Angel Writings

Gently A-Wakening2001
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

You can feel it in your heart.

It feels as if your heart is expanding with JOY...
stretching with LOVE...
widening with HOPE...
healing with LOVE.

This feeling comes on so subtly ...
and you wonder what the ache of your heart's growth is?

Then you realize it is what is moving you forward in your search...
your search and inner connection to God/Spirit...
your tie and place in the universe....
your life's path and goals and destiny.

As your heart connects to the Universal flow of life and God's love you know, literally in your heart that all your perspectives are about to change and this is your new direction...
to follow your heart's tuggings allowing them to lead you forward.

The world has taught you how to react, how to come from your mind's thoughts.

And here is your heart teaching you, ever so gently that there is another way...
a more rewarding way.

The greatest deeds,
the greatest authors,
the greatest artists,
the greatest parents and teachers
all followed the messages of their hearts.

Follow yours and see what beauty you
leave in the wake of your life.


And God Spoke...
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

And God spoke...
with anticipation man kind
awaited the message.....

And God spoke...
and one small child heard
the message.

And the Child thought...
human kind has waited for
centuries for this message.

And God spoke...
and the child in fright thought...

"Who can I tell?

Who can I share the message with?"

And the most frightening of all...
the child cried ...
and with a bowed head said,
"God, who will believe?"

"Who will believe me when I
a small child says, "God spoke...
and I have the message."

"Dear great and holy Divine one,
do I call the newspapers?

Will they believe?

Or will they hang up on me?

And what will happen when I go
to the radio and TV stations?

Will they laugh and pat my head
and escort me, as they are giggling
out of the front door?"

And God spoke....
"It matters not who believes you."

"It matters not who laughs at you."

"It matters that you know I AM with you."

"It matters that you know I LOVE you."

"It matters that you know you matter to me...
and it matters that you know...
I am always here for you...
no matter what anyone else says."

And God spoke...
no more.

And the child turns to you...
and his eyes ask if you believe God spoke.

Do you believe?


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