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Atira's clients live around the world:
Sweden, Isreal,Brazil, Singapore,Japan,Germany,
Canada, USA, Australia, Great Britain...
and they are from all walks of life:
CEO's, housewives, nurses
doctors, lawyers, judges,
celebrities, musicians/authors/artists
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Clients' Comment on Their Readings

Atira is Real!

Atira is the real thing! I had a reading with her and was majorly impressed. She is wonderful and accurate. Hugs and good thoughts and love, Claudia in California

Best Reading EVER!

Scotsdale, Arizona

I had an AMAZING reading with Atira! It was a 99% accurate reading!

She's the best I've ever had a reading from and I'm speaking from extensive regular readings I've had over the many years of my adult hood (there's many, lol). Loved and connected to her energy, beautiful soul, I'm very selective and she would be one I would love to have as an eternal friend.

Thank you very much! I will be passing my wonderful and most accurate reading on to friends.

Angelic Blessing from W. in Scottsdale, Arizona

From the very first words out of Atira's mouth, I knew it would be a very important session.

To borrow a phrase from a friend, I felt my "moment of clarity" during the session.

I know what I'm supposed to be doing and where I am meant to go. From the mundane (how's my home, my cats, my workplace) to the sublime (my angels, my many-lifetimes life path and lessons), I feel renewed, validated and grounded. I have homework to enhance my healing, and am excited to begin a new phase in my life.

"Thank you" is not nearly enough, but it's heartfelt and sincere.

HM in Painesville, OH

Blown Away!

My reading by Atira was awesome! She at first was reluctant to give me one, as she said I was so connected by spirit that I didn't need her, but I wanted to hear what she had to say.

I had a list of about 15 questions to ask. And she answered most of them before I even asked. She told me about my past lives; they were so amazing that most of the questions I had left were then either insignificant or answered in ways I hadn't imagined.

Life around Jesus, with Edgar Cayce in ancient Egypt. I was a priest in the Knights Templar which explained my connection to the Catholic church now as well as my attraction to the group on TV and in books.

Of course there were things on a more personal nature, but those things I somehow knew already.

I hadn't expected the profound detailed past lives information and her info of things to come and my life purpose this time around. She also gave me some titles of books I should read to be more open to spirits guidance.

An amazing experience indeed! It was definitely life changing and exciting to know of wonderful changes spiritually that are soon to happen for me.

It was for sure the reading of a lifetime for me! Darryl WOW, That was Fast!

Hi, Mary Ellen, thank you for setting up my appointment with Atira.

I have no words to describe how great it was.

She was "right on" about everything.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity, for this wonderful experience.

I will also add that two unbelievable synchronicites have already happened, in less than 24 hours since the reading.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next!

I will certainly keep in contact through both of your websites/newsletter.

Thanks again so very much for everything.


P G in Brookhaven, PA

Atira is the Real Deal!

I had my reading with Atira, and it was wonderful!

The minute I heard Atira's voice, I knew it was going to be a great reading.

Not because I expected it to be told a bunch of good news, but because her voice is so warm and caring.

She is such a kind, loving person and just talking to her made me feel uplifted and joyous.

She truly has the best interests of the person she is reading for at heart.

I knew that if there was anything to be concerned about in the reading, she would give me tools I could use to help.

Now, of course, I can think of lots of questions that I couldn't think of at the time, so when it feels like the time is right, I will ask for another reading.

Atira kept checking the audio tape of my reading, to make sure the tape was recording, and I am so glad, because I can't remember most of it now!

I am so grateful to know you, Mary Ellen and Atira, even though it is not in person, because the love you both feel for people and the light you shine on whatever you touch is apparent even 3,000 miles away.

She told me the names of my two guardian angels.

That was such a great gift.

Now I talk to them all the time, and I never feel alone.

I truly meant it when I said I feel very fortunate to have found you and Atira.

S in Florida


I just had my first reading with Atira and she is a loving and insightful reader.

