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Dear Friends,
I have just finished reading Adelle Davis's informative-health book, LET'S GET WELL. With book in hand, I entered a health food store with a list of the book's recommended vitamins.
Currently, everyone is undergoing excess economical stress and trying to meet the demands of this stress.
Adelle's research indicated that prolonged stress literally eats away at the lining of the intestines and affects the lymph and adrenal glands, and that long periods of stress lead to insomnia. 
LET'S GET WELL states, "Although adrenal hormones can be produced without vitamin C the need for this nutrient is tremendously increased by stress.  Apparently, large amounts of vitamin C are used to detoxify harmful substances formed in the body during stress. Greater than normal quantities of vitamin C are lost in the urine during this time."  So with this in mind, I headed for a health food store and their vitamin C section.

When I enter a store...with an idea in mind, and my secret weapon, DOM, my master guide--our technique works like this.
As a child, Dom taught me to hold my hand three inches from the products lining a shelf.  I hold my hand flat -- and slowly scan along the bottles and jars until my palm becomes warm.  This time, an Ester C bottle warmed my hand.

As I reached for it Dom said, "For now take 500 mg, and increase your intake in the fall, during flu season, to 1,000 twice a day.  This product alkalizes the body and will help your immunity stay strong against the Swine Flu." 
I am not prescribing, just sharing how my gift works.  I used this same technique to follow up on some of the other products suggested in Adelle's incredible book. 
LET'S GET WELL was written in 1965 and its wisdom is still current.  When I first began reading her book, Adelle Davis's name kept ringing in my brain. So when I phoned my best friend, Mary Ellen, and mentioned the book.

Mary Ellen responded, "I will phone you right back with more information."  She phoned back with news about our dear friend Maria Elena.  Apparently Maria Elena's husband, Marsh Morrison, the Dean of American Chiropractors at the time, traveled and lectured with Adelle. 
The synchronicity of three degrees of separation was in play.  What are the odds, in the world of billions of people, that we would have the wisdom of the mentor in our own circle of friends.

Spirit never ceases to amaze me; all you have to do is ask and Divine Spirit intervenes.
Sometimes it will be a book, a newsletter, or a friend...but spirit always brings the answer.

A few days later, Maria Elena found a forgotten audiotape of her husband teaching information that he had taught Adelle.  She is making me a copy.  Even from the other side, Marsh is still facilitating teaching, his voice and wisdom reaching us and continuing to educate 20 years after his passing.  What legacy will you leave behind?

Practice the technique that Dom taught me at any store, or at your library when looking for a great book to read.
Mary Ellen's friend, Sister Mary Julia said, "Mother Superior taught the nuns this technique when researching information in a library.  I have had books literally fall right off the shelves into my hands with the answers I was searching for!"
Spirit Blessings,

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Beautiful Angelic Music
- Eyes of Your Heart -
Frederic Delarue and Mary Ellen

Dearest Readers,
Oh, my!  What beautiful music!  Frederic Delarue has created and gifted us with yet another CD that is Angelically inspired by the Angels.  Eyes of Your Heart is not music you hear with your ears, but instead this uplifting, sweet, joyful music tickles your heart and lifts your spirit.
Go to his Web site and listen to his free music clips and you will agree....Frederic does indeed channel the music he hears from the Angels!  Lucky us to be able to hear it also!
Mary Ellen ^I^

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