Angel Writings

The Seeds of Miracles 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Miracles ...what are they? They are moments when Divinity touches your life.

A Miracle may not be dramatic and newsworthy but an amazing moment in your life, a blessing in the day, to make things flow smoother.

Many miss their miracles. They brush the incident aside as a coincidence, yet...if they wound the wheel of their day backwards they would see the nearly impossible events and exact timing which created their miracle.

Moments of miracles real like flowers that see in a garden. A Miracle...once its beauty and individuality stands out, and is seen, will produce more.

Don't miss the miracles....the many blessings, the hand of God/Spirit that touches your life and the life of your loved ones.

Send a thank you from your heart to heaven, to your angels, and to god...nourish the soil of your garden of miracles...your bright and beautiful garden as people see it, they will notice and some of the miracle seeds will cling to their garments as they pass by and reseed along their steps of life.

The magic of miracles is miracles beget miracles.

Ask to be a Divine Garden to have miracles manifest through others...and they will.

Enjoy watching as your garden takes root and grows and brings joy to all that see it.

No other garden, planted with the intention to do God's work could ever bring as much to so many.

Blessings and Love


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