She went right to the heart of the matter and helped me to see where I've been (lessons learned) and where I'm going (lessons to be learned).

She told me the names of my Guardian Angels and also told me that I have a Master Guide with me at this time. (You see, even when we feel alone, we are NOT.)

I discussed a work problem with her and she helped me to see that this particular woman is unwell at this time, but also that her character does not lend itself to encouraging success in others.

In fact, it's almost like she feels that it takes away from herself to say "good job" to anyone.

I have thought this for years, but wondered if it was "all in my head".

I didn't realize though that she isn't well and that this illness is scaring her.

Atira said to extend love to her everytime she lashes out at me.

It's been rough but this is what I have done these last days and she has "backed-off" with her rude comments.

I just remember what Atira said and ask myself, "how would Jesus handle this". This brings peace and kindness into my soul.

She told me that I have been through a "dark night of the soul" for these last 2 years.

My emotions have been in an upheaval, but my searching, reading, and angelic help has brought me through it and next year will be brighter.

She said that I went through a period of allowing myself to feel victimized, which when I look back, I can see with great clarity.

I called it my "poor-me syndrome".

There were things that she revealed to me about my grandchildren, wonderful things, and some of concern.

I thank her heartily for her reading and would encourage others to experience one too.

C. from Canada.


I just got off the phone with Atira!

I may never, in this lifetime, need another reading!

It was...FANTABULISTIC! (No English word was better than that one.)

Man, I am FLYING!

Atira is a wonderful, loving and warm woman.

Whew! What an experience!

Yvonne in California

Sharing Atira with Loved ones

Please thank Atira for me. Her help is immense.

Also, I would like to book a reading for my friend.

Chris in Utah

Atira is the Real Deal!

I just had the most wonderful reading with ATiRA.

I appreciated the reading, and feel better after talking with her.

I would like to gift a reading to my sister.

I feel fortunate to have spoken with her and truly blessed.. blessings to you both!

Atira is the real deal...which makes me all that more grateful to talk with her.

Peace of mind is wonderful and it would be a good idea for me to have a follow up session with ATiRA next year.

The world is all the more beautiful with you and ATiRA in it.

Blessings, Nicole in Seattle


I had another reading with Atira and as usual...awe-inspiring with the accuracy and spiritual encouragement she gives.

Thank you for all you do, I appreciate it ALL.

Nannette in Ohio

More than I could Remember!

I just got around to listening to the audio tape of my appointment with Atira.

It is awesome.

I didn't even remember half the stuff that was on there.

It really helps to have that tape to help a person remember everything that we talked about.

Atira Surprised Me!

My reading with Atira was absolutely insightful.

ATira surprised me and touched on a deep and important subject for me.

This is very profound work she does!

Julie in Reno, Nevada


What amazes me most about my reading with Atira two months the fact that the things she told me then are coming true slowly but surely - about work, about family, about life... I am now very confident with what I do and going forward step by step.

T in Seattle

More than I Expected!

My reading was so amazing and more than I expected!

I will get yearly readings from now on.

I got off the phone feeling confident, happy, and self assured.

Issues that have been weighing heavily on my mind were just taken away.

She actually assured me of the person I was born to be.

Atira is the kind of person that you would just love to pick at her brain to understand all her ideologies about spirituality and God.

Brittany in California


I was referred to Atira by my cousin Yvonne, who had her reading today

She is still glowing from the experience!

I would now like to book a reading.


My reading with Atira, was wonderful, enlightening, life-changing, and well worth every cent.

I am SO PLEASED with the direction and speed of my growth since my reading, and I owe it all to you both and to the Divine Creator, and, of course, my Angels!

Love, Nanette in Ohio


It is amazing how accurate Atira’s information was right from the start!

Atira covered all of the major events going on in my life at the moment.

AND...also what had been going on prior two years!

So, I hardly had any questions to ask her!

My reading was wonderful!

I feel so completely blessed!

Thank you both so very much.

I cannot express my gratitude to the both of you for being so incredibly kind.

