Angel Writings

Sailing Into The Sun 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

When you are sad, discouraged or upset do not let the emotional vibrations "rock your boat." Do not let your emotional waves overcome you until you feel lost and alone on the seas of life.

Emotions are powerful. They start at your heart center and emote out to every cell of your body and into the atmosphere to effect others.

Emotions can swamp your original intentions, they can block your path of life and wash it away so you feel lost and direction less.

Take a deep calming breath. Most on the verge of souring emotions breath shallowly as they are in fear of impending disasters. And this fearful thinking is sure to sink what ever well laid plans one has.

Turn your emotions around, fill your sails with deep breaths to give you the power to move ahead.

Ask for the "Sun" of God to shine on you and Light your path. Ask the Angels to row your boat when you feel you have no power of your own to give.

Release the anger of control that is holding you to one spot and trust with your heart and soul your journey has been mapped by God.

Sail out of the storm, move past the doldrums...with God at the helm and know you will be safe.

Much Love


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