Angel Writings

God's White Beard? 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

When the gentleness that is your spirit shines and touches another's heart..wether it is an act of kindness, a gesture of love, or physical/financial help to make their lives is your Divinity in Action.

If we are all a part of God...a spark of Divine energy what part of us is God like?

If you have always thought of God as an old bearded man wielding power and judgement, let us tell you this is not the true God of the infinite Universe, but a conception of God by some men who wished they had that kind of power over others.

So if you have part of God according to their theory, do you all have long white beards? And why is the God of their minds and books male? God is all. God does not physically resemble man, we resemble the infinite God.

God is the positive living infinite energy of Love and strength, neither male nor female..but all that is

Let the men who dream of power grow their long white beards!

And let your heart open to kindness as you act/become divine in your daily lives.

We all are a part of God...which part is up to us to see and act upon.

The man Jesus, showed, taught and walked the path of unconditional love. If no book of his life was ever written to quote people to conversion..and only one sentence of his life remains to teach us what do you think it would be?

A sentence of power? A sentence of Love? Or not even a sentence but just a few words.
Be Love
Teach Love
Show Love


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