Words of Wisdom, from the Light


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I was pleasantly surprised when the book arrived.

I sat down and read it right away.

It is so inspiring and beautifully written.

I also want to send one to my friend, I can hardly wait for Judith to get hers.

Thank you for sharing your words and touching hearts the way you do....

Love & Hugs, Laurie

Dearest Readers,

Like Shirley MacLaine I am taking a leap of faith to share these angelically inspired writings with you. Remember when Ms. Maclaine told the "truth" about her spirituality and it did much good and helped many people ....I admire her brave spirit.

I compiled a little booklet, "Words of Wisdom, from the Light" to share some of the 800 Angel writings that come into my heart.

The truth is the writings are recieved from Angels. My daughter has the "gift" and she sees Angels standing beside me when I am writing/scribing. (I know, I know ..... it is hard for me to believe at times too!) This would explain how come we are so "miracle prone" in our family!

My best friend, Atira, encouraged me to create the booklet so the Angels' gentle messages would be available to others.

Atira said, "You can not wait for a publisher. People need these messages now..... today."

So, Atira selected 27 writings and we had them printed. Then we spent hours hand - collating and personally coil-bound the booklets.

By the time we were done, we felt the books had a labor of love value of $700.00 each. *giggle*

I sent the booklet to 20 publishers; knowing their value to readers.

Every time I received a publisher's rejection note I was excited. I felt each rejection brought us closer to an acceptance which would enable the booklet to reach more hearts. Only one "yes" was needed and we were getting closer to it.

Three years ago when the Internet came into our home... I remembered Atira's words and shared some of the Angelic messages with my online friends.

I, soon realized, I did not need a publisher's "OK" to verify the value of this work. I now had a way to share the messages of love, gentleness, kindness and peacefulness in the Newsletter.

I appreciated the many 'Thank You's' received from readers and am motivated, with joy in my heart, to continue the newsletters, when I heard they were sharing them with their friends.

The newsletter was born out of these early beginnings and now has a readership of over 50,000. My passion to be an inspirational and uplifting force in the lives of others, has increased immeasurably as well.

I was encouraged by a reader, who ordered 11 booklets, to let others know of their existence and to let them know how to get a copy.

I followed her request and reprinted my booklet, "Words of Wisdom; From the light" which contains 27 Angelic writings similar to the ones you see in the Newsletters and on the website.

I have not mentioned the availability of this booklet previously because it is important to me that the Newsletter and the Web Site are not commercial, but rather a sharing experience.

Today, as requested, I want to share the booklet ordering information with those who wish to purchase a copy.

The booklet, "Words of Wisdom, from the Light" is different than EXPECT MIRACLES, and A CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH MIRACLES, by Conari Press.

Love and Blessings, Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"
Creator of Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter

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