly 5), she waved and smiled across the room at the windows (the curtains were drawn).

I asked her what she was looking at and she just pointed to the curtains.

I then asked her who she was waving to, and she said "the lady".

We were the only ones in the room at the time, and when I asked her again who she was waving at, she said "the lady in the curtain".

I have no doubt that she really did see someone there, and that it was an angel. Kerren showed no fear whatsoever, and was completely at ease with 'the lady'.

By the way, everyone who knows Kerren says that she has the 'face of an angel'!

Warm wishes,

11 1/2 years old

Here is my angel story. I have not really seen my gardian angels but I have herd them. They told me there names and that I will always be in their hands. They sometimes still talk to me. I hear them just behind the outside of my ear.

My gardian angels name is Ashely. She is very nice and the best part of it is that she will allways be at my side. I will allways remember the first time she spoke to me I was speechless but now I am not so scared.

P.S. I never told anybody about this but I told you because you have lots of experiances(or however you spell that word) with angels.

Rohnert Park, California
4 years old
Children do see angels....

My daughter Sabrina, who is four years of age, went to Sunday mass with her Great grandma, Irene and her grandma, grammy.

Arriving early to mass to get a good seat, Sabrina kept looking up at the ceiling of the church.

Grammy asked Sabrina what she was looking at.

Sabrina replied, "Shhhhh, (putting her finger to her lips)"there are so many Angels in here." recently losing my grandfather, Manuel. (Sabrina's great Grandfather) I believe he was one of those angels she saw that day. This brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart.

5 years old

Last Winter my 3 little daughters and I were upstairs in our house. My 5 yr old, Anna, needed something from in the living room and ran downstairs to get it.

When Anna came back up, her eyes were huge.

Anna told me she had seen something floating by the bottom of the stairs. She said it was white, it had no face, and it had a long, flowing gown. I have no doubt that she saw an Angel.

6 years old
Graham, Washington

One night my grandson, David, was spending the night. When he went to bed I noticed he sat up and put his hands in the praying position.

When he finished his prayers I said, "You sit up when you say your prayers?"
And he said, "Yes Grandma."
And I said "How come?"
And he said "Because you are closer to God, and it helps."

Guntersville, Alabama
8 years old

Raymond woke me up one morning and asked me, "Mommy,do you see them?"

I paused for a moment, as he reached up to them. He said one reached down and touched him on the nose.

I said, "I can't see them, but you can."

He said "who are they?"

I told him they are from God. Listen to what they say.

He said there were three children that visited him that night. He wasn't afraid.

I only pray that one day I can see them too.

When we got up in the morning I didn't say anything to him. Raymond came to me and said, "Mommy, who were they?"

Beautiful Chidren's Book
by Michael Garland
A wonderfuly illustrated book for children who see Angels and love cats.

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 1/2 years old

My grandaughter, Robyn, was born six months after my sister died.

Robyn is now two and a half and this monday past, just days before the third anniversary of my sister's death, my daughter and grandaughter were visiting my mother.

Robyn was looking out the window and stated she saw a pretty lady looking at her. Robyn said the pretty lady was smiling and wearing a pretty dress.

No one paid much attention to Robyn until she noticed her deceased aunt's picture on the wall and exclaimed, "Look great grand Nan, there's the lady who was smiling at me in the window."

We were sure my sister came back just before her anniversary to let us know she is still with us. How else to portray this but through the eyes of a child.

Although Robyn is only 2 1/2 she talks very well and usually knows what she is talking about. Thank-you Elizabeth Young

Beautiful Children's Book
by Mimi Doe
A book drawn by children who can see their Angels.

Bryan Joseph Simmerman
New Jersey
5 years old

A month ago my father died from pancreatic cancer. The day that my Dad was admitted into the hospital, my 5 yr old nephew Bryan went to him and said "It's ok Pop-Pop you can go rest now the Angels are with you."

I really believe, in my heart, Bryan saw Angels around my Dad.

My Dad responded to Bryan, "I know I can see them."

What amazes me is my family does not attend any kind of church or speak of religious things. I dont know how Bryan knew about the Angels. He is a true blessing!!!!!

Thankyou. In Gods Love. Donna M. Simmerman

Sara Rosalie
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Canada
Age 9

When I seven I visited the wonderful place of Vancouver. When I got there I stayed with my Grandmother who understands me and is guiding me in my life.

Before she tucked me into bed, Grandma read me a book about a black cat and then I went to bed.

About 3 o'clock in the morning a loud noise woke me up. Her apartment is near the ocean and we heard a lot of boat horns. But this noise one was special and will stay in my heart forever.

And then at that moment a light came and an Angel was right in front of me... she was floating.

She looked like my sister Penny about 17 years old. You know how Dennis the Menace girlfriend Margaret's hair is? The Angel's hair was like that it was short dark brown hair with a bit of curl at the bottom. You know when you look into a diamond how it is? She had beautiful crystal blue eyes that remind you when you look into a diamond. Her dress was crystal-white. You know how a hummingbird has a shine in its wings...her wings were like that and white.


I'm nine now and I am still puzzled what that means but she said one day in the future I will understand what God has sent me.

When I grow up I decided I want to set the wild animal free and help the endangered species.

I told my Auntie Mary Ellen and my Grandma about seeing the Angel and I knew it was real and that I was awake because I could feel the wart on my finger and everything.