Mary Ellen, keep sending the newsletters!

I feel a spiritual connection and would love to meet you both in the future.

I want to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart! God bless!


North Carolina

Mary Ellen, NOW I know why you keep saying Wow about Atira's gifts!!!

This was the best reading I have ever had!!!

All I can say is WOW!!!

Hugs, Maurie


Mary Ellen, please let Atira know how happy I was with my reading.

I have been read several times in the past by other readers and last year by Atira.

Her readings are so much more informational and correct than any others!

Also, thank you again for your newsletter.

It is wonderful and I sent it onto friends to cheer them up.

I hope some day to meet you both in person.


Spring Valley, Wisconsin

We want to thank you for all that the angel reading has done for my husband.

He plays your tape over and over as he is driving.

He is learning to trust and have faith, and trying not to make mountains out of molehills.

You have taken away his fear of God and all the bad stuff he was taught in a Catholic School. He now has a clearer understanding of his family, since he is no longer looking at them through the eyes of guilt.

He has gained some self-confidence, and is becoming a different person.

I wouldn't have thought this was possible.

In a few weeks we will be moving.

Now, he will be able to leave all the bad emotions behind in Wisconsin, and begin a new life.

We wish you love, light, and many blessings.

I had the great honor of recently having a reading from Atira, it was excellent and very much on the mark; her manner over the phone was wonderful.

It felt like she was right there beside me, and I was amazed at how much she covered in an hour, which flew.

Mary in Oregon

My appointments with Atira give me valuable spiritual and physical insights into what is happening with myself and the ones around me. Thank You for being there, Atira.
Barb in Seattle

I have had many readings with Atria and am very pleased ... not only impressed for my self, but I have send many of my clients... and more of my friends to her for an accurate, positive and most of all her ability to afirm that she can be of service, with our permission and our use of our wills freer will, our gift from Spirit.

The gift she really gives is to aid us/me in my belief of myself, this can not be measured.

I am proud to send this note and will do much more to aid this talented and gifted women. Sincerely, E J. MSW

I admit to being apprehensive before my reading,but she completely put me at ease right away with her kind manner.

She was amazingly accurate as she went through my life reading of both me and members of my family.

Atira gave me guidelines that have helped me on my way since then and I deeply appreciate her.

Sincerely, Phyllis

Atira is the most phenominal reader I have had a reading with!

Being from Seattle I must know about 175 reader-wanna-be's.

Atira is consistent with the accuracy of her reading with me, and also the compassion she shares.

I felt better, uplifted, more emotionally soothed by my reading with Atira.

I wish the world was full of readers of her caliber. MSK Eugene, Oregon

Atira's reading pegs the reality meter. She skipped over the superficial stuff, and got right to the higher truths that are pertinent.

My life and soul's purpose are back in check with my reading from Atira.


The One Hour that I spent with Atira on the phone, was like talking to my very best friend that has know me for years.

Atira was able to help face the fear of lost my grandmother at the time and also. Help me to understand some of my deeper emotions towards family and friends.

It was a very enjoyable experience and one that I would recommend to others.

G in Redding, California

Atira is an amazing psychic/clairvoyant reader who has been of great personal help to me for seven years.

When we first met, I was cautiously skeptical, after all the sort of ability she has seems unbelievable.

But in our first conversation she displayed an amazing talent for cutting right to the heart of the issue, giving clear, simple, accurate answers to questions that were troubling me.

Her approach is kind, yet direct. No difficult concepts or hard to understand metaphors here.

Just the truth, presented in a way that's easy to understand, and amazingly accurate.

Because she gets to the heart if the issue quickly, you won't need to spend endless hours on the phone, thus her services are very economical.

PM in California


I had a reading with Atira yesterday and you are right, she is fantastic.
Everything I heard was correct and acurate.

Northern California

I had my reading with Atira and she has now read ten of my best friends and family.

When Atira talks with Dom, her master guide, it's a different experience.

