Angel Writings

H.O.P.E. 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels



When we stand on a mountain we have a clear view in all directions.

But, most stand at the base of a mountain, a mountain of their emotions/problems and can not see more than five feet and it is overpowering and frightening.

The way to bridge the problem is not to stand still in fear. The way over the mountain is not by staring at its peak and feeling over powered.

One step at a time. Focus directly in front of you, see the beauty of the mountain's flowers, the curve of the pine branches. Focus on the moment before you, do not dwell on the size of the mountain for that will only freeze you in your spot.

Live in the now, be present in the moment, do not fear the future and do not look back at the past.

Count your blessings around you. Take action with your skills. Take a step forward, one at a time at your own pace.

Do you realize the people who have scaled the tallest mountains in the world, whether they be physical or mentally, all arrived to the top the same way?

They put one foot, one at a time in front of the other and pushed on.

At any moment they could have stopped and absorbed the scoop of the mountain and being forever held to that location feeing over come, over burdened, or over whelmed. Yet, they kept putting one foot slowly, in front of the other and did their best.

And at the top of the mountain they briefly looked back and marveled from where they had come. But, their eyes scanned the beauty of the expansive view laid out by God before them and they were held in awe.

As you start your day remember there is great "awe" before you ... concentrate on what skills are needed for you to arrive at the top of your mountain.

And realize, as this book closes, you are about to take one step forward.


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