Angel Writings

Rainbows of Millions of Hearts 1999
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

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At the end of today, when you take a deep breath ... and wonder how this day counted as a gift in your suddenly hear the rustle of the wings of an Angel ... she glows with the Light, around her, and she says...

"Welcome to the Light . . . we are ready to send the Love of the Universe down to those who wish to learn how to use its magic power.

"The strength of Love is in its vibrational form. Those with the second sight can see the energy of it moving.

"It may move from one person to another whether they are in the same room, same town, same country, or passed into another dimension.

"Love is the rainbow of Light and joy that connects those who use it.

"Love may radiate out in such a large arc that it encompasses entire families or communities.

"Love is not a stingy commodity. It is free to travel wherever and whenever it is sent.

"To send Love, hold the person/people/ animal/situation you wish to transmit to, in your heart center, (the area in the center of the chest).

"Hold them in there for several seconds to a minute all the while feel the Love building.

"This will send Love to them.

"Or you may wish to visualize the rainbow carrying your Love over and out to them, so they become the wonderful treasure at the end of the rainbow . . . engulfed in your gentle vibrations of Love.

"While lying in bed, at night, prior to sleep, you may wish to try this technique of Love.

"Visualize your friend's home . . . fill the air above it with a million beautiful pink hearts.

"Then watch as the hearts descend down into the house filling it full to the top.

"Knowing that your friends are now surrounded by Love, you peacefully drift off to sleep in a calm and elevated manner of tranquillity . . . for one cannot send Love without feeling Love.

"One becomes what one sends out.

"Remember one becomes what one sends out . . . so it is a wise choice to send unconditional Love . . . no strings attached Love . . . to friend and foe alike.


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