Atira provides people with information about themselves... and the person knows there is nopossible way Atira knows what she is telling them.

There is absolutely no rational explanation of how Atira does this!

The person getting the reading believes it's the spiritualization process taking hold.

This is what is so unique about Atira, she helps the person by showing them there is another side, but she does it such an individual and secure way that person feels at peace.

The person can never go back to their previous beliefs because the other side has been shown to them and they know that this worldly experience is just a short trip in the big picture.

Mary Ellen, is the reason you call Atira the eighth wonder of the world.

Ontario, Canada

Mary Ellen! I promised to let you know how my reading with Atira was, but first I would like to book a phone appointment for my friend. Kindly let me know when Atira is available?

Now about my!

I was astounded by what she told me.

I have a "time line" that I keep of big events that happened throughout my life and I was able to confirm with accuracy the incidents that she detailed as I was growing up.

She warned me that she might be out by a year or two in age but she wasn't, she was right on!

Atira said my husband's work would experience a re-organization.

Two days later I got news that the company "I" work for was sold.

My job is not in jeopardy and she did reassure me that she didn't see anything that would suggest otherwise in my employment.

Does that happen sometimes where the information gets switched around?

I I was truly impressed by what she told me.

I am not the type to get regular readings from different psychics, but I will tell you that I definately would continue to get readings from Atira.

She has totally convinced me that she "knows of what she speaks"! She's incredible!

Love and Blessings,
Margaret in Canada


Thank you soooooo much for helping me get an appointment with Atira.

You've heard it all before and already know.

She is just phenomenal!

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak with her.

She definitely gave me the confirmation I needed to hear.

Thanks again, G.G.

Prediction Results
from Washington State

Atira, I want to let you know that something you predicted last year has taken place.

When you did my reading, you predicted that there would be some sort of a business merger involving the company I work for.

I viewed that idea with nervousness, since mergers often mean that people get laid off when the companies are combined, but you assured me that it would be an okay thing.

Well, I was informed monday that two very large parts of the company, my division and a sister division, will be merging with each other.

It's not an external merger, which is what I think of when I hear the word "Merger", but it's big, it's extremely unusual for us, and it is a merger.

Holy Cow!

So, uh, when can we do another reading? <>

Stephanie in Olympia, Washington


Mary Ellen, Thanks for arranging 4 my reading.

I just had it and can only describe it as compelling, revealing and yes, Atira did blow my socks away!!!


Nervous in New York

I had my reading with Atira @ 4:44PM.

After getting past my nervousness, I felt the reading was very interesting and warm.

Atira was able to pick up many things.


Wowed in Wisconsin

Atira's Angel reading was everything I hoped for and more!

ATira was absolutely accurate about things only I could know.

I am just discovering my spiritual path and needed guidance.

Atira helped me along that path with her insight and caring spirit.

I plan on another reading in the future.BR>
Thank you, Mary Ellen, for getting Atira and I together.

You both are truly Earth Angels!
Ann in Wisconsin

Tickled Pink in Tennessee

The reading was great!

"They" even picked up that I have added an "e" to my middle name that I was given at birth!

Who would think that?

Other things were also right on the money.

Things that only I would have known!

I am anxious to get the audio tape and review everything.

It was a great experience and Atira is a very sweet and special soul!

I am so glad I connected with her.

Shirley from Tennessee

Miracles Manifesting in Minnesota

Hi Maryellen! My Valentine's Day reading with Atira was as wonderful as I'd anticipated it would be!

In fact, some of what she'd predicted would happen in March began happening this weekend!!


Love, light, and angels' blessings,


My mother just had a reading with Atira, now I would like to set up an appointment with Atira.

Mom had a very lengthy and enjoyable reading.

Mary Ellen, you were right, it really was a great experience for her!

Garrett in Connecticut

Set Straight in Texas

I very much liked my reading with Atira.

I liked her honesty and her directness.

She is very efficient and gets to the core... straight and right away.

Atira describes things as they are- there is no way around it!

