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Dearest Readers,
Many readers are Joyfully sharing miracles this holiday season! 

Pass the sale on....the books are out of print...last offer as long as books last.

Now you can gift these inspiring books to hospital waiting rooms, veterinarian clinics, dental and doctor clinics, nursing homes, shut-ins, offices, library, motor vehicle offices and mailed to loved ones and soldiers over seas etc.
Any where people will benefit by reading a happy, inspirational and loved filled book, or enjoy a word of comfort is the place to leave one of these books!

Imagine someone discovering a miracle book you left in the waiting room!  Now patients and clients can find a page of hope to brighten their day.  Be their messenger!
Imagine the JOY you will feel, as you drop off a book knowing it will lift the hearts and spirits of people you do not know!  This is truly the holiday spirit at work!

Order A Christmas Filled With Miracles and Expect Miracles for yourself and your friends too!  Keep several copies on hand for special hostess gifts, birthday gifts etc
These books are the perfect all occasion gift! I personally autograph each and every book!

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

'Tis the season, to share miracle books!
Sale Ends November 30, 2009 or until we run out of books

70 Inspirational Miracle Stories,
in each book, for all ages

A Christmas Filled With Miracles         Expect Miracles
Each Book Autographed
by International Author Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

"Expect Miracles"   
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"A Christmas Filled with Miracles"
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Book Information

Expect Miracles

Thirteen years ago, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" began emailing good news stories and miracles to friends and family on line.  Soon, she had thousands of readers from around the world.  They sent her their stories and asked to be included on her ever growing mailing list.

Read these stories filled with faith, hope, miracles.  Expect Miracles is a collection of the best of these stories.

Powerfully moving, these stories touch the heart and lift the spirit.- Conari Press


Mary Ellen's Expect Miracles is a "must read" for everyone.  Yes, it sounds cliché - but it's true!


A cup of my favorite tea, a snugly blanket and Expect Miracles creates a mystical hour or two just for me.  Thank you, Mary Ellen.

When I read Expect Miracles, I found myself smiling.It is truly sunshine for the soul.

Fill your life with the love of miracles on an everyday basis. Read and enjoy Mary Ellen's Expect Miracles.


Expect Miracles and A Christmas Filled with Miracles, both teach us to recognize the miracles happening in our lives.   Learn how to fill your New Year with Miracles - read both of them today; share them with your friends tomorrow.

I am reading Expect Miracles in Portuguese, and am enjoying it, and feel touched! Every time I read it, it brings tears to my eyes! Thank you for these stories! I would like very much to receive your newsletter!
Mariana in Brasilia

A Christmas Filled With Miracles
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Christmas and miracles go together hand in hand, like friends and laughter.  Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" collected hundreds of real-life miracle stories for her first book Expect Miracles.

She taps that reservoir again, to create this magical, mystical gift for the holiday season.Some stories will bring tears, others are delightful and funny, and still others defy logic, daring readers to believe.

Both, Mary Ellen's books, speak to the flame of hope that lives in everyone
- Conari Press


Christmas Filled With Miracles is a wonderful gift I turn to, read and uplift my spirit, especially on chaotic days.  Mary Ellen's book is a wonderful gift to give yourself.

London, England
I opened Christmas Filled With Miracles thinking that I would read only a few stories and suddenly I had finished the complete book.

Calgary, Alberta

Imagine - when you are reading Christmas Filled With Miracles you're actually reading about God and the Angels intervening in ordinary peoples' lives.

Beverly Hills, California

Divine timing for the perfect gift, give Christmas Filled With Miracles. Mary Ellen's stories speak to your soul.

Phoenix, Arizona

What some may think are coincidences happening in our life are really wonderful gifts of miracles. Read Christmas Filled With Miracles and believe.
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