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A Christmas Filled With Miracles         Expect Miracles
by International Author Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Angel Scribe's Miracle Books
** Atira has stories in each book.
Dear Clients/Friends,

Happy Holidays! May you ask your Angels for Blessings and then ... let yourself receive them!

Can you believe it is that time of year again! It is hard to believe that another year has flown by. Time definitely goes faster as we get older. Surely quantum physics can do something about that!

On Thanksgiving, I was going over the many things that I am thankful for and realized how truly rich I am. Mary Ellen and I have had so much magic and many miracles happen that they have become our normal way of life.

During the season, as we gather with family and friends, it is often our family of  friends that is the most important...because they understand who we are. As you can guess, I am the different species in my family, so I am very blessed to have a wonderful family-by-choice.

Many people have asked how Mary Ellen became my sister-by-choice. It is a great story!  Everyone who sees us together thinks we have been best friends since kindergarten.

Just before I met Mary Ellen, my best friend/sister Marie moved 300 miles away to take care of her ill father.  Marie came into my life when I needed  a friend interested in Middle Eastern dance and its culture. At the time, I was a Belly Dancer and had my own Egyptian import business.

To help subsidize the business, I worked retail, at Sears.  One day, Marie and her Egyptian husband came into Sears to buy a couch. I am a jewelry-holic and the minute I saw her necklace, a cartouche from Egypt, we began talking and became instant friends. Marie was not into metaphysics, but soon started studying. Our friendship definitely has a strong past life connection.

We met in 1986 and had been close friends, for 10 years, when life changed for us. I knew I had to be happy for her move to the far side of Washington State. She needed to be there for her father and begin her new life. But, I am human, and was devastated being without a best friend who had also become a sister.
Marie and I kept in touch by email and telephone, but rarely saw each other.  One day I thought, "So now what do I do?"  I asked my Angels to bring me another 30,000 year old friend.  A friend who knows everything about you, and doesn't care about your faults, and loves all the good things about you.

So, I prayed for a new friend. One who was into metaphysics because I was doing more readings and spiritual work. The new friend had to be kind, caring and fun. At the same time, I started attending a Thursday night metaphysics meeting-group.

At the meeting, I saw Mary Ellen sitting in a booth beading pens in an native American style. I said "Hi."

Because of the bead work I designed and created for International Belly Dancing customs, I knew how hard beading is...and saw what good work she was doing.

At the time, we did not click.  A few weeks later, she was handing out some of her channeled Angel writings. I reached into the stack of sixty and grabbed one.

As I read my choice, my heart pounded. First, it mentioned a scarab - a Middle Eastern connection. Secondly, the Angel writing was just what my spirit needed to hear in that moment.

I called Mary Ellen back and inquired, "May I look at your other writings?" I shuffled though her writings, just to see if there were others with a scarab on it - not a one!

I read more of her writings and said, "One day these will be in a book around the world."

Mary Ellen in her shy way said, "Oh, I know!" Then I added, "Shirley MacLaine should see these."  Mary Ellen smiled and said, "A nun friend gave me Shirley's home mailing address a year ago, so she is getting one a week."  Then I said, "You can't wait for these to be published, people need them now."

So, I offered to help her and pulled $50 cash from my wallet and said, "Meet me at a photo copy shop...and we will run copies of them and make booklets to sell."

Three days later, we walked arm in arm into a Kinkos in Tacoma, Washington.  We knew it was a profound moment in our lives.  The previous day, we had met and Dom, my Angel/Master Guide, chose the writings for the booklet.  Now, at Kinkos, he chose the color of paper to print each one on so they would resonate on many levels with readers.

Dom said to have her print out 25 Angel Writtings booklets, Words of Wisdom from the Light. Mary Ellen was worried at the 'large' number, questioning how she would ever sell that many!  But, before we left the store she sold 2 copies!  In a few short months, we had to return to the store several times, as 400 found homes with readers!

The magic had begun!  At the time, I lived in Seattle, and she was living an hours drive south, in Gig Harbor. I literally prayed her into my life.  Not expecting a literary friend in the bargain! I have been thankful for our friendship every day since!

For those who have not had the fun of meeting Mary Ellen, she is a cross between Peter Pan, Pollyanna, and Mary Poppins...practically perfect. She has the innocent quality of a child who sees wonder in everything and has no fear.