I would like a follow up reading on different subjects.

Thanks again for the helpful insights, and please include my name on her waiting list for follow up readings every six months!
Blessings, Dr. G

Appreciative in California

ATIRA's reading today was amazing!

She read into my childhood, as well as my present and future.

Atira is kind and has a great sense of humor.

I would recommend her to everyone! As a matter of fact I am gifting my girlfriend with a reading.

Atira truly helped me along my life's path!

It was cleansing and wonderful!


Incredible Experience

The reading I experienced with Atria is one of the most incredible events of my life!

Atria is a very special person who shares her abilities in a wonderful and caring manner.

My life will be changed for the better as a result of the reading.

I am going to set up a reading for someone else.

Jubliant in Wisconsin

What an experience!!!

I can't even think of a word that clearly explains what it did for me! Angelic...that might be what I want to say. An angelic experience.

Atira is truly amazing and, Mary Ellen, I can't thank you enough for bringing us together.

My heart is so much lighter, except for those few places where she told me to get my act together...And she is right!

Our house is always full of angels and our Christmas tree is decorated with hundreds of angels.

This year I know of my very own angels that have been there always.

This year I will include them in our celebration and tell my children about what Atira has told me.

It isn't so much that my life has changed, it is that my life has been explained.

It makes more sense.

There is healing where there was none before. I can only say thank you!

Mary Ellen I want to order both of your books for so many people.

You are both such a blessing.

My heart, my angels and I thank you.

Over Joyed in Oregon

Atira is every bit as good as everyone says!

I enjoyed talking to her.

She gave me many new insights for my next steps, as well as helping me get clearer on things that happened in my childhood and in my family, as well as in my relationships.

I've already recommended her to some of my friends and family.


Elated in Illinois

Thank you to Atira for a wonderful experience!

I have had my share of readings, and this is the first time I felt it was "for real."

I came away just thinking "WOW" I was overwhelmed with emotion.

Even though not everything was not what I wanted to hear, I felt, deep within me, that she read my soul.

I can't wait for my tape so I can listen carefully to all she had to say.

I am still trying to digest it all and feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you Atira, for the insight you gave me, I will definitely be back for more in the future.


WOW-ed in California!

Wow, what a trip!

Everything Atira spoke about was accurate!

She knew about my family, my past, my present, and gave me instructions on how to adjust my future, to help me guide myself to becoming a more fulfilled human being.

Now, it's up to me to follow through.

The gift Atira has, is something to behold!

Thanks! Bert

Chicago Comments

I found Atira to be amazing and quite accurate.

She knew so much about me and tuned right into exactly what I needed.

I provided no information when we began.

Atira told me about incidents only I could have known and she was exactly on target about past, current and future issues.

I found her to be extremely kind, gentle and full of integrity.

It was the best session I'd ever experienced.

I'm delighted with everything she said and am thrilled to have found her.


Counting on Atira

I almost did not write in my feelings on Atira's reading.

Since she is in such hot demand I don't want to contribute to making her more unavailable when I need her - haha.

I first heard of Atira through your newsletter and have had two sessions with her over the past few years.

She's the best I've found, when it comes to getting really deep answers and insights about what's happening in my life - be it related to past lives, relationships, career, those on the other side, and/or whatever else.

I can usually do quite well on my own with my angels, but whatever feels beyond me, I know I can count on Atira to help me out with additional information, clarity and enlightenment.

She's good, she's witty, and she covers a lot in one session.

I highly recommend her!


Told all her Friends in California

My reading was very interesting, so I have recommended Atira to my friends!


Fly on the Wall in Texas

Mary Ellen, you and Atira make a wonderful pair to teach people how to "connect" with their angels and most important that there ARE angels.

I would like to be a little fly on the wall when you two are together and to hear what your angels say about you two.

I rejoice in the knowledge that you both are so giving of yourselves to teach others.

Love ya, Neva

A Wonderful Experience in Missouri

Dear Mary Ellen, my reading with Atira was a wonderful experience.

