Angel Writings

What Does God Want Now? 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

God extends His/Her hand to you...
And you look at it and think?????

What's He/She want?
If I take the hand, can I meet God's expectations?
What if I don't touch the hand, how long will it stay there?
Why is God coming to me?

And we say to are a child of God, your worth is priceless. No object is of greater value than you.

God knows your have forgotten.

Take the hand that has always been there. You have just not seen it until this moment.

You have tried to live your life alone and frightened. Release the need to stand alone as a strong headed toddler. There is no shame in reaching for a parent's hand to steady yourself.

Reach for God's hand. It is extended with Love for when you need some steading in your life.


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