I can see into the other worlds, but she sees this world with an awareness of the soul. It is wonderful, for a change, to be able to talk to Dom out loud in someone's presence and share what I was seeing without judgment. 
My life took on an entirely new dimension, with some one who actually wanted to know what I was seeing, hearing and experiencing.  And she loved hearing about it with joy.  Mary Ellen knew that I was real, that what was happening was real, and she believed in me and my work with spirit.

Mary Ellen is a natural-born-promoter.  If she loves something, she wants the world to know about it.  She teaches others about things that will better their lives in some way.  Most sales people promote only for their own benefit, but Mary Ellen promotes, when it is in your best interest.  Instantly, she became my manager and told everyone she came in contact with about me and Dom.

Before I knew it, she had introduced me to GW Hardin, co-author of the MESSENGERS, and Nick Bunick the subject of the book.  Nick had Angel messages he wanted to share with the world and the book was his vehicle.  Mary Ellen had me read for them...and I began reading for their clients and friends.  She believes in my work and helped my talents emerge into international connections. 

The Angels did a great job bringing us together, and we were off on a truly wonderful life path! When we are together, the most amazing miracles keep happening. 

Our husbands may think we are nuts, but oh well. We have so much fun exploring the world, sharing spiritual experiences, manifesting miracles, helping people, playing and laughing together that we are not about to stop.

The year we met,  Mary Ellen's mother gave her family a computer.  Mary Ellen landed on AOL. She apply named it Angels On Line and began typing her Angel writings into the boring chat rooms to lift the energy of the rooms.  She chose the screen name of Angel Scribe...describing what she did, but it is really her higher self name.  Many people unknowingly chose their screen name based on their higher self.

Soon, people started asking about her Good News newsletter. She was confused and was wondering what newsletter?  She was unaware that her writings had taken on a life of their own to her readers.  This is how her Angel Scribe - Angel and Miracles newsletter Divinely evolved

A year later, one of her readers, in Hawaii, forwarded her E-newsletter to a publisher in California.  The publisher, Conari Press asked her to do a book, thus Expect Miracles was born.

We were confused!  That was so easy. Normally people write a book, send it out, then get rejected several times.  She had missed that frustrating step and went directly to book publishing!

We were house wives, living a simple life, doing what is our norm...teaching love, asking to be of service to God and the Angels.

With Angels as her agent things fell easily into place, and we had a whirl wind year of TV appearances, radio shows and book signings. Every time a TV or radio station contacted her for a show, she enthusiastically told them about me...and I ended up on them too.

When the publisher made the offer for the book, Mary Ellen and I struck a deal, I was her manager and she was mine.

When we ask the Angels to be our agents they take us seriously, and then we need to show up. The Angels can make things happen bigger than our small human dreams, and it all begins to grow through the work of spirit. So here we are today; 13 years later and the magic is still flowing. What a year!

Following is a taste of how our lives flow with the blessings of Spirit. 
Compiled by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
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Many people ask what it is like to be Atira's best friend. It is a privilege, a blessing and always a spiritual surprise! Atira makes the world of spirit real. She teaches that everything is always about how spirit loves us and how spirit works in our lives. A shorter way to explain it is...when you are with Atira, it is like living in Disneyland. Magic, miracles, adventure and fun are close at hand!

A few weeks ago, gasoline was over $4.00 a gallon. Atira said, "We all must visualize it going down. See it at $2.00 a gallon."
With everyone feeling like Chicken Little with the sky falling and gas prices rising, how on earth could someone think that visualizing gas going down would work?
Atira asked her friends and clients to visualize $2. a gallon for gasoline.
Amazingly, yesterday, gas was down to $1.99 a gallon.
You never know what spirit has in mind. When Atira and Dom, her Master Guide/Angel are on the job, miracles and magic are right around the corner! She teaches us to believe in the seemingly unbelievable.

Several months ago, Mishka productions and Oprah and friends advertised their Celebrate Your Life conference in Phoenix, Arizona November 7-9th 2008.
When Atira read about it ..... Dom told her, "You and Mary Ellen should go.  It will be big for your careers."
So, I am thinking it is about Atira's book publication. And here she is thinking it is about my pet newspaper column being published or syndicated.

Silly us, we thought of each other first! That is what best friends do! We were both willing to invest and support each other's success. We would also get time to play in wo-wo world! There is nothing like 2,000 people with open minds and hearts in one place!

