Expect Miracles
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

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"Expect Miracles"
ISBN# 1-57324-158-X
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Reader's Comments

Dear Mary Ellen,

Thank you so much for writing the lovely Expect Miracles and A Christmas filled with Miracles books which I have read from cover to cover.

I enjoyed reading them both so much, in fact from the moment I started reading them, I couldn't put them down!

My two best friends and my two sisters to whom I gave the Expect Miracles booklets as gifts also loved them.

Both books were an absolute joy to read!

All the best and kindest regards, Adele. (Melbourne, Australia).

I have sent my copy of your book Expect Miracles to my best friend out in Kentucky.
It is now making rounds in a group of church ladies soon heading off for a mission to European countries.
They are enjoying it as much as I have. Very inspirational. Thank you again for everything.


I stayed up late last night and finished reading Expect Miracles.

It was wonderful! I could not put it down.

Expect Miracles is a virtual plethora of positive energy. A definite must have in someone's library.

Love, Becky

I sent your book to all my siblings for Chanukah! Hope they enjoy it like I did.

Love Randy

Hi I wanted you to know that EVERY single book store that I am in...I look for your book...and if I don't see it...I go straight to the MANAGER of the store and make sure they are aware of it!

And have had MANY a conversation with people standing around me after they've heard me talk with the Manager.

Am hooking up a LOT of new people to your website as well..

So happy for your success!

Love, Whitley


I want to tell you I loved your book!

My Mom got me a copy of your book to read at one of our local stores here in Lakewood, WA. I also really like your web site.

I have experience many Miracles in my life so far and I am only 12 years old.

I have survived 2 near death experiences so far and over come a major disability even though all the Drs. said I would never get any better or "catch Up".

I try very hard to make the world better in any way that I can. I love everyone and ALL of Gods Creations.

Thanks, Wish Only well,


Dear Mary Ellen,

To everyone who blessed us with your good wishes for our wedding, we thank you. It was indeed a fabulous event.

Jonathan and I were married in the garden of a rented Capitola, California beach house in blustery winds on November 7.

Fortunately the torrential rains held off until just as the last person and last piece of sound equipment was loaded indoors!

The other miracle was my father's presence. He didn't tell us until two days after the wedding, because he did not want to detract from our day, that he had terminal lung cancer and didn't expect to live much longer... he died two days after that.

I believe that the wedding was the only thing he was living for. I knew in my heart that he was deteriorating quickly but he was determined to live to be present at his youngest daughter's wedding. And fully present he was! He read from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet during the ceremony and removed himself from his oxygen tank to stand for photographs afterwards. It's been an emotional roller coaster indeed. But what a blessing that all his familty was there to be with him so close to the end, and that he chose to go soon after saying goodbye to us all.

Each guest at the wedding received a copy of Expect Miracles.

Many of the guests helped with setting up, bringing food for the reception and cleaning up. This was our way of giving thanks and of course we wanted to help spread the word about the presence of the miraculous in everyday life. Besides, the book is much more interesting than any party favor we could find.

We also inscribed the books individually, and had the two children in the wedding party hand out the books randomly so people had to mingle a little to find the rightful recipient.

Love and thanks for your help Mary Ellen, in making our event so special.

Laurie & Jonathan

Dear Mary Ellen,

I just finished reading Expect Miracles and LOVED each story. many of them broght tears to my eyes or goosebumps to my flesh.

Dear Mary Ellen,

I wanted to say thank you. I met you in the Tacoma mall when I bought a book for my mother and you autographed it.

I read your book before I mailed it off to my mother and I cried... a big Army guy crying.. but it touched me soooo much.

The Expect Miracles stories made me feel much more loved then I have felt in a long time!!! Just constant love. I wanted to say thank you.

Thanks to our Angels for letting us meet and also thanks to God!!

You seem so loving and very wise. When I met you I felt like as one would if they had just met the president or something.

I know I am not a perfect person but after reading Expect Miracles and meeting you I have tried to be a better person....and I am trying to see what God wants me to do...


Dear Mary Ellen,

I was deeply touched by meeting you! I felt so bad that I missed you at Port Orchard, I told my husband that I "needed" to go Silverdale and meet you!

I appreciate your book, it has touched everyone I give it to! I also believe we must ask God to use us daily to be a vechicle through him to open the hearts of others to his love! I so enjoyed hearing the "tea and candle" stories yesterday, truely heaven sent! I found out about your book from Bell and Candle. I hadn't been in the store yet and Lindsay, my daughter, and I walked in during the month your book was featured.

I initally just bought one for me. After reading it, I knew it was God sent and that I needed to buy more to give to people! I even happened to already have this great Angel wrapping paper that I had bought from Lindsay's fund raiser at school!

I have given Expect Miracles to close family and friends, they have all thanked me and told me how special the book was. I will be purchasing more here real soon to give to my clients when I sell them a house! Can I put your web link on my web page? I have several links on it for information around this area, I would love to feature your link?

Thank you so much for being "you" Mary Ellen, your love and heart shine through when people meet you! Lindsay and I both loved meeting you and sharing with the other people at the Silverdale booksigning.

I support all that you stand for and are doing! I send lots of Love and Light your way!

Love Linda :-)

Expect Miracles is not in our public library! I have requested they put it in our library. I hope they do, so more people can enjoy your sunshine and love. Karen.

Dear Mary Ellen,
I love your book "Expect Miracles".

