Angel Writings

Friends 2003
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Friends touch the heart
in such a special way!

It is as if they open
a secret little door
and move into your heart.

Nestled inside of you,
they create warmth
and love
and cause your heart
to expand.

Your attitude melts
and softens as snow
on a warm sunny day.

Friends enrich your life
and give it
a greater meaning...
they give you support
they give you honesty
and they give you courage
when yours is lacking.

Friends to
walk with
talk with
laugh with
cry with.

Friends are
your cheerleaders
through life.

Friends are the rays
to your sun,
the treasure
in your jewelry chest,
they are the sparkle
on the ocean waves.

They ground you
when you need it
and they guide you
when you want to fly.

Friends are a rare
and special find,
a gift from God.

Treasure your moments together.


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