Angel Writings

The "See" of Love 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

And the Heavens opened.
And it was not God's wrath
that poured forth upon the earth,
But, a sea of Love.

As if a Universal Waterfall of LOVE
had been dammed up,
by the fears of man.

The skies opened,
the dam burst
and Love poured forth.

And all of humanity became saturated
Heart and soul
changed forever
by Love.

The focus of humanity shifted.
It shifted from the selfish self,
as the closed hearts burst open...
The eyes lifted up
and saw
that the needs and desires
of others
were similar to their own.

People saw;
they did not "own"
the land,
They realized they could not control
their own hearts true nature.

And on this day....
Kindness reigned/rained
upon the earth.
Nourishing the planet.


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