Angel Writings

Weaving The Tales of Life 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Human life is sacred. It is one of God's creations, each life is for a purpose and has a destiny.

It is not up to us to judge another's choices. We can be a support to them, but not a controller as they grow from their decisions and choices.

Each life around would make a story in a large book, a book that never ends.

Watch others' lives unfold as if they were writing and creating their own chapter in the book...for in truth they are and as others read the chapter they may benefit and learn and grow from it too.

No two lives unravel into the same story...each thread has its own path it weaves in its pattern of life.

It is up to us, individually to decide when to add more color, more brilliance to the dye of our thread.

We are the master weaver or our tale. Some are better story tellers and know when to change.

Sit back and watch others as if you were watching a book's story unfold.

And as you read a book, you do not know the end and at the point of reading you know the author has chosen the destiny and lessons of the book's subjects.

This is the way of life. You are not in charge of directing and controlling others.

Imagine as people are watching you in your life's book with the same interest as you watch others!!

They know they can not jump in and alter your destiny choices, they know that support is all they can offer as you write the words to your story.

It is your life story, watch how you choose to fill its pages.


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