Angel Writings

Reflections 1999

Author: Mary Ellen ^I^

God/Spirit/All That Is Great . . . Loves you . . . for you . . . Loves you no matter what you have done, thought, or have not done in your life.

It is you, you need to focus on now. To focus inward and develop the recognition of how Lovable and necessary you are to the Universe in this moment.

We each have a mission, a Universal job to do, It is by no mere accident that you appeared on this earth . . . here and now.

Life is so precious . . . and so are you! Your time spent here is so short . . . and it is a marvel that it is you . . . who walks the earth.

Once you realize the gift that you are, to yourself and others, your days will take on a new meaning and clarity. It does not matter who you are, what job you do . . . it just matters that you are you, and with this new awareness may grow many special gifts.

To realize you are a great and wondrous gift to yourself and to this world, is the first gift. Your spirit has been wrapped up in the earthly package of you to experience many things.

When was the last time you looked into a mirror, really looked, and focused on the marvel of you? Most glance at a mirror and declare all of the points they are discontented with.

When was the last time you looked in and saw the gift of you . . . looking back . . . at you? And when was the last time you saw all the good and healthy aspects of you in this mirror?

Your time on earth is so brief, your stay is so short in the scope of all eternity. Walk to a mirror and see how special and wondrous you are, in this rare moment of time, and seek no more.

See the Love pouring from you; the Love that you are; the Love the Universe offered you at your birth; and go forth and share this sought after secret of existence with others, in a simple manner, for it is so simple and so profound.

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