Angel Writings

The Rivers of Life1999

Author: Mary Ellen ^I^

Welcome to the Light, where God's Light shines and joins with all.

The Light, the energy, the ever presence of God is the glue to our fiber, the seed of our soul.

Like a powerful waterfall, with millions of gallons of running water many have lost sight that the magnificent splendor is created by tiny droplets of water.

And as the water droplets are to the waterfall... your soul is connected to God's vast Love and energy. We Are all one in the scope of the Universe.

To think of your life representing a drop of water, visualize the other's lives you come in contact with.

It is much the same as the first drop of rain blending with others on its way to the waterfall.

Soon two drops of rain join, then more join and a tiny rivulet is created, then the lives these people touch soon touch others and a stream joins into other streams, forming a river.

Your drop of life, your soul has great power. The course of your journey can effect the landscape of other's lives.

You stand alone, one small person before your morning mirror and say, "Who am I." and we say, "You are one of the most powerful, creative, sources in the Universe...with unlimited Power.

Do not focus on yourself as one small drop in the bucket of life, see yourself as a moving source, a powerful source, a creative and nourishing force.. as we see you."


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