Angel Writings

Jesus said, "YES." 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

If today, you finished your family genealogy and your traced as far back to the life of Jesus..and found you were a child of Jesus. That no mention was recorded any where else but you found prof that His blood did indeed run in your veins.


How would that change you...knowing the essence of Jesus was your essence? Would it change you?

Now imagine the same exact spark of God that this teacher of kindness held in his heart and in yours!

Would you live today any differently?

Would it change you to know this?

And what if it were true, and it is, that the spark of God, the likeness of God, that we are, is in all of us, waiting to be recognized, acknowledged and acted upon.

Would you act? Or would you leave it dormant? Knowing it is in all of us would it exhilarate you or scare you? Or both?

What if Jesus had said, "No way, I am not going to respond to my inner knowingness. I definitely don't want to look like a fool, abnormal, persecuted or laughed at. I am not the man for that job! I just want to be like everyone else."

And what if you say, he could not have said that, been who he truly was...was his destiny.

And we say this to you. You are a rare and unique spark of God with a wondrous life's purpose... just like the human Jesus had free will to chose his have you.

Just as this man of God had do you as a child of god.

In your veins runs the power of the universe, in your heart runs the energy of Love, in your soul...runs the wisdom...Run with it.


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