Angel Writings

Opening to Miracles 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

To awake one day, as Rip Van Winkle and you see your life with new eyes;
to see
and know
and feel
that God/Spirit and the Angels are some how working through you, or with you, is a revelation.

And you ask, "How can I create a better bridge, a stronger bridge for this Divine energy?"

And we say, "Where you stand, where you sit. Raise your hands and arms to wards the heavens and say, "Dear Holy God, dearest Angels of Light, I raise my energy, I open my hands, arms and heart to be an earth angel on earth. I need not see you. I need not hear you to be guided to do your will and show your love on earth.

Guide me to be a vehicle to answer others prayers, to show that God/Spirit and the Angels really do hear.

Often a miracle takes place when one person is in need and a second party shows up to complete their request.

I raise my arms and open my heart today, in this moment, to demonstrate to you and to myself that I am no longer sleep waking in life, that my intention is set to be a vehicle for your loving energy to open and awaken and touch gently the hearts of others.""

And lower your arms, And you smile from heart to eyes, knowing deep-deep within at a soul level... that today you are finally awake and it is no longer an ordinary life but an extra ordinary day in the space of eternity.


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