But...Oh, dear...what with the economy going crazy, jet fuel prices were up and so were airfares. Hotel prices were also high. Costs of metaphysical conferences were now $500 for a weekend.
As a 'famous' author and $25 a week newspaper columnist in our tiny town, traveling to the Mishka event in Phoenix was a dream. Atira and I had not seen each other in 6 months, and it would be fun to visit again.

Atira phoned from Seattle and said, "Mary Ellen we HAVE to go to this event. Dom says it is BIG!!!"

Oh, drats! When Dom says it is big, then we have to bite the purse strings and do the trip.

Personally for selfish reasons, the trip would be fun. Atira and I have so many miracles happen when we are together. I planned to document the trip as it would be educational to readers. When ever we are together, it is like the miracles and magic magnify.

Things began manifesting before we even booked our tickets and flight. One of our friends was hosting as a speaker. They had always said that Atira and I were welcome to any of their events, and they offered us complimentary tickets. So, a short email to them and an immediate response brought good news.

Only a few minutes in this adventure and the miracles had began! Not only were we each complimented with a ticket to their event, BUT THE ENTIRE $500 weekend!

Next was the hotel hurdle. The hotels near the convention and airport charged $200 a night. This adds up fast when we had to stay four nights! That amount of money might not be a lot for some, but at the moment with family responsibilities, Atira's husbands' major surgery, and my daughters college, plus air fare, food costs, it took our breath away!  Everyone can relate to the rising expenses.

Atira prayed, made some phone calls....and received confirmation from a hotel. In print we had confirmation of $97 nightly rate which included 2 Queen beds. Whoopee! Unbelievable you might say...and definitely a miracle! 
(And was it ever!  When we checked out of the hotel, they admitted that 'some how' they had made an error and the bill should have been closer to $200 a night.)
The morning of the evening flight to Phoenix, I finished the November 11th Angel Scribe newsletter on 1111 stories, and then finished a second newsletter on Angel Writings, Angelic Messages of Hope. 

The Angel writing was so moving, that I phoned a friend, Trish, to read her the message. The newsletter included a prayer for abused spouses and she could resonate with it. Between her tears, and as I was reading, Atira buzzed through on the telephone.
 **(Educational information on abusive relationships.  How to Recognize it and Feel Sane

Atira, "I am in Phoenix, and can hardly wait for you to arrive too! Just as I was lying down for a quick nap Dom said, "Quick, call Mary Ellen and tell her to bring some of her Angel Writings!"

I immediately clicked back to Trish, and shouted, "HOLD ON!!!!"
Then back to Atira, and said, "You have no idea what I am doing! First, reading an Angel writing to Trish, and secondly printing another Angel writing out on the computer to bring!  I have not printed any out in 2 years, but am at this very second!"
I had such an overwhelming feeling to send one to a guest speaker at this event, and after the third wave of prompting, started to print it out! And now here was Atira confirming that the Angel Writings were indeed important. If Dom said they were, we knew that spirit was requesting them.

Whew, this was going to be a weekend to remember!  The amazing connection between Dom and Atira and their including me ... was more than evident!

After saying goodbye to Atira, and then Trish, I phoned the manager at the newspaper office and asked if they were considering entering my 2 year old pet column in a contest.

All I heard was a big gasp. The manager about fell off her chair! Apparently, she was sitting at her desk, at that very moment, going over the information to submit my column for contest consideration. The newspaper had not submitted anything since 2001. This is why the publisher was so startled at the timing of the phone call. Yup, you have to love and marvel over Divine timing!

The first night in Phoenix, Atira recalls, "I woke up at 2:22 AM from a dream about a blue Angel. I took a few notes to remember the incoming information, just in case I could locate the person it was meant for. The conference had 2000 attendees, who could it be for? Spirit would have to let us know, because it was over whelming to find them any other way. I did not tell Mary Ellen about the Blue Angel as she was sleeping."

Early the next morning, we went to the conference lecture area. I sat on a chair, and Mary Ellen walked over and chatted with a vendor. She was admiring the lady's unusual necklace. The lady said, "I call it my blue Angel!" Mary Ellen had no clue what had just happened...she just walked into another miracle encounter.  This happens all the time to us! When we are together it is like we become an Angel Tag Team!

I called out to them, "Did you say blue Angel?" The lady turned and said, 'Yes.' So I gave her the message from the Angels, from the dream. And as always the information was a blessing for her. Magic was definitely in the air."

