Angel Writings

Sparkle and Shine 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

And all the stars in the Heavens
sparkled and shined.

It was as if it had rained for 100 years ...
and the night skies of clouds,
had hidden the wonderment
and magic of the stars.

And now...
here they were for all to see...
in their magnificent best.

It was as if God had opened His arms
and we saw into his heart...
as we gazed int the vastness of His Love...
and the stars over head.

When our heart is closed,
over cast,
with its shadows of worry and fear,
it is as if our sparkling wonder
is hidden from the world.

And In a moment of truth....
of revelation,
we suddenly see ourselves
enveloped in darkness..
and we see this does not serve anyone,
not us, not anyone.

And at this moment
if we open and reveal
our soul's splendor,
it is as if it had rained for
100 days
and the clouds cleared.

Shine bright,
you are a soul star
in the lives of others.

Let them look up
to you
and marvel
at your brilliance
and place in the Universe.


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