Angel Writings

To Know God 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

When the hand of God reaches out for yours...will you see it?

When the moment arrives to awaken your heart to the vastness of life around you and your Divine part in it...will you recognize it?

When messengers of God arrive in the form of unconditional love, support, guidance will you even be aware of its source?

And when God speaks to your heart to help others or a cause of the earth's animals...will you be listening?

When does one discover God?

How will they recognize the spirit of God/Love/Divine connections if it is not broadcast on the TV, the radio news, or newspapers?

If God is not brought into our lives recognized by millions, other than just us, how will we truly know it is God?

And we say this to you. Just as your birth is yours and unique and your life is yours and unique and just as your death moment will be yours alone, so will be your discovery of God.

It is your heart that will open, as God extends His/Hers to you. This is how you know. This is how you will listen. And this is how you will see.

An awakening/blossoming/sharing/giving heart grows to share all these gifts of Love and Blessings with others. And in that moment you realize their journey/connection to God is a personal matter for them also.

You may shine your light for them to see, but it is the decision of others wether they will follow and understand, or venture down another path of their own choosing.

Enjoy your walk through life and keep your eyes, heart and mind open.


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