Angel Writings

A Divine Assignment 2000
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Has an angel appeared in a vision, in a dream, in person and asked you to accomplish something? Something kind and uplifting for humanity?

And after this angel has left did you carry forth with its request? Or were you too busy? ...lacking confidence? Why do you think the angel chose you? Why do you think the assignment will only be handled by you?

Do not you see as clearly as we do? You are Divinely assigned and have all the celestial help you will require at your finger tips.

Pick up a pen, a phone, your step... and step towards what others know you are capable of.

It does no moral good to say "no" when your skills and strengths shine through the ethers to Heaven and we see your capacity to accomplish even that that you doubt about yourself.

What if the bible characters had responded, "NO" when asked? What if your inventors and famous musicians and artists had said, "NOT NOW GOD, I am feeling a touch inferior today and don't feel up to it!"

What will be your excuse?
What will be your action?
What will be your result?

You will never know unless you pick up the paper, the phone book, the pen, and turn on the computer and try.....

Blessings for a successful journey.


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