Angel Writings

How to Fill Your Heart.... 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Today is a choice. As you arise you can choose to fill your heart with a new and joyous energy releasing past hurts and pains.

As you arise say, "I fill my heart with joy." As you feel the joy rising and full-filling your heart you understand your daily emotions of the past were often like an old Cd that you turned on each day.

With this knowledge say, "I choose to fill my heart with Love" and as you say the words, feel them fill your entire being with a soft warm energy. You will notice that today is already starting...feeling different than yesterday and you say, "I fill my heart with God's Love." And a smile appears on your face for it feels as if God's Light is emanating through your entire body and your cells are vibrating with a greater ease.

And you say, "I fill my heart with the Light of God." And your choices are made, the pattern of your daily life has shifted. As you approach people you do so with a new heart, a new attitude, a new perspective.

The ruts from the old Cd have been eliminated/illuminated with the new Love Cd that is turning in your heart.

And with God's Love and Light shining through your heart out to the world, your entire world will shift as the events and people respond to your new heart felt energy.

And you will truly be known as LIGHT hearted.


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