Angel Writings

Restful Sleep

Imagine you are lying in bed,
rethinking yesterday and tomorrow...
and you cant get back to sleep.
A Light shines in your bedroom,
an Angel appears and says.......

Author Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"

To attain peace at bedtime, and enjoy a wonderful sleep, and a content and relaxed feeling upon awakening, try this gentle and Loving technique.

Lie on your back, eyes closed, and bring into play that wonderful imagination you have. Breathe deeply a few times.

Now wiggle your fingers and believe you are reaching out and holding the hands of two Loved ones, or two spiritual friends, or Jesus, or the Angels.

Form a circle of those you wish to include . . . all holding hands . . . quietly. . . and enjoying each other's presence.

With this gentle Loving feeling building between friends, it is as if you can feel God's energy of Love building.

Breathe deeply, a few more times, and feel a gentle breeze move from the person's hand on your right to your hand, through you and out your left hand to the next person.

As this energy goes around the circle to all, feel it come back to you, repeat its courses and then send it onto your left-hand partner again.

Many fall asleep before this time. They feel so peaceful and content.

If you are still awake and beaming from feeling so close to so many Loved ones, (they may be alive or passed over . . . this is your imagination and all are allowed to enter) then ask one of your friends, one at a time, to move into the circle of prayer/healing/Love and all others to direct a flow of God's Energy and Love to them.

This will surely put you to sleep. But, if you are still awake, at any time you wish . . . enter the circle of Love/healing/energy and receive the Blessings and support from those that Love you.

Oh, on awakening in the morning what a joy you will hold in your heart! You start your day filled with peace . . . with a deep-seated tranquillity . . . with an inner smile.

The more often you employ this technique, the more wonderful you feel on awakening . . . and the longer you can hold/experience this feeling during the day.

How can one ignore the Love of others . . . one cannot! This technique will make you feel so secure . . . in your heart. You will not feel alone.

You will feel a feeling you have searched many years for. Search no more.

You hold the key to your own happiness . . . and inner contentment.

Practice this technique and it will prove its truth to you.

Author: Mary Ellen Angel Scribe ^I^

Copyright Information: Writings are owned by Mary Ellen ^I^ and cannot be reprinted without permission. To obtain permission please send email to:

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