Angel Writings

Passing the Rod of Power 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Dearest Children of Light,

When the hand of God reaches out and touches your shoulder. It is not a hand but the universal energy of Love.

God is so vast that His/Her energy could never be contained in a human body.

To be the source of Love and have its healing energy flow out and touch the hearts of all expands our hearts as we visualize the energy source.

To be God like is to let this energy flow through your body and act with the same love and compassion. If God does not live in a human body on earth and he sent you as the vehicle of His/Her would you act? How would you help?
How would you reach out to another?

If someone was praying for Divine assistance and you show up with the needed skills to help them...know God is indeed working through your heart and your hands.

The picture painted long ago of God's hand in the clouds reaching for a man's hand may represent man reaching to God for help. But it may mean God is reaching to man for help.

God passing the rod of His power, love, and greatness through our finger tips to reside in our heart.

So as we approach and touch others it is not only us, but the Love of God, through us that connects.

When the hand of God reaches out to touch your shoulder, know that you represent all men, all women, all children, all the universe.

When you are infused with God's gentle love...share it, beam its gentle beauty from your heart, from your others.


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