Angel Writings

And...Open 2003
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

AND God spoke...
AND no one heard.

And God yelled...
And the silence was deafening...
As no one responded.

AND God sent a legion of Angels
AND no one noticed.

AND God waved his/her hand
and miracles fell like soft snow
around the earth.

AND no one noticed.


Why when people ask,
pray and plead for signs from
God do they not hear and see?

Why do they miss the signs?

Feel worthy for God's hand
to touch yours...
for you are!

Feel worthy to have God's Angels
come to you...
for you are!

Feel worthy to have God's many daily miracles
float into your life...
for you are worthy of receiving them.

Do you know how special you are?

God and his/her host of heavenly Angels
knock on your door,
dance in front of you
and send you constant Love.

Close your eyes,
open your heart...
ask for an Angel to place its hand
in yours...
be open to an electric/safe/loving energy...
flowing into your hand.

You do not have to beg and plead
for God's presence in your life,
for he/she has always been in it...
waiting for this sacred moment
for you to open to see it.

Open your heart.
Open your eyes
Open your mind
And see...
The world is different
than you first perceived.

The magical sparkle of the rainbows,
The mystery of the fog,
The flash of a bird's wing in flight
as the sun catches it.

The green energy of the grass,
The eternal white of the snow,
The Heavenly blue of the sky.

Have you walked in your world lately?

Truly seen it?
Enjoyed it?
Appreciated it?
And honored the gift of it?

Your time on it is a brief moment in eternity
and it would be sad to have traveled this far
and missed the view!

Open your eyes, look around!
Open your arms,
and embrace the view
before you.

Step out of the well of
depression that you have
fallen into,
Stand on the edge again,
this time step forward.

Walk into your future
infused with a new
openness and appreciation.

Do not let one more moment slip by
and miss the richness about you.

No matter where you are
in life,
there are riches to be seen once you.


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