I couldn't put it down and spent many happy moments of my 81st birthday yesterday reading it from cover to cover.

This old world needs your special touch! Each of your messages provides much appreciation for events that happen to us and "lights" your readers' paths thru sunshine and stormy days, providing an inspiration to each and all of us, and encourages us to look for miracles, to expect to find them, and recognizing them.

"Expect Miracles" an exceptional book, and is one which I will read, reread and reread many times, it will always be a "very special friend", with your special words of wisdom, thoughtfulness, and love. Thank you! Mary

I found your book!!!!!! I love it!!!! All my friends are getting it as Christmas gifts!!! Sharon

Dear Mary Ellen,

I read your book in August (in one day), on the beach.

As I laid on the beach with the book I closed my eyes asking my Angels for a message.

Almost at once a man walked up to me and asked if I was enjoying me book.

I opened my eyes and said, "Yes."

He then said, "You know, you need to lighten up. You need to smile more" and he walked away. I couldn't believe it!

My husband and children had a good laugh with me, because I had been too tense and serious on this vacation. I needed a gentle reminder to have fun.

My Angels do have a great sense of humor. I am glad they were able to prob me into relaxing and not being so serious.

Thanks. Love, Light, and Laughter, Lisa

I was at work when Mary Ellen came in. I noticed and admired her Angel jewelry. I too believe in Angels but have never met anyone like her.

She explained that she was a author of a new book and gave me Expect Miracles to read while she checked into the hotel and went to her room.

As I read the stories I felt special for having met her. I could not believe that someone with this much faith could be near me. I felt there was a reason. And there was...

Our hotel is in the Chicago area and we had been opened for 3 days. Prior to opening the hotel things were crazy.

The need for peace and serenity were long over due. I read the stories at the front desk and felt that peace.

When Mary Ellen returned to get her book we began to talk about the stories and I shared a story with her regarding my pet.

I am a true believer that animals pick their owners and she agreed. Our conversation ended and she went on her way.

Mary Ellen came back a few minutes later and handed me a card. I thanked her and put it a side until I was able to read it.

It was a "Earth Angel Card". I was in tears.

To think that this is something that Mary Ellen thought I had earned. My wings as a earth angel! She touched me.... This was the greatest gift I have ever received. To think that I could be a earth angel.

I have met many earth angels but to be included, I would have never thought. Thank you Mary Ellen for begin such a wonderful person and for the gift you gave me. Kim

I read Expect Miracles and loved it. I then shared it with my sister. She read the book in two days and gave it back to me. She also loved it.

We met at your book signing at the Tacoma Unity Church last month... I'm the one who just moved here from Santa Cruz and used to work at Unity there... I believe I may have mentioned wanting to purchase copies of Expect Miracles to give to my wedding guests. I would like 35 copies. The wedding (in California) and I would love to inspire my guests with autographed copies of your beautiful book. love, Laurie Hunter

P.S. Your light shines SOOOO brightly... it was a real pleasure meeting you :-)

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you at Borders Books in Chandler, AZ. I also wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book.

I am the person without hands and feet. I have a miracle or two to share with you. I will save that for a later time. Could you please add me to your e-mail list so that I too could enjoy the Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter. Thankyou, Tony
PS My angels say Hi.

Last night I finished reading your book "Expect Miracles".

The last story in the book mentioned 111 quite a bit. After reading it I put the book down and glanced at the clock. It read 11:11. Oh what a thrill that gave me! That never happens to me!!! I couldn't wait to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. What a wonderful Earth Angel you are to share so much of yourself and bring such joy to others. I loved the book and will encourage others to read it as well.

Thank you! Love and Light to you!

Dearest Mary Ellen,

We had the pleasure of meeting at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Schaumbrug, Illinois.

I was coming on my shift and a co-worker was conversing with you when I walked up.

It seems you appeared out of nowhere to sign the few copies that we had on hand (four to be exact) and then you were off to Oakbrook to do a formal signing.

I bought one of your books on the spot and you autographed it for me with a dedication to the work that I do as a healer with those going through life transitions.

I turned to share your energy with other co-workers and you were gone.

Several of them wanted to say hi and we never saw you leave.

Such is the way of an Angel.

We ordered 20 copies of your book after you left as all the autographed ones were gone within an hour. We have the new ones on display.


Dear MaryEllen,

Last week I ordered an authorgraphed copy of Expect Miracles for my sister.

The book arrived and I've been reading my sisters book and it's really hard to put down, I am trying to be careful not to bend the pages so it "looks new" he hehe!


My dear Mary Ellen,

You can tell by all the miracles surrounding your book tour that your book was truly an inspiration from the angels. May your tour and daily life continue to be a miracle.

Love & Light, Isis

Dear Mary Ellen, You were so sweet to sign 10 books I bought..they have been precious gifts to give....Thank you so much! Love Linda

I am talking at the Northwest Bookfest and will be sharing your miracle of becoming an author. I am so proud of you for being able to create so much joy in the world. Your success is exhilirating.

Love, Elana

Your book reminded me that there are still people out there who do not limit themselves to the standard teachings of the Christian Faith. I just loved the story about the big orange kitty who waited patiently for six years for his master to return!

I just fell in love with that story. I'm a major cat lover.

As a believer in the ways of my mother's people the Expect Miracle stories really tugged at my heart.

Truely your book has made a difference in my life. I too am an aspiring writer. Yours, Terry

There is definately "MAGIC" behind a book on miracles.

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