When I was four years old I went to sleep not knowing a nice night of Angels and spirits would awake me. When I was in wonderful dream land, I took a journey downstairs in my hall.

First it was pitch black and then a small light appeared. It was blue and it grew bigger and bigger until it filled the house with beautiful dark colors...sapphire blue, navy, mixed in with black.

I looked up and saw a beautiful white spirits dancing around. There were four of them.

At first I thought it was just a good dream, except when I saw the Angel I knew it was real. She told me to grab onto her hand and all of a sudden I was floating with the Angels. It was really nice. Their wings were beautiful rainbow colors that glimmered in the dark.

At 5am I found myself sleeping on the stairs with a white feather beside me.

The feather was there for a bit and then it faded into a rainbow and then poof it was gone.

Adriana and Jenny
Ages 10 and 6

My granddaughters Adriana and Jenny, at ages 10 and 6 years, told me they can see someone that's always close to them. Jenny calls it her "fairy godmother". Adriana calls it her "guardian Angel". I asked each of them to describe these creatures and here is what they said:

Jenny: (Now 7 years old) "My fairy godmother wears all the colors of the rainbow; even her hair is full of colors, mostly blue and green. She flies all over, but she also walks. She likes to play in the swings, and she loves swinging really high. Sometimes she plays hide-and-go-seek; right now she's hiding behind the curtain. I see her every day. She talks a lot. Her name is Melissa".

Adriana: (Now 11 years old) "My guardian angel is very pretty. She dresses in all-white. She could be a model. She has wings, and flies, but she can also walk. Her hair is blondish-brown. One of her eyes is green and the other blue. She must be about 14 years old. She's funny; she tells me funny jokes. She likes to go to the park, she likes the swings and the monkey-bars. When she is around I feel safe and happy. She told me her name is Summer."

They are very bright little girls, and blessed with parents who don't discourage them from talking about their Angels and fairy godmothers. Love, Naji

Loren Moench
6 years old

My room mates little girl Loren Moench is six now but was five when she told me the story...

"I was talking to the Angels last night Kim, there were three of them with colored wings and white dresses. They were inside of something like a bubble, but I could see through it. They told me to tell you hello, and then they went away. I see them all the time, they are my friends and always tell me that Jesus loves me, and I always tell they I know, and we all laugh. Someday I am going to be an Angel."

Loren is very very attached to the Angels and it is our main topic when she visits us. When she first shared it with me it sent chills up the back of my neck because it wasn't something she had ever mentioned to me and out of the blue she spurts out this "hello" message for me from the Angels.

It is two years later and we still talk about the Angels. Love Kim

You are not just your parent's child,
but God's child,
a child of the earth
and of the entire Universe.

~ Mary Ellen Angel Scribe ~

4 years old
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

Dear Mary Ellen,

About a year ago I began to hear my daughter Meegan talking to someone and when I asked her who she was talking to and she would say, "My friends." She must have what folks call imaginary friends. But, I know that they are real to my daughter.

I have asked her what her friends look like and she said that she didn't know. She talks to what I believe are her Angels on a daily basis.

About four or five months back I walked into the living room and she started laughing as if she had heard the funniest joke and she said "You are so funny."

I didn't know what to think! Another time when we were driving home from church Meegan was looking out the window and talking. She turned to me and said,"They don't have mommy's and daddy's. She said she was going to put her toy up there and she was pointing up to the sky. I asked her again what her friends looked like and she said Batman and Robin.

As far as I gather they have capes and Angels have wings. But whenever she talks to them she's always laughing.

The other night I put her to bed and I was outside the bedroom door putting towels away and I heard her say"Hi Nana."

Nana is my grandmother who has been deceased since 1992.

I have seen my Angel twice. I have sensed my grandmother around me in the past.

People call it a gift and I wouldn't be surprised if she had it too.

Please write me back on this matter and let me know what you think.

Thank you for having a section of your webpage for children's stories.

God Bless, Kathleen Smith of Virginia Beach, Va

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) Tender Souls
An Angel's Message to us

Dearest Kathleen,

You have been given the most valuable gift from God in your child.

It takes a special mother to let a child with such sensitve sight, who sees the other realms, to talk to masters and Angels, to allowe her spirit to flourish.

You have been given the most high of gifts as a mother.

Read the book THE CHRYSALIDS by John Wyndam. This 30 year old book will explain to you what and who your child is. Meegan is a child of the future.

Enjoy Meegan .. she has the greatest power, God's power, Love, compassion, and kindness for others working through her.

You will notice that Meegan is kinder and more patient than children her age. Her Angels will guide and protect her. You are Blessed to have her in your home and watch her blossom into a woman.

LOVE Mary Ellen ^I^

Kiddies Helping Kitties

Are you looking to do an Act of Kindness that does not cost you a lot of money? Most acts of kindness cost very little.

A local preschool is decorating boxes and leaving them in the entrances to offices, their school, the vet clinic etc. The children are asking people to place cat/dog food donations and kitty litter in the boxes. Then they will take the boxes to the local non-profit animal shelter.

The kids were on the radio to let the listeners know that they can help out too. They said the shelters also like old-used-clean blankets, towels and rags.

Books Children will Love

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that share lessons about life, self esteem, sharing,
loss, friendship, love, compassion and values.

Children's positive and fun radio can be found at:

This web site is for people of all beliefs,
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"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Luke 18:16-17

And the Light shone from the Heavens
into the heart of man
and Heaven was known on earth.

~ Mary Ellen Angel Scribe ~

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