Angel Writings

What Are We Waiting For??? 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for better health, more money, some one to love you, someone to love???

A better job, friends, someone to change???

What are you waiting for...that is preventing you from leading your life, living your life, enjoying your life?

What are you waiting for that you think will bring you happiness?

And we say this to you...."You are already happy, and your waiting wishes is burying your happiness.

Stop looking for an event, a date on the calender, or someone else to "bring" you happiness...for happiness does not ever come that way.

Happiness, contentment, peacefulness can be and now.

Take a deep breath, release it with a sigh and feel your own body, your own strength and know you are in charge of your happiness, your life, your direction.

Keeping this thought, holding this vision your choices for yourself today will be different.

Each day you wait for something to happen, someone to change...each day it is as if you are sitting at the top of a huge sports stadium uninvolved. Begin to day to walk the needed steps down from the highest bleachers, towards a better focus on the center stage of your you become the main participant.

Waiting is like trying, nothing happens, no changes are made, and life slips by one day at a time unnoticed...until you wish for an event in the future becomes a wish to return to the past and recapture all the lost time and days and opportunities.

Reclaim your personal power, reclaim your short days and hours upon life.

Wait no a willing participant in your life.


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