Angel Writings

Now is the Moment 1999
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Life. Some are so busy, so oblivious to what is really happening...they rush about involved in work, school, sports and other activities...always taking the day for granted, the moments for granted, their health and finances for granted...their families for granted. And these are all gifts, great gifts...and as the world is subject to changes, so are your gifts. As the seasons shift and change so shall the gifts of your life.

Yesterday is gone, it is but a fading memory sealed in the vault of your mind. Do not live in this vault, like a miser with his gold, going back day after day to riffle his fingers through his accumulated wealth, all alone.

There is no joy living in the past...memories are created each day, be fully aware and appreciate them as you are involved in them.

Life is attitude and gratitude. Living in the present moment is attitude and not be indifferent to your valuable days as they pass, for as time passes, you pass on taking your attitude of life with you...what a shock it must be to assume life will always, "be there" for you...passing over...and only then realizing the error or your thought.

It would be a starting realization...and too late.

So now is the moment of your awareness, now is the time of discovering your treasure of the day. Now is the time to give thanks for the gift of your health, family and finances and for the time to enjoy them.

Life is an attitude beginning this very moment as it passes to the next moment...the next day...the next year......


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