Waiting for John Holland's lecture, I noticed the woman next to Atira. She had a tattoo on her foot. I asked, "Did that hurt?" She said no, and she also had a new tattoo on her wrist in memory of her mother.

The minute she showed us her tattoo, Atira sat up straight. You could see she was receiving messages from spirit.  Atira holds her head at a certain angle, gets a certain far away look in her eyes, and tilts her head as she 'listens' to the other side.

Atira, "When I saw your mother's tattoo, she came into my energy field talking. I was moved by Spirit to gently reach over, put my hand on the back of the woman and pat  her."

I said, "Why I do I feel the need to do this? Dear, your mother is here and she says, "You did the very best you could, and there was no more to be done." "Your mother was not only your mother, she was also your best friend."

Immediately the lady broke down crying. "My mother patted my back just like that! She died two years ago and I have been waiting for a message from her." Then Atira told her private information to confirm that indeed Atira was hearing her mother. It was another blessing from spirit.  Angels brought closure to this woman. The woman said, "I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. You changed my life."

Later that day, we went to another lecture and sat down. Soon a young lady, Diane, walked in and sat down beside us. I was chatting with her and in a few minutes discovered that she too had a Silver Persian cat! What are the odds, I have 4, Atira 1, and this total stranger chose to sit by us had found a stray Silver Persian in a back yard nursing kittens!
In our second John Holland's lecture he described how groups of folks sit together. In this room, in a space of two rows, out of 9 people sitting together 5 had relatives who were fire chiefs. The row of parents who had lost children seemed to gravitate together ... and obviously we were sitting in the Silver Persian section.

Diane bought an Expect Miracles, by a well known famous author (ME ^I^) and when she arrived home excitedly emailed us. Stunned, Diane read our connection to the best selling book THE MESSENGERS! Diane discovered that Atira and I had worked with the co-authors of the book THE MESSENGERS and their 444 connection....and so had she! We were obviously in the Angel and Cat section of that room!

One attendee at the convention had become ill, and Atira went to find some to help. As Atira stepped into the elevator she heard, "HEY YOU!" She spun around around looking for the person yelling at her.  All she saw was herself... reflected back in the empty elevator's mirror.  A medium's life has startling moments...even for them!

At John Holland's evening event, the room had 500 people. Twenty minutes into demonstrating his mediumship gifts ... Atira violently shudders like Whoopi Goldberg in GHOST. Atira leans over and whispers, "I keep seeing someone fly fishing."

Just then John says, "I have a son here who died." He gave more description and the lady sitting directly behind Atira stands up. John says, "Your son wants you to know he loves the new tattoo?" As if on cue, the lady pulls her sleeve up and reveals the oddest tattoo we had ever seen. It was a photo of her son. AND...he was fly fishing in the tattoo!

When the John Holland lecture ended, the halls filled up like an over crowded subway station at rush hour.

Everyone was trying to get to the next lecture rooms, we were barely shuffling. I was pushed back away from Atira, and was several people behind her.

I notice the back of a handsome young man, built like a bodybuilder, move close to Atira.  The man looked to his right, and  spots Atira, it is John Holland. He joyfully exclaims, "Atira! Darling! I am so glad to see you...where is ...where is....(Mary Ellen), (people always assume that they see one of us, the other is close by.)
Then John spots me, and reaches over two people and brushes my cheek with a kiss. I was just as stunned as others in the crowd who also admire John and his amazing mediumship gift. I could have floated over the top of the crowd. It was good to reconnect with this gifted individual.

One evening we had the opportunity to watch the amazing Marianne Williamson lecture to a packed room of 2000 people.

As we walked to the front of the room to find our seats, Atira and I were grabbed by Arielle Ford and Brian Hilliard proclaiming, "Here are the Angel Ladies." We found ourselves engulfed in a group bear hug.
We were startled, as we had not seen them in eight years since Arielle published her Hot Chocolate for the Soul series of books. Brian was manager for Nick Bunick when Arielle and Brian fell in love and married. They are one of our favorite spiritual couples who walk their talk. And they have a new book out! The Soulmate Secret, Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction.

Arielle Ford and her sister Debbie Ford are both extraordinary authors and mentors in the spiritual community.

It may seem that we are name dropping, but honestly, we are just as amazed to see their names and our experiences in the same sentences. It is wonderful what connections the Angels bring you when they are your agents.

What are the odds, that out of 2,000 people, anyone you know sees you? It is like trying to find your aunt in an ant hill. Amazing events were happening as often as a ping pong ball tossed in a room bounces.

During Marianne's lecture, the audience leaned forward, mesmerized, hanging on each word of her truth, that was also their truth. We were in the second row, and noticed that Dannion Brinkley, in the first row, with his beautiful wife Katheryn, kept staring at us.
He has written, Secrets of the Light-Lessons from Heaven.  According to author Randy Peyser, "Dannion has had so many near death experiences, that he has frequent flyer miles to Heaven!"

Atira leans over and whispers, "He is reading our energy, but I am not sure why."
She often does this too. She recognizes people's spirit energy signature, if she has met them before, or read for them.  She does not recognize your face as much as your spiritual energy.

At the conclusion of Marianne's powerful, inspirational speech I went up to congratulate the Brinkley's on making the front cover of AWARENESS magazine this month, and their powerful article inside.

And Dannion responds, "Don't I know you?"
"Yes," replies Atira, we took your Compassion in Action class 8 years ago and it changed our lives. And Mary Ellen mentioned Compassion in Action in the forward to her first book, Expect Miracles.

Dannion reaches out, grabs Atira, and hugs her twice ... saying, "Get over here, you are family."

During Marianne Williamson's evening lecture, my necklace fell into my lap. You have to understand that it is a difficult clasp to put on, and just as hard to take off. We were quietly sitting and plop...right into my lap. I know that no one was behind me, and looked over at Atira with wide eyes. She casually responds, "Spirit did that."

At night, we were lying on our two queen beds trying to sleep. You know when you hear a song going around and around in your head? Repeating itself like an annoying children's ditty with no beginning and no end.
Well, that was happening. I heard drums and percussion and a song never heard before. I sleepily said, "I am hearing music."
Atira says, "Yes me too, and proceeds to hums the darn tune! Then she says in a very comforting way, so that I do not think I am crazy, "Mary Ellen, we are on the 6th floor. Please know that you are not hearing the lounge, but Spirit's music." No kidding! And she didn't even think it was odd that she was hearing the same song in her head at the same time! When asked about this, Atira responded, "What most people do not understand is that this is normal for me."

The next night, as we are falling asleep my mind's eye shows an Angel. She had four over size fairy wings, tall and slender wings, like a fairies. Her long dress was red. I proclaim, "I see an Angel."
Atira responds, "Her dress is crimson."
No time with Atira is boring! Even falling asleep is magical!

Traveling with Atira always ends up with an unusual part.  It is one that I attend and have no clue that I am there.  Atira describes the party goers, as she can see it. Dom, and my Angel, Light Wings, and other spiritual entities enter our hotel room. They peek in on us, then leave together to party in other hotel rooms of 'their' entities.

We call Angels entities, but according to Atira, Angels call the ones they watch over and care for, us, their entitites.

One night, on this trip, as we are falling asleep, Atira laughs out loud from her bed. I ask, "Care to share what you are seeing and hearing?"

Atira begins, "Dom just brought in a large group of entities who belong with the other people at the convention to meet us. Our room filled like a huge family gathering.  Dom  is showing us off. The entities are agreeing with him that we are doing our work, and that we are very kind.  In the room, there are several clusters of party goers, like you would see at any cocktail party.

There is a cluster of Angels discussing how they have helped their entities (people) understand their Angelic mission and their connection to Angels.  Other guides and masters are discussing how long they have been with their entitites and their entities evolutions. As well, they are discussing the challenges of breaking through the three dimensional worlds.
Often it seems difficult for them to project their thoughts into the limited language of earth.  They share and teach, amongst themselves, different techniques to reach through to this dimension, to uplift and inspire those who wish to be of service.  They discuss how they can best help their entities.  Just like we gather for a convention, so do our Angels, guides and masters share valuable information to help each other.  It is all about service and growth. There are hundreds of Angels hanging out with us tonight and the new fairy guide that you saw so how fun is that!"

No bedtime story can top what Atira has to share!  She truly sees into the world of Angels.

How is it being friends with Atira? I would be jealous if it were someone else who could see into her world. It is a joy, a blessing, magical..confirms spirit, confirms the presents of angels and that God and Spirit care for us. They teach through Atira that we are so loved, watched over and guided.
We both wish you a life filled with miracles,
Atira and Mary Ellen  ^I^


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