Angel Writings

Buried Treasures 1999
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Imagine an Angel of Light appears beside you, a warm radiant smile shines on her face and she gently says....

When one stills their busy mind . . . when one takes a deep breath . . . and feels their whole being relax . . . then they are becoming in touch with themselves.

Most have the energy, of who they are, flying all around. Their mind is two hours, two days, or two weeks ahead of their body . . . they are planning their next steps, while their body is doing another activity.

When was the last time you remember you?

When was the last time you felt you?

When was the last time you were in touch with you?

When was the last time your heart, your mind, and your body where in the same moment? And you become in direct touch with yourself?

Most run from who they are, most run from what they feel . . . until one day you have run so far . . . you no longer know "who" you are . . . and you cannot remember what it is you were running to . . . to seek!

At that moment . . . you turn inward . . . and reconnect . . . and you understand contentment. You see that seeking is a lonely path, you learn that you need no accolades, and awards, and praise, and recognition from others.

You see that others "go home" and you are left standing alone with a faded comment, a useless-valueless wooden plaque, a cheap award, and the applause has stopped . . . and you wonder what happened . . . you wonder when did you lose yourself . . . and your family . . . in the seeking.

And you wonder at what true expense of the heart you have paid to have lost yourself?

You may have designed a great and magnificent project, one others will see for years and years . . . and in the mean time you have lost sight of you . . . a gift so precious, a gift you tossed aside to seek fame and fortune, only to discover they have become hollow goals.

To reclaim your power, to reclaim your heart and soul, take a deep breath, give thanks to your God/All That Is for making this discovery . . . to discover the wealth of your "hidden city of treasures" that lie within . . . and you are now on the true path of your life . . . and you will see how all life decisions become better with this new frame of mind . . . for real Love of yourself, and others, will begin to manifest . . .
and your heart will sing . . .
and your spirit will soar . . .
and you will rejoice to have found the most rarest and unique finds
of the world . . .
of the Universe . . .
the irreplaceable and gifted you.

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