Angel Writings

Tuck a Rainbow in Your Heart 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Rainbows mysteriously appear
like the thread of hope
when times are dreary in our lives.

The rainbows presence
and color
gives us something else
to focus on,
to look up to,
and alter
our previous moment
of thinking.

This change in perception
and sight
alters us
as we can see further
than our original thoughts
and an element of color
and hope is added
to a situation.

Rainbows link
heaven to earth.

Hope links us
from earth to heaven
and the rainbow is the symbol
of the bridge.

On your cloudiest days
visualize a rainbow
and you stepping lightly on it ...
and as you ascend it
towards the peak,
your heart becomes lighter,
worries melt off of you...
in the sparkle of the rainbow's energy.

Joy enters your being
as you continue
to climb the rainbow.

You have a new fresh view
of your situation
with the radiance
of the rainbow added.

And, as you reach
the gently curved peak
of the rainbow's arch...
feel all the colors
coerce through you
and run in your veins
and revitalize you...
and renewing your heart
and spirit.

And as you raise your arms...
over your head,
poised on the center of the rainbow,
the world lies at your feet
and a world of new possibilities
lies before you.

You have the power
to be triumphant in your life.
Sometimes all we need
is a shift of view.

And as you come back
to the earth's floor
bring the rainbow with you.

Tuck it into your heart
so you can feel its energy
of hope
and recall it at a moment in need.

Soon your entire being
will reflect the rainbow's energy
out to others
and into their lives.

And your life
will never be
as it once was
for you become a Light bearer,
a walking example
of God's energy to others.

Enjoy your journey through life.


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