Angel Writings

The Salesman 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

God does not belong to a church. Jesus did not belong to a church. God is omnipresent.

If God belonged to a church, think on this... Jesus would have gone there, or created it...or passed out papyrus papers telling folks he loved to go to it for their salvation.

Jesus was not a salesman for a man made organization...he was a salesman of the Love of God.

He walked amongst God's children, sharing his energy and wisdom.

Jesus did not settle down in one location to teach...he could with the following he had. He chose to walk to where new people where...sharing his message of Love.

You can be Christ like in your daily activities. Take Love in your heart, to work, to the grocery store, on the air you travel.

Do not preach, do not arrogantly pfonticate thinking your wisdom of God's is greater than another humans. Share your love through respectful behavior, kindness, gentleness and a warm handshake.

You can learn more by listening than talking.

Listen to a child's definition of love and see with all of your wisdom if you can measure up to their truths.

The world is millions of years old, beliefs and religious and sacred worships just as old.

Do not feel secure in your belief to the point you feel others are failing in their beliefs...for that is not your calling to judge them.

God does not judge, God is not that small.

God Loves omnipotent and covers everyone of the earth.

Do not bring the energy of God down to one of your human frailties.

Rise your thoughts, increase your understanding, extend a hand, open your heart to understand the vastness, the greatness of God's energy and rise to it.


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