Angel Writings

Spreading Love 1999
Author: Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"

Who haven't you said, "I Love you" to lately? Who needs to hear it from you? Who needs to hear it for their hearts to feel comforted . . . and to heal?

Imagine if each day, all week, you told one person, sincerely, "I Love you" ... how those three words would spread.

Then if each, in turn, took your words . . . to heart . . . and shared them for a week to at least one person, a day . . . in a year your words would circle the globe, in all languages, and create healings, for the heart, relationships, and the world .... for every idea, every dream, is a catalyst of one person . . . and when this idea/dream becomes the dream of many . . . the results are sped up, improved on, and come to fruition faster.

"I Love you" . . . only three words that so many cannot choke out . . . but should share.

People around you need to hear these words.

If you do not share yours, where else shall they hear them?

Do you realize some people rarely hear these words . . . throughout their lives . . . and for some it could be decades when they heard it last?

What if you "held" these three words from others and never let them escape from your heart . . . and now you are elderly, and ill, and you have no spouse . . . what would those three words mean to you now?

So teach others the "freedom" to express them . . . every day.

Your Loved ones . . . you assume you shall see them at the end of the day.

You assume/expect they shall return home from school, work, the store, the zoo, their trip, from just across town, off the bus . . . and let me gently tell you this . . . every day Loved ones meet their destiny, their time of life is ended, every day . . . and the greatest grief and realization for many family members is that they did not let them know how much they Loved them . . . and how much their Love meant to them.

Use your three words . . . "gift" them to others . . . now . . . so that you are not a lonely figure, in a cemetery, sharing the words to the grass, the trees, and the birds overhead, as you look at a Loved one's tombstone.

Pick up the phone, write a letter, drive over to their home, put a note in their pocket, or bag-lunch, and say "I Love you."

And the more you say these words, and share these words, the more you shall have in your heart. You never deplete, but duplicate these words as you say them . . . and one last thing . . . to know . . . to remember ... "I LOVE YOU". Amen.

Author: Mary Ellen Angel Scribe ^I^

Copyright Information: Stories are owned by Mary Ellen ^I^ and cannot be reprinted without permission. To obtain permission please send email to:

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