Atira validated many things for me as well as adding helpful insight to my life.

I appreciated Atira's obvious gifts and her sense of humor.

God bless you both in your work for mankind.


LOVED Atira in Southern California

Atira is remarkable. She brought me much peace.

I am extremely grateful that my friend recommended her.

She is everything you read about and more.

Words can't really justify her special gifts.

You need to experience it for yourself.

Although, Atira confirmed some fears and tension I had been experiencing, she gave me the tools to make it better.

I am now better equipped to handle my situation, because she gave me the gift of knowledge.

I believe I can move forward now and make everything a success. IT WILL BE THE BEST MONEY YOU EVER SPENT!

My boyfriend is so impressed he signed up for a reading.


Amazed in Washington

My reading with Atira was like a diving board into my future.

It was amazing to me how much she knew about my life.

I will definitely have a reading again in the future. Jennifer in Lynnwood, Washington. WOWed in Ohio!

Pet Psychic Agnes Shares

Oh, my God. Atira was wonderful!

She really tuned in to me and my family!

My brother George, who just passed away, came through and did a lot of talking.

Also, Atira said I was alive during the time of St. Francis and St. Anthony, the two saints that could talk to animals.

I have a strong silver cord to them.

It is ok for her to tell you about it. I plan too!

I would recommend her to anyone, and will.

She was fantastic. A true spiritualist, she connects only to the whitest light.

Hugs, Agnes

Editors Note:

Agnes is a GREAT pet psychic.
Agnes is as clear with pets
as Atira is with people!
mw_2.jpg (5955 bytes)
Pet Communicator

Guided in Hawaii

Atira, Mahalo for a great time and patience.

You said I really did not need your help, but you did confirm much with great help and guidance, it only confirms that there are people who can help others just by listening.

Aloha Judy

Surprised in Ohio

Please include my name on Atira's list for another reading.

I had one on the Angel cruise in 2001 and was so surprised with the information that came through!

Atira , you are so very blessed!

Thank you God and the Angels for sending you to us.

Thank you MaryEllen for your wonderful news letters...blessings, love and hugs,
Shirley ^i^

Confession from Washington

I am so happy with my reading with Atira!

I must confess, I was a bit apprehensive before the call, but Atira put me completely at ease within a couple of minutes.

She is so gentle and kind and is amazingly accurate.

I feel very good about going on with my life with her advise and affirmations.

I want to thank you, Mary Ellen, and Atira so much for the difference you have made in my life.

With much love, Phyllis in Kent, Washington

Encouragement in Washington

To the people who have had a reading with Atira there is no need for my affirmation of her abilities, to the ones who have not, I would highly recommend her!

As a 72 year old I know a few things.

# 1 Atira, is a very down to earth spiritual psychic and the light within her is so bright ... it lights your path also!

#2 Atira is right on and her spiritual energy is so strong you can feel it over the phone when she is reading for you.

Needless to say she has a place in my heart along with Mary Ellen.

Barbara in Bellevue, Washington

Helped in Washington

I had my reading with Atira today. She is wonderful and really helped me alot today. Thanks!

Her gift has blessed me in many ways.

I was so overwhelmed before the reading but after talking with Atira she has given me a new prospective on my life.

Her kindness and gift have a beautiful delivery of the messages she had for me. She is 100% accurate with all she told me.

I discovered Atira by reading your website, I am thankful to you for sharing her with us.

Lots of Love
Hugs, Laurie in Langley, Whitbey Island

Pleased in Virginia

I had a wonderful reading by Atira.

She is definitely very gifted!!

I found her style particularly engaging.

So many psychics tell you something and then present
it like it is inevitable or cast in stone.

This can be very upsetting to someone as well as
incorrect since we can always change our future
(to be forewarned is to be armed).

Atira had a different approach.

When she gave me one piece of information that I didn't like,
she relooked at it and came up with some other options I might explore.

That immediately put me at ease, as well as giving me
the power to know I am in charge of my future.

