Expect Miracles
A Christmas Filled with Miracles
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

How exciting! You wish these two beautiful and inspirational books!
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Expect Miracles
"Expect Miracles" and
"A Christmas Filled With Miracles!"

Reading Angel Scribe newsletter teaches the impact
that miracles have on peoples' lives and hearts.

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You will love these two special and magical books.

(I have many more miracle stories on file to present to a publisher for a series of miracle books.)

Expect Miracles
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by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Seventy Inspiring Stories of the Miraculous in Everyday Life
This heart warming book is the perfect gift for every age, belief and gender.

As seen on PAX TV's "IT'S A MIRACLE"
"The Best Christmas Present" page 78 of Expect Miracles

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Mary Ellen's much loved second book of 60 miracle stories and Angelic encounters.
It is magical, uplifting and renews your spirit in human kind.
A JOY filled book.

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Clik here to read one of its moving stories.

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