Angel Writings

Reach Into Your Heart 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Reach into your hearts and discover who you are. Seek the quiet place of your soul and uncover it, let its breathe and see the Light again.

A closed and dark soul can not experience matter how it searches what it tries, what it does, until it releases itself to be fully free and drops the burdens of the past that caused it to run and hide and bury itself, from your true nature.

No one in hiding is happy. No one who is scared is coming from their own sacredness.

You are a unique and beautiful child of God. You are a light, an example... a sacred being upon the planet.

Your destiny is powerful. You are not meant to be a boring, hum-drum-robot. You have a sacred purpose and hiding behind a television screen letting its light guide you is not allowing your true nature to exercise itself and gain its own strength.

Each heart beat, each rhythm of your breath can be put to a positive or a negative use/action.

Each step you take, each step you choose not to take places you on the path of your life and the direction of your choice.

Breathe in, step forward and embrace the powerful creation that you are.

Life is just a brief flash in the eternity of time. Make your glow be a loving-lingering star in the lives of others.

Reach into your heart, open the doors to life and live it a a new and more empowered you.


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