I found her very accurate, sincere, and caring.

Excited in Washington
Ryan's mother

Atira is amazing ... again!!! My son, Ryan, is still in AH! over his reading.

He has the utmost respect for Atira and was stunned at her acurate reading.

He found her kind and gentle.

He is very touched by it all and found many answers he is searching for.

I barely pulled into the garage and he was out there to meet me and talked for a great length of time about his reading.

Ryan and I appreciate both of you so much more than you know.

It's like that saying some people come into your life and you're never the same again... that would be very fitting for both of you!

Hugs to both.

Ryan in Washington State

The reading I received from Atira was a life changing event.

The information she relayed astonished & amazed me!

You can't put a price on what she did for me.

Atira gave me a sense of peace to things that I have wondered about, as well as a deeper curiosity to new things, and that's a good thing.


Surprised in Ohio

My reading with Atira was a most profound experience!

Atira was so kind and gentle during my difficulty when I inquired about my friend of 30+ years who committed suicide last August.

Mary Ellen, you were right--she is a wonderful person. She is just great!

Take care and blessings to all of you.


Impressed in Washington State

I had my reading with Atira!!

Wow, I am so impressed with her and her gifts.

She is totally amazing. Atira is filled with love and compassion.

I throughly enjoyed every minute I talked to her.

What a beautiful person she is.

I look forward to talking to her again.

I am at total peace with all she told me and validated things for me.


Amazed in Arizona

Mary Ellen, you were right, Atira is amazing! She brought me such peace. And -- her prices are very affordable.

Much love ~ Jean

Great-full in Alberta, Canada

She is wonderful!!!!

Atira gave me direction and peace with things in my life.

She is so good it is just amazing!

I feel more at peace, not as stressed and am communicating with my angels a little bit better.

Thank you- Thank you- Thank you.

Lisa in Alberta, Canada

Enlightened in Conneticut

Hi, I am ever so grateful for my meeting with Atira. It was so enlightening. We touched on so much. I know I will be contacting her again.

I now feel closer to my loved ones who have passed on. She was wonderful and her powers are truly a gift to all who come in contact with her.

I am eager to receive my tape so I can go over all that was discussed.

Namaste E.

Pat in San Diego

Atira, I deeply appreciate your honest, yet loving guidance in healing difficult issues from my past. Truly, you are a remarkable, gifted soul.

With love and appreciation,

Helped in Kirkland, Washington

I found Atira's reading very helpful. Within a few minutes she told me many things she had no way of knowing. She is caring, helpful, compasionate, and very astute.

Appreciative in New York

Dear Mary Ellen:

Well, my dear you were 100% correct about Atira!!! She is superb!

Everything she told me was 100% correct. I totally enjoy speaking with her, she is such a beautiful person.

I could feel her love and kindness as we spoke.

During conversation she spoke to me about my father.

Mary Ellen it was as if Atira was in my father's heart expressing the love for his children. She described how proud my father was of his family, and the one thing my sisters and I always reminisce about during family get togethers was how proud my dad was of us and how much he loved us.

Atira told me many things about my life, which left me with a very peaceful and wonderful feeling. She even told me the names of my Angels - I was so thrilled.

I have always been anxious to know if I am on the right path in my spiritual life and she put a lot of things into prospective for me. It was a beautiful and informative session.

After our appointment I called my sister, in Canada, and I was told her about my session and the things Atira said about Dad, we were both crying.

Atira asked why my father kept looking at his watch, I told her that he was very time conscious since he was a business man, but my sister said that the most significant thing about the watch was when she was in Canada attending school and she needed money and she telephoned Dad.

It was on the same day he had just paid for a huge delivery for his business so he had no money.

Our father took his favorite watch right out of wrist and said to Mom,"I am going to sell this watch to get the money to send to her."

(PS I have to share this part with you, just to let you know how accurate Atira is - ha! as if you don't know that already, Thank you.)

Angel Blessings,

Experience one of her
magical readings now.


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