Angel Writings

Filling Your Life's Basket 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Dearest Children of God,

Your heart need not be full of worry, shame and guilt.

Your heart was made to carry Love and joy.

If your life has emptied you of joy it is time to empty your heart of worry and tears for they do not serve you.

Like a basket you have a choice how to fill it. Empty the past pains and sorrow from your heart to allow room for laughter, love and joy to enter.

What your eyes see, what your mind thinks refills the basket of your heart each day...each moment.

It is time to focus on the positive, see there are joys you can add to your basket of life's experiences.

It often seems the sad and dramatic moments of life have filled our baskets leaving little room for anything else.

Yet, if you began to add up the small pleasures, the many joyous moments your basket of memory would have an entirely different look as you saw it over flowing with joyous moments.

Become a collector of NEW THOUGHTS. Focus on the good and positive moments. Release the people, places and events of the past that have weighted your body and soul down.

Begin to move down your path of life LIGHT hearted and with a fresh bounce in your step.


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