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Atira is an Edgar Cayce Foundation handpicked psychic chosen from hundreds of psychics worldwide.

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Dear Clients,

Thank you for your patience and understanding during my "down time" over the last few months.

Please e-mail my assistant, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe," ( to have your name added to the reading list.

Please do not send your reading fee until Mary Ellen notifies you to mail it.

If you want to subscribe for further announcements send an email to my newsletter mail server at and then respond to their confirmation.

Angelic Blessings,

PO Box 68207
Seattle, WA 98168-0207


Please include the following information with your fee:

- E-mail address
- Postal address for your recorded reading CD
- Your telephone numbers

* Atira receives insights about you the minute she touches your sealed envelope.
Do not include any information about your private/business life in the envelope, as it corrupts your reading.
Atira gives you what the angels/spirit gives her. This is how you know she is "the real deal."
At the end of your appointment you have lots of time to ask her questions.

Phone Readings are $125.00 ($150.00 Internationally) for 45 minutes and include a recorded CD of the reading.

Please also send an email with your questions and contact information to:


There is a reason that Atira is booked solidly, after your reading you will understand why!
At the time of your appointment telephone Atira in Seattle, Washington

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Why she is so amazing!

When your fee arrives, Atira's assistant, Mary Ellen, contacts you with a reading date and time.

Before your appointment, write down and keep by your telephone as many questions as you can think of regarding past lives, passed-over loved ones, dreams, relatives, work place, and spiritual experiences.

After Atira's Angel gives you the messages from spirit, there will be time for your questions to be answered lovingly and accurately.

Atira says it is important to write down your questions to help you keep your focus; because information comes so quickly in the reading, and it is easy to lose your thought.

Having your questions written before your appointment assures that your personal needs will be met.

Also, pray for the best and clearest information that will best serve you at this time in your life.

Who is Atira?
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Atira was born with her amazing gift. She has seen and talked with Angels and her spirit guide for as long as she can remember. The Angels used to keep her company when she was in her crib.

Atira has funny stories about the funerals she went to as a child, where her cousins ran out of the room screaming "GHOST!" as Atira relayed what the "dead" relative was saying to her.

Atira is a kind and accurate Reader. I have known Atira for 17 years, and her gifts continue to AMAZE me!

Atira is the caliber of Reader you have hoped for and have finally found!

She truly hears the Angels and is a remarkably clear channel between them and you.

Books that Mention Atira's Gifts:

- Atira and her gifts where featured in Days of Wonder, the sequel to the best seller “The Messengers”, by G.W. Hardin-2002-pages 203-216
- Seed of Love by Cheryl Lee Harnish-2011 p.195
- In God’s Truth by Nick Bunick-1998-page 40
- Expect Miracles by Mary Ellen Angelscribe-1999
- A Christmas Filled with Miracles by Mary Ellen Angelscribe-2000
- Becoming Psychic by Steve Kierulff & Krippner-2004
- Dead as I’ll Ever Be by Pamela Evens-2002
- John of Old John of new –by Sharon Prince- 2008- pages113-119
- Seekers of the Soul-Psychics by Sherry Ward
- Uncommon Success –Your Personal Guide to a Live Beyond Your Dreams- By James Del Vecchio-2010 Atira-page 147-157


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Famous Authors, Mediums, and Mystics

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Atira on on KHSL-TV and KNVN-TV in Redding, California.

Atira and her famous author friend Mary Ellen spoke on Angels and Miracles.
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Atira's miracle stories demonstrate the beauty and goodness of her heart.

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Atira's Beautiful and Elegant Hand-Beaded Scarves.
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"Expect Miracles" and "A Christmas Filled With Miracles"
Autographed copies signed by Mary Ellen and Atira. Atira has miracle stories in both books!

Miracle Autographed Books

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Note from the editor:

We decided to share Atira's gifts on this page for the sole (or should we say soul!) purpose of honoring the amazing work she does with her Angelic guides and for the support she offers others.

We receive no funds for sharing Atira's information.

(Atira, has the right to refuse service to anyone.)