Angel Writings

Free Yourself 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Reach into your heart and pull yourself out.

You crawled into hiding, from the world, you closed the door, pulled down the avoid pain and exposure...and in doing so you blocked out the discouraged the joy of stunted your growth.

The bogeyman is in your mind, he grows every not let your fears control your destiny.

Break open the lock, pull down the chains, kick the door open, in a burst of passion to let the sun pour in.

Step out of your fears to embrace the joys you were missing, the friendships of love that are waiting for you.

Do not let your past hold you to it.
Draw a new destiny to strive for.
Plan a new route and understand it awaits you.

But, understand you can not get to Europe by sitting at your kitchen table and you can not experience life of the jungles of Brazil from your living room chair.

You were born into a world, to experience it, not to live it through your TV screen, books and magazines.

You experience life by waking up to it. Even if you are ill and in bed, you can embrace the day. Marvel at what is available, how things work, at what makes the people around you "tick" and find out who they truly are and what their hopes and dreams are.

Explore the territory around you with a new desire to learn from...and give back to.

Remember even the most beautiful flower, when its time is done, gives back to the earth as compost for nourishment for future flowers.

There is a way to share your heart, uplift others, contribute to society, there is one loving unique way you can make this world brighter, and other's lives, by donating time, service, gifts of yourself, so that you are giving back for your precious gift of life.

As the beautiful flower, that nourishes our eyes and spirits as others gaze upon it. We too can give silently to others...and it may be through gentle prayers that radiate from us to the world.

Break the gate, pull down the bars, it is time to free you from your self imposed exile from life and become the greatest asset to yourself...and to others.


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