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Miracles never cease. A Good-News-Letter reader wrote into the publishers of the Random Acts of Kindness books, Conari Press, and told them about the Good-News-letter.

The publishers in turn contacted me and asked if I was willing to create a book to share miracle stories.

I immediately said, "Yes." as I had more miracle stories on hand and could not possibly share them all in the newsletter. Six weeks later the manuscript for Expect Miracles was completed. In the rush is how the magical tea-stain angel, at the bottom of this page was created.

And that is how "Expect Miracles:" Inspiring Stories of the Miraculous in Everyday Life, by Mary Ellen AngelScribe, published by Conari Press came into being!

The book shares a wonderful compilation of 70 gentle-hearted miracle true stories not seen on this web site or in the Angel Scribe Newletters.

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Expect Miracle's
Proof Readers' Experiences

To: Angel Scribe

Mary Ellen, I received your manuscript on Saturday, other than meals and baths for the children I haven't put it down, it is wonderful. I knew I was proofing it, yet at the same time it gave me a deep feeling of comfort to read. Your book is very uplifting, as I read the stories, I felt so connected to each and every person, for that moment my heart shared Love with theirs. It definitely feels like an Angel connection..

To: Angel Scribe

I wanted to let you know that the day the manuscript arrived I was feeling very blue. It was such a minor thing that I can not remember what was making me sad. I thought to myself "How timely" knowing that I had your book to read. I knew that the stories I was about to edit would lift my spirits. After reading those stories, my spirits were lifted and I even read them twice!

I have been recieving your newsletter for 2 years and look forward to your mailings. As I read the stories, it occured to me that miracles are common if we only notice. God has incrediable timing. Opportunites are always presented when we are ready for them. Annette

To: Angel Scribe

These stories are so uplifting, I found it quite hard to merely proof read them without becoming absorbed in them myself! It is wonderful to read so many true stories about beautiful people doing beautiful things. Readers will have a hard time putting this book down! Kathy

Another proof reader had similar troubles. She kept getting whisked away in the stories... absorbed in them. Finally she made the decission to read it through once for enjoyment, then reread to proof it.

She said, "I had similar problems proofing it... God/Goose bumps kept my chilly as I was rereading stories."

There is definately "MAGIC" behind